Emperor of Steel

Chapter 296 - Taking Care of the General 2

A golden giant and monsters raged on the streets turning it into ruins.

Every time they stepped on the ground, the ground shook, dust and debris flew and swords clashed and axes crushed everything.

Slash-! Kwang!

A golden gust fell from the sky.

The hyper aura; which separated everything and shattered everything in its way with a black lightning.


“Surely you are a strong guy!”

Rudolf and Kauren who were in a strong conflict stepped back.

The Knights of Guard who were fighting in close vicinity went to witness the fight.

“Your Majesty! I will join the battle too!”

“Shut up! If you don’t want to die, then step back!”

Rudolf asked them to step back.

Instead of helping, they were only going to hinder him and the pride of the Sword Emperor wouldn’t accept it.

‘It has been a really long time since I have competed.’

Rudolf refused to accept their help, but Rudolf wasn’t even in such a good condition either.

It was because he was hit hard and there were few injuries.

Originally, Kaizer was difficult to control, the aura consumption was extreme, and Kauren wasn’t someone easy to deal with, so a few attacks had come the way.

‘The more troublesome things are the Magi this guy has released around here.’

As a higher demon, Kauren gave out a tremendous amount of Magi.

Although the effect of the Gold Sword eliminated the Magi, the impact of doing it passed the fatigue to Rudolf.

Just as any antibodies caused high fever when it protected the body against diseases, his physical condition wasn’t much better than a patient.

Of course, Kauren too was going through the same phenomenon.

Because like Rudolf, he was against an enemy who had the power which didn’t go along with him.

The power in the Gold aura scattered his Magi.

‘Dammit, this is getting harder than I imagined. I need to get some results soon!’

‘If with just one final blow…!’

Magi spread throughout the battle axe of Kauren, and gold aura raged wildly in Kaizer’s sword.

The two sides which were clashing before were panting and looking at their opponent.

As if the scene had frozen, there was no change, but the minds of theirs were constantly unfolding.

‘If I aim for the side… No, it is more likely to face him head-on.’

‘After diving from the front, I need to quickly get back to my spot… No, I can’t use it if a counter-attack comes my way!’

Neither one of them were able to jump because they had already grasped the others skills.

Right when they were looking for a gap to attack.



‘This is the opportunity!’

Suddenly, a flying grenade fell at Kaizer’s feet.

Rudolf stepped back at the moment, and Kauren moved swiftly like the wind.

“Such a mistake!”

“My win, human!”

The knights were startled and moved for their aid, but Kauren was already reaching Rudolf.

When Kauren, who had won the game, tried to inflict a critical blow, another shot blasted and moved back.


“Die, demon!”

When Kauren’s form shook, Rudolf quickly pierced the giant sword.


Kaizer’s huge sword pierced Kauren’s chest and Kauren’s battle axe drew a curve and slashed through Kaizer’s breastplate and abdomen.

At each other’s throat.

The worst-case scenario.

“This, this is!”

“Dammit, if only that bastard didn’t cause that explosion…!”

Black blood burst out of Kauren’s mouth.

The slashed Gigant of Rudolf was better than the demon, but yet, the situation didn’t seem to be just good.

This was because one of the core engines had been attacked with Kauren’s slash, and was about to explode.

As the cockpit was damaged in midst of the slash on the breastplate, the teleport magic circle for emergency escape didn’t work.

Forgetting everything, Rudolf jumped from the Gigant.


The explosion of the superhero class Gigant was truly enormous.

Like the sun shone on the land, like a volcanic magma soaring the sky.

The storm which was like a tsunami struck not just the streets, but also near the Nemesis and the Imperial Palace.

After Kaizer exploded,

The guards who were blown away with the explosion descended towards the Gigant to find the emperor.

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty, where are you?!”

The heat from the explosion was so great that the ground went hard. No human could live with that heat.

However, Rudolf was the most powerful knight in the continent.

“Keuk, dammit…”

Watching him rise from the ash, the knights regained their color.

However, the Emperor’s body didn’t seem to be in a good state.

The red hair which looked like a lion’s mane burned all over and turned bald, half of his face and body were burned together with melting skin.

But that physical trauma was nothing.

To avoid the explosion, he raised the gold aura to the limit yet suffered a severe explosion.

Rudolf barely stood up and stumbled and a knight of Guard with SS status came in a hurry.

“M, Majesty!”

“Kuek… I am fine.”

Rudolf shook his hand and looked around.

There was a reason, he had to check if Kauren was dead, but he, more importantly, wanted to know who fired a magic bullet.

‘I was concentrating in the battle, but it wasn’t possible for me to eye another one when a higher demon was keeping me occupied, and they wouldn’t have stood in a noticeable place.’

Perhaps it was done in the anticipation of being overwhelmed.

No, that did make it sound plausible.

‘Who the hell was he!’

When Rudolf looked around.


A huge body fell from the sky.

It was Kauren who had been caught in the explosion of Kaizer.

His body wasn’t in a good shape but was trying to stand up with the broken axe.

Hundreds of large and small fragments were stuck all over Kauren’s body while he was severely bleeding.

“Kuek, This wasn’t what I wanted.”

When Kauren opened his mouth, the knights drew their swords to protect the emperor.

However, Kauren didn’t rush. It was because in the proximal distance there were far more Gigants than his demons.

“If I could, I want to see the end of this… today, I am going to step back. Next time let’s act fairly?”

“Fairly? That’s a funny word coming from a demon.”

Whether Rudolf laughed or not, Kauren gathered the remaining Magi.

“Catch him!”

“Don’t let him go!”

The Knights of Guard pursued Kauren.

Rudolf had no energy to keep up because of the injury, and just watched Kauren vanish.