Emperor of Steel

Chapter 295 - Taking Care of the General 1

Shirley, who previously participated in the Civil War of the Holy Arthenia Empire as a member of the Flying Dragons, was appointed as the captain of the Iron Guard of the Imperial Knights of Guard after coming back.

Being appointed to a military post, she thought that she could soon succeed.

However, her life in the Iron Guard wasn’t as what she had expected.

As a spear master, her skills were outstanding, but the knights secretly despised her and said that she was a mixed offspring of Dwarves.

At first, she had thought of overcoming the prejudice, but as the days went by, her patience began to fade gradually.

‘I can’t! I need to catch them one after the other and play them.’

While she was in her thoughts, things broke out in the Northern part of the capital.

Suddenly, monsters appeared and burned the streets along with the residents being slaughtered.

It was said that the Gigant troops of the central army, which had been dispatched, were pushed back and couldn’t handle it.

‘This is a good opportunity! I need to make use of this and make those men shut up!’

That was her thought. However, the monsters turned out to be much stronger than she had thought.

Somehow, the cockroach-like guy was able to fight.

However, the half man half monster with fins and crown was tough for even a spear master.

“Ehhh! This fish monster! Why the hell is it so strong?”

“A fish monster! This is Tilapia, the commander of General Kauren’s assault team!”

Tilapia screamed back at Shirley’s hero class Gigant who gave him an inappropriate compliment.

Kwang Bang!

Shirley stopped the pouring attacks with her lance.

However, her lance wasn’t able to handle the fierce attacks from her opponent’s mace and broke down.



Shirley, who was hit with the weapon on her Gigant’s breastplate, screamed while bouncing back.

“Kuku. That was surely one cute scream!”

Tilapia stepped ahead toward the hero class Gigant that had collapsed.

When Shirley tried to get up, he made sure to hit the cockpit twice.

Eventually, after taking in two repeated shocks, Shirley was stunned, and Tilapia decided to take her soul before destroying her Gigant completely.

“I want to use your soul for four years.”

While laughing at his own words, Tilapia concentrated a lot of Magi at his fingertips.

“Dance for me, doll!”


Suddenly, a clear voice came from behind the Gigant that was on the ground. Rising up, the Gigant pierced its broken lance into Tilapia’s heart.

Subsequently, hundreds of small purple bullets flew past Tilapia’s body.

“W-what the hell…?”

Tilapia, whose body was getting crushed, was shocked.

He was certain that the girl inside the steel had fainted.

Then, why did that steel doll move? What was with that subsequent dark magic attacks?

He saw a platinum-haired young man standing on a broken building.

It was Luke and the party who summoned Kauren.

“You guys were overly excited.”

Luke had summoned a higher demon to feed on the Veritas Magic Tower and the emperor.

It was because he wanted to smash the Veritas Magic Tower and cause great damage to the central forces of the capital.

However, he hadn’t realized that the one he summoned would end up summoning subordinates and cause such riots.

It didn’t matter to him if the Emperor’s nobles had to pay for it, but they decided to intervene in the battle, realizing that numerous deaths of the common people because of their rampage had to be stopped.

“You are the seeds I sowed, so I’ll take it back.”

As Luke flicked his hand, a black vine soared from under the ground and wrapped itself around Tilapia’s body.

It was Black Bind, a dark magic for absorbing Magi.

“Uahhh! No! Please let me live!”

Tilapia struggled desperately, sensing that the black vine was sucking off his power and magic.

However, he had suffered a fatal wound, and he had no energy to resist properly and ended up dead after all the Magi was taken off from his body.


Luke completely destroyed Tilapia’s body with flame magic.

Fabian and Sebastian, who was watching the scene from behind, clapped their hands out with cheers.

“Great! Surely you are our Master!”

“Intermediate demons aren’t a huge deal for our Master anymore!”

“Huh. The Marionette magic and the surprise with the Dark Bullets was simply amazing.”

Even then, Luke could feel the power. It wasn’t because he had just removed Tilapia. He was able to take down the demons who were escaping very easily.

However, despite absorbing so much Magi, his dark magic didn’t rise to 8 circle.

‘Does this mean I need more Magi?’

If he had the right, he could have run around and absorbed all the Magi from the demons down in the city.

However, because of the Knights of Guards and the Central Army being dispatched, he would be caught.

‘I don’t know about the other ones, but I need to get rid of the higher demon at least…’

Luke saw the higher demon called Kauren fighting.

In an instant, the Veritas Magic Tower garrison got wiped out and wondered if there was any surprise unit in the capital that could stop the demon’s rampage.

“Master, you were here!”

While Luke was in his thoughts, Belfair who was in his bat form came close.

“Did you get a close look?”

“Yes. Kauren is currently fighting with Emperor Rudolf.”

“Emperor Rudolf?”

Luke’s eyes went wide at the report.

“He started to fight the demons a while back with the Knights of Guards, and the Gold Gigant is the emperor’s weapon. From what I heard, it was a Superhero level one.”

‘If it is Emperor Rudolf, then it can be taken down.’

Emperor Rudolf, along with Arch Duke Gregory of the Holy Empire, were the most powerful men of the continent.

If such a person was riding an extraordinary Gigant, then fighting Kauren might be plausible, even winning over the demon was possible.

‘I want to see it just once.’

Luke, who wanted to see the enemy’s ability, gave orders to Fabian and the others.

“You men will escape from the capital. After finishing my business, I will head back.”

“Be careful, Zeitgeist.”

“Please be safe.”

Luke manifested his fly magic and flew in the direction that Belfair went to.