Emperor of Steel

Chapter 293 - Capital in Flames 3

In the office of the Imperial Palace.

Count Voltas had been feeling well for the past few days.

It was because of the warrior’s descendant who had been making the Emperor unstable because of the poisoning and was going to die.

When Henry reported that he had been successfully poisoned, he was definite that he would die, and when the spies reported that they were trying to fight the death news, he was definite that the news was real.

“Even if they think of a cure, he won’t last long. Now the anxiety of our Majesty will be reduced.”

The next in line were the noblemen.

After the purge, the blade of the emperor would turn towards the Volga Republic and the Holy Arthenia Empire.

“And then our Baroque Empire will be the strongest in the country, holding the history of defeating the entire Rhodesia!”

Maybe afterward, it was possible for them to go over to the Southern continent.

It had been said that there were no large combat weapons such as Gigants because of their high level of martial skills and lack of magic users.

“Hu hu hu. The goal to take over the world might not just be a dream.”

When Voltas, who was talking to himself and turning the documents on the desk began to shriek.

Ahh ahahhahh!


“What, what was that?!”

Suddenly, he heard the growling of a monster from a distance, the entire building shook and the windows cracked, it was as if an earthquake had come upon them.

Voltas, who felt something unfamiliar, immediately tried to grasp what kind of situation they were in.

He was in a hurry to hear the reports from the men who had the information and headed to the throne room as he had been called by Emperor Rudolf.

“Your Majesty, called for me?”

It was the time for his sword practice, so the emperor’s body was giving out fumes from burning out because of the practice.

“What was the previous commotion? An earthquake? And what is going on to the north of the capital, some strong vitality and sharp energy rise?”

“The exact cause is still yet unknown, but it seems to be like something has happened in the Veritas Magic tower.”

“An accident?” Asked the emperor.

At Voltas’s vague response, the emperor could just frown.

What was more annoying than the fact that the Veritas uproar was that they had no accurate report.

“Any explosion while studying magic? Or did the Reformers attack the Veritas Magic tower?”


It was right when Voltas was about to tell his thought.

“We need to hurry!”

A knight hurried through the throne room door.

Normally, such rudeness was susceptible to punishment.

“What happened?”

“Veritas Magic tower is currently being attacked by unidentified monsters!”

“What did you say? Monsters?”

“Yes, your Majesty. Suddenly a monster appeared inside the Magic tower and began to smash all the buildings and is making Veritas magic tower into ruins!”

According to the report of the knight, he reported what he had seen.

The soldiers who were patrolling alongside the wall witnessed the monster crushing the Gigant unit and urgently placed a request for military backup.

It was because the so-called monsters were destroying the town of Veritas and were making their way to Nemesis.

“Requested by Count Lotion which led the Imperial troops of Gigant.”

It was when the knight had reported till there.

Another knight jumped into the throne room. However, it wasn’t just a guard, it was a messenger from the Imperial Army.

“Your Majesty, the monsters are so strong that Count Lotion and the other units are struggling. Please dispatch support forces right away!”

“What? How long have they been on the move? And there are already being pushed!”

In Nemesis, one corps belonging to the Imperial troops were stationed.

There were 20,000 troops and 100 Gigants, but even after leading them into battle, they still wanted reinforcements!

At Rudolf’s grim expression, the messenger replied.

“That, they are all fighting with their lives on the line, but if things move like this, then the Imperial Palace too…”

Even if the entire situation wasn’t known, the Emperor and Voltas could feel how serious the situation was.

Sounds were coming their way, and till then there have been no sounds, and from the window of the throne room, the northern sky burning with fire could be clearly seen.

“Understood. Soon the Knights of Guard will appear. Tell the Imperial army to last longer.”

“Yes, your Majesty!”

When the messenger left the throne room, Rudolf turned over to Voltas.

“We will notify all the Knights of Guard, SS!”

“You mean everyone of them?”

Voltas couldn’t help but feel surprised.

The SS of the Knights of Guard was composed of Master skills, and it had been kept secret except for a few greetings.

In addition, there were no known cases of them participating in any events.

“And prepare Kaizer.”

“Kai, Kaizer is your majesty’s exclusive Gigant. Don’t tell me, sire…?”

“Yes. I too will go in person.”

“We don’t know what kind of strong monsters are in there.”

However, no Gigant troops of the nations were known to be lightly dealt with, nor the mercenaries or the Imperial Troops.

It was never known if those group of monsters made their way to the capital.

‘And my blood is boiling.’

He had completed the other half of the Gold Sword and turned into the Sword Emperor, but he still wasn’t able to hide his frustration.

There had never been an opportunity for him to showcase his skills.

The Knights of Guard who had reached the Sword Master too weren’t given the chance to showcase their skills.

So they were all waiting to cross swords with Arch Duke Gregory, but an adversary had come upon them.

It was a disaster for the Empire, but it was an opportunity for the Emperor.

‘I don’t know from where that monster popped out, but it will be the first willing sacrifice for this Sword Emperor.’

With a confident smile, Rudolf hurriedly went into the war zone to fight.

Kwang! Puung-!

The Gigant’s abdomen had been pierced through with the claws by a demon which was scorpion-like.

As the core engine exploded, the Gigants were exploding along with the buildings which were around it and blazing flames soared to the sky.


“Help me! There are people in here!”

“Please come here fast! This is dangerous, you need to run away soon!”

People were screaming, cries for help and the forces of the Imperial were giving them orders for evacuation.

The voices which were bursting out in the confusion were mixed with the battle roars of the demons and the explosions of the Gigants.

The Knights of Guard and the Imperial army had come out, but there were very few of the ones they could save.

The north street was an area that had been abandoned and redeveloped a few years ago.

It was mainly composed of nobles, bureaucrats, merchant’s residences, high-end shops for the rich, and entertainment for the nobles.

So, even when a disaster was coming their way, the nobles tried to protect their homes rather than going into a refugee spot to save their lives.

“Uhhh! Please save me!”

“I might melt due to the heat… kuaauuu!”

There were 4 floors of buildings which were burning up in huge flames with a young girl and a baby boy.

People were trying to run away, and they didn’t see it. Because the place where the Gigants and the scorpion demon was headed to was the place they were blocked.

“Kuaak! Humans, where are you running away? Give up and become my sacrifice!”

The faces of those who saw the demons went pale out of panic, a person broke through the flames and appeared on the fourth floor.

The man with a mask jumped out of the building with a child in his left arm and another in his right arm.

He gently landed as if he was landing on feathers, and turned to the demons who were approaching his direction.

“You are a unique man. Aren’t you scared of me?”

Instead of answering the demon’s question, the man pulled a huge Mando from his behind.

And shook both his hands.

“Cheeky! How dare you, humans…!”

The demon wielded its claws to kill the man in front.


They who managed to quickly escape from the demon moved to its back and wielded his Mando at lightning speed.

“Dragonic Aura!”

The light from the man’s sword hit the demon.

Cutting through the thick shells of the demons which only had a few scratches from the Gigantic battles, got cut in half.


Everything happened so quickly that the demons couldn’t even scream.

The fallen demon which was gushing out green blood looked at the man’s hand.

“No! Don’t do that!”

“Flame Blizzard!”

A storm of flame burst from the man’s hand and made its way to the demon’s body turning it into ash.

The man, who handled the demon which couldn’t be taken down with the Gigant unit, looked down and asked, then looked up.

“What the hell is going on in the capital? Why are the demons…”

The man in the mask.

Orc Hero, Shaikan.

Because of personal affairs, he secretly entered the capital and got caught up in the unexpected turn of events.

At first, he thought they were just regular monsters.

However, when he came in for a closer look, they turned out to be demons. And that too, they were low-ranking demons.

“I don’t know what it is, but I’d better avoid it.”

Shaikan found demons on the other side of the city too.

He could handle them with his abilities, but it wasn’t the time for him to showcase it.

In order to face Rudolf who had greater power, he had to hide his ability and identity.

Shaikan judged very quickly and disappeared through the flames.