Emperor of Steel

Chapter 297 - Taking Care of the General 3

When Kauren escaped from there, the surviving demons immediately followed after him.

Of the summoned assault troops, only seven were alive. At the end of the day, after being attacked by the Knights of Guard, no demons seemed to be in a good shape.

‘Dammit, I never thought that the human army was going to be that strong.’

Until a few hundred years ago, the humans were only weak bones who wouldn’t dare to go against anyone and were in desperate need of demons power.

The human army couldn’t even stand against the lower demons.

But now, everything seemed to be different.

It was because of the steel dolls which the humans were controlling.

According to Kauren’s own experience, two to three of the steel dolls whom the humans controlled were very strong, and the lower demons weren’t even a challenge.

‘I didn’t know that the humans in the Middle-Earth had changed so much after the New World.’

In the end, it was a failure.

As a middle-aged leader had entered the invasion, he was defeated, and instead of taking him down the demons were driven away by the human army!

‘I can’t return to the Devildom like this! Somehow, I need to at least deal with it!’

He had killed out the ones who defeated the demons and turned the place into a wasteland.

However, he couldn’t just go back without removing the original culprit.

‘Then I need to recover my body first…’

Kauren looked around and went down to a nearby valley.

After confirming that the surviving demons had followed him, he grabbed the neck of the one closest to him.

“Keuk! Why are you doing this, General?!”

“These aren’t my feelings towards you. However, I need food for my recovery!”

In the Middle-Earth, there was a proverb ‘Even if it rots it is a dragon.’

Rather than absorbing the weak human flies, it seemed better to absorb the demons with more vitality and power even when seriously injured.

It was enough to cure a slash and they summon back the demon again.

“The rest of you too will become my source for recovery!”

“Hiiik! The general has gone crazy!”

Those who were alive tried to flee.

However, their wounded body couldn’t run much far and ended up becoming the meal for Kauren.

“Kuk, I haven’t entirely recovered even half of my original strength! This can’t be! Should I go out and hunt?”

If he was lucky, he might be able to meet a Sword Master or Expert human and absorb their powers.

Right when Kauren was thinking, something happened.

Something from the sky suddenly hit his chest.

Swooosh- Bang!


Kauren, who was hit like that, got buried in the ground because of the force.

“Kuek, who, who?”

“I was the one who disrupted your fight a while ago.”

In response to his question, Kauren looked up.

A Gigant slowly descended from the sky.

On the Gigant’s shoulder was Luke, still in his Veritas magic tower robe.

“You, you are that…!”

Kauren who recognized the man was shocked.

“Yeah, the one who called you. How was Rudolf’s ability after fighting directly with him? I am thinking of dealing with him, so it would be better if you could let me know.” Said Luke.

‘This is f*cking bastard used me? Towards one of the 18 generals?!’

Kauren’s face burned with anger, after realizing that he had been used.

“Bastard! I won’t let you run away this time!”

“Well, will that be possible with your current body? Uh?!”

Luke, who mocked Kauren, quickly moved into the cockpit.

It was because he saw Kauren get up from his place releasing the Magi.

The injuries weren’t as bad as they were, but his body still couldn’t deal with Luke.

Kauren, manifested black lightning from gathering the Magi and released it towards Luke’s warrior Gigant Achilles.


Not only would the Gigant chatter, but it was powerful enough to turn the opponent into char.

However, the lightning fell in the place where Luke stood, on the rock wall, but neither Achilles nor Luke was there.

“A lightning deflector? It is a mistake if you think all my attacks will go there!”

Kauren manifested much thicker Magi and struck a more powerful black lightning.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

The explosions happened one after the other, and dirt was rising everywhere.

‘Kukkk. For this level, only half of him will be left?’

The dirt settled down.

However, Achilles was in good shape.

“I, I can’t believe it!”

Kauren was shocked. No matter how hard it was, it couldn’t have stood strong against the lightning made of Magi.

However, there were reasons why the attacks didn’t work.

“Hu hu hu. Didn’t I say? I will take your power and your abilities.”

Luke wasn’t just blocking the black lightning with Stone Edge Magic.

A Black Bind was placed under every summoned rock to absorb all of Kauren’s used Magi.

Of course, he could have tried to directly absorb the Black Lightning from the Higher demons, but using the core engine of Achilles which had medium capabilities, it wasn’t a possible task.

As a result, Kauren himself gave Luke his power.

“Wouldn’t it just be polite to return back what I had just received?”

Hundreds of purple bullets spawned around Achilles and poured into Kauren.

A thousand wave bullets of dark magic had manifested.

The size was comparable to that of the shell as it was amplified by Magi from a Gigant.

“Keuk! Kuaak!”

The massive Magi bullets flew through the air and pierced through Kauren’s body.

Since the body wasn’t fully recovered yet, Kauren wasn’t able to entirely block it.

Nevertheless, the pride of being a higher demon, and a general for the Vampire King, he took a step towards the Achilles.

“You! I am going to get rid of you!”

Rather bouncing off, Kauren rushed ahead and went fist first towards Achilles.

As Luke cast Blink, the target vanished and appeared behind Kauren.

“Sonic Wave!”


The powerful wave amplified by the core engine made Kauren struggle.

“That, that is a demon power…”

“Hu hu hu. I take the abilities of the demon that I absorb.”

Luke used the demon abilities on Kauren, who was in haste.


With the sound of something falling, a dark purple mist surrounded around Achilles and Kauren.

Upon the mist reaching Kauren, his skin and hair began to melt.

‘This is Naga’s specialty, Poison Smog! Not just the lower demons but the intermediate demons ability too?’

As if confirming the doubt, blue snakes appeared through the mist and entwined Kauren.

Snakes that were made of water dew from Kauren’s body gradually grew.

“Dammit, Water control!”

Kauren hurriedly ripped out the water snakes, broke through the poison smog and rushed towards Achilles again.

Once again, Luke avoided Kauren’s attack.

However, as if expecting Luke to avoid it, Kauren turned his head towards Luke’s Blink direction and spew breath.



Shield magic had been used, but Luke and Achilles who were a little exposed to it went back.

Kauren continued to use a breath spell to not miss the upper hand.

“Fire Explosion!”

“Huh! Even if it touches, it won’t hurt!”

Luke continued to cast magic, but Kauren kept on using breath spell.

“Since you are not a warlock you are fighting cowardly! Don’t even think that you’ll be able to drive me into a corner with that kind of work!”

Kauren exploded the whole body’s Magi.


The valley where they were collapsed.

As if an earthquake happened, the ground cracked.

Along with him, a gust of wind blew in and large small rocks fell on Achilles.

Luke blocked and avoided those incoming rocks relentlessly trying to not get hit by Kauren, and looked for the location.

He was so concerned with so many things that he made a mistake.

His leg slipped and Achilles fell down.

Upon seeing that, Kauren ran like lightning.

“Die! You warlock!”


Of the two arms, Achilles’ left arm was ripped off.

“Kuakkk! How does my attack taste…!”

Kauren’s face was gleaming with pride but soon hardened.

He looked down not realizing what happened.

His body was divided into two from the waist!

“How, when did this?”

“If you have thought of me as a warlock, you’re mistaken.”

Luke laughed showing off the huge gold sword aura.

He used only the demons abilities from the beginning and slipped his foot trying to make it not seem deliberate, and close in the gap.

No matter how injured Kauren was, Luke was prepared to take significant bleeding for killing a higher demon.

“Oh! This can’t be! This can’t be…!”

“This is purely to increase my growth.”

Placing the Black Bind on the body of Kauren’s, the vines soared from the ground and covered him entirely.

“Ah, no! don’t! I can’t die here!”

Kauren turned into bones and then disappeared before he could even scream.

The fight ended with the defeat of Kauren, and all the summoned demons in the Middle-Earth were gone.