Emperor of Steel

Chapter 294 - Capital in Flames 4

Kwang! Bang!


“Stop that! Don’t get pushed back!”

“If you are out of strength, use your body weight to push it back!”

The luxury residential place in the north of Nemesis.

The demons there and Imperial troops with their Gigants were engaged in a fierce battle.

They were being pushed back by the demons, but Count Lotion’s will to fight was getting broken down.

At one point, a giant Gigant figure emerged from the flames that were devouring the streets.

The Gigant, painted in gold, was much larger than a regular hero class Gigant and was armed with heavy armor.

The knights of the army, who saw the Gigant, burst into cheers at once.

“It is Kaizer! Kaizer has come!”

“Your Majesty himself has come!”

The Emperor’s Gigant—Kaizer.

Produced by the Baroque Imperial Magic Tower, the vastly sized Gigant was the only Superhero class Gigant on the continent.

Kaizer used two 3,000 fight core engines.

It was because its heavy metal body needed more power to move.

However, since it had two core engines, it was very difficult to balance the output.

In addition, the rider’s aura consumption was incredibly reasonable.

Riders, who were good at steering the Gigant, would get exhausted with just a few minutes of using Kaizer.

So, it had been considered as a failure by the Baroque Imperial Magic Tower.

But Rudolf wasn’t concerned with its downside and made Kaizer into his own.

He judged that he could handle the tricky Gigant with his skills and thought he would be able to compare himself with the Legendary Warrior Rakan from 500 years ago.

“But can that be used in combat? Wasn’t that just a show piece?”

“While it is a 6,000 fight monster Gigant…”

Nobody assumed that Kaizer could be used for battle.

It was just a thing that the emperor rode to assure the people and encourage the knights.

Kazier made people in front of it overwhelmed with just its physique.


Kaizer jumped into the air with a huge roar from its core engine.

“W-what was that?!”

A giant frog type demon, who was taking down the Gigant troops, looked at Kaizer with wide eyes.

Almost like a meteor, Kaizer fell with a terrifying speed from the air and pulled out its giant sword and knocked down the demons.



The moment the Hyper aura giant sword cut the demon, heavy winds pushed everything away.

The wind speed was so heavy that the nearby central troops and Gigants moved back.

A huge crater had formed in the spot where Kaizer had landed.

The demons, who were pushing back the troops’ Gigant, were soon being pushed.

“T-that was awesome!”

“That is what Kaizer is?”

“Long live Your Majesty!”

When Emperor Rudolf annihilated the demons with a single blow, the morale of the Gigant riders rose significantly.

“Your Majesty is with us! Annihilate all the monsters!”


The troops that were being pushed down till then began to attack fiercely from that moment on.

As the Knight of Guards stepped in, the demons who were stepping over the northern streets began to fall one after the other.

“Huge news! General! Our assault troops are being pushed back!”

Kauren, who was sitting at the rubble of the fallen buildings and was watching the scene, calmly got up when the report came from his subordinate.

“What are you talking about?! Haven’t you removed all the steel cans of the humans?!”

“That… Suddenly, a strong one made an appearance.”

The knight and hero class gigant, on which the Knights of Guards had boarded had a different power when compared to normal troops.

As a result, the demons who had trampled the capital to their hearts content began to struggle.

“We are being pushed back. How about we summon more demons?”

“What did you say? Stop talking like we are weak! This is the assault troops of Kauren!”

“That wasn’t my intention…”

“Shut up! I don’t want to listen to it! You don’t even qualify as an assault member!”

After grappling his battle-ax, Kauren split the head of the demon who had reported to him.


“Bloody bastard! Can’t do anything right!”

Kauren stomped and moved to see.

A golden Gigant was coming to him.

It was Kaizer, the Gigant of Emperor Rudolf.

At first, Kauren was completely irritated, but soon he realized the mighty energy which was radiating from Kazier.

‘This one… He surely isn’t human!’

‘Strong. A different one from the ones I took down a while back. He definitely needs to be the boss of the monsters?’

Kauren and Rudolf stared at each other while fixing their weapons.

Rudolf and Kauren’s weapons struck fiercely as if both of them were going to bleed heavily, but neither of them gobbled up.

Was it right to say there wasn’t any gap in their powers?

‘Where the hell did these monsters come from?’

‘Though not the general of the army, there had to be one human that stands at the top!’

Nothing was more satisfying than a good opponent.

In order to defeat such an opponent, they had to do their best.

Kauren, who judged so, cried and struck his battle-ax to the ground.

“I am Kauren, the member of the 18 general of His Majesty, the vampire king! What is your identity?”

At Kauren’s question, Rudolf seemed surprised.

“A general from the Devildom? You are talking about the Devildom?”

“Yes! I will ask again! What is your name?”

Kauren despised the weak and admired the strong.

That was why he asked for his current opponent’s name. However, Rudolf had no intention of giving his name.

“My Name? First, I’ll kill you then we’ll see about that.”

“Kuek, aren’t you going to show respect to the warrior?”

“Such words coming from tricky demons. I’ll slice your neck gently!”

“Oh! Such damned humans!”

Kauren pulled out his battle-ax and shook it.


Kauren’s battle-ax, with magic surrounding it, clashed with Rudolf’s Hyper Aura.

The place where they were at shook violently, and the wind flew in all four directions.

The fight between Rudolf, the first sword emperor since Rakan, and the Demon General Kauren had begun.