Emperor of Steel

Chapter 292 - Capital in Flames 2

“There men! Where are you hiding those rats!”

The wizards and the mercenaries brought in by Albert were quickly wiped out with fierce blows from Kauren.

Albert, who managed to save his life with Blink, ordered the other high ranking wizards who survived.

“Bring in all the tower garrison. Hurry up!”

It was an urgent situation. Kauren, who broke through the warehouse was going crazy.

‘I need to stop it somehow until the support forces reach here!’

Albert clenched his fists.

A while back, the terrible blow from Kauren scared him out, but he couldn’t let things pass anymore.

He wasn’t aware who did such a thing, but he had to rectify the incident before it got any bigger.

‘Although we are being attacked by the reformers of using dark magic, if this goes out, our magic tower will be clearly branded as a dark magic user’s den.’

Well, it wasn’t entirely because of that, it was because he was the current Meister of Veritas Magic tower and the descendant of Arsene.

“Do you think that these fields made by the ancestors will be invaded by demons?”

When Albert began to gather up power, Kauren burst into shouts and used Magi all over the place.


The ground split as if there was an earthquake, and the surrounding buildings all collapsed with huge explosions like mana bombs.

Albert hurriedly unleashed defensive magic, but many of the wizards and researchers in the buildings were blown away.

It was a dry situation in there.

Survivors who managed to keep themselves alive barely crawled through the ruins.

And the first thing they saw was a giant bull-headed monster roaring with Magi.


“Monster! Run away!”

The wizards and the campers, who had never even imagined such a cause fled the moment they saw the demon.

Kauren rushed towards them and trampled them indiscriminately, wielding his battle axe and smashing the buildings around.

“Not knowing that the New World is shaking, you dare to summon me and catch me?! You cheeky bastard!”

In the eyes of Kauren, the wizards who teleported and the ones who were in front of his eyes were all the same.

Still, he was ordered by the Vampire King—Leviathan and when attacked, he crushed and trampled on men without any difference.

“That, that stupid demon!”

In a moment, Albert began to tremble as he saw the western part of the tower got turned into a waste field.

He no longer hesitated and poured out heatwave towards Kauren.

“O sinister, give in to the wrath of the earth! Volcanic Explosion!”

Swoooosh- Kwaaahhhhh !

Hundreds of rocks soaring with lava fell at the feet of Kauren with a series of explosions.

The power was so strong that even Kauren had staggered and collapsed.

“The monster is down!”

“Our Meister has saved us!”

The survivors cheered with half-intention.

However, instead of relaxing and waving at them, Albert shouted at them.

“He isn’t dead yet! Collect all those who can fight!”

Just as Albert said, Kauren rose up.

He brushed away the dirt which came in from the ashes, and his face was much distorted, even worse.

“Kuek, Quite nice? Knowing that garbage just scratched my temper.”

“All attack at once!”

Kwang! Bang! Kwakwang!

Beginning with Albert, all the magic manifested by the wizards went straight towards Kauren.

After a brief pause in the magic attacks, Kauren fixed his battle axe and struck the ground.



The magic attacks seized, and Kauren wielded the battle axe again and began to engage in slaughter.


“Stop it, this monster!”

“What is with that metal?”

Suddenly, with a giant sword and a steel giant stopping him, Kauren eyes shone with anger.

Surrounding it were things like steel giants.

The garrisons who Albert called for had finally arrived.

The Hero-class Gigant, Atlas was the one which prevented Kauren.

The rider on board was an Expert Sword Master, who had intermediate skills and the Veritas Magic tower had secretly invited them from the neighboring nations of the magic tower.

He was an unforgettable advent of a powerful enemy, but from Kauren’s standpoint of view, it was a damn piece of scrap metal which was a hindrance for him.

“Who dares to block the front with a thrash?!”

Kauren, who put down the battle axe for a while, hit Atlas with his fist.

It was his bare fist, but the power wasn’t a bit funny. The output was of 3,500 fight for the Atlas but was pushed back.

“This can’t…!”

The riders of Atlas were forced to tremble. It was because the left arm of Atlas which tried to block Kauren’s fist went shattered.

The high strength abrasive alloy frame and the thick armor didn’t offset the impact at all.

But they didn’t have the time to be surprised.

Kauren was coming back at them.

“I will smash you all!”

Kwannng- Kwannng -!

The battle axe fell and with a little time, Atlas with a gigantic aura came at him.

At the moment of crash, a shock wave spread around with a huge explosion.


“Kuk! Save, save me!”

Gigants who were there around, flew away like cans, buildings collapsed and lucky ones survived.

Although it prevented the attack, Atlas wasn’t too safe.

As the shock was of a huge level, it was difficult for it to handle, the joints of Atlas creaked.

“This, this can’t be! Just one blow!”

As Atlas’s rider was unbalanced, Kauren tried to knock him down again with the battle axe.

But Kauren’s movements got blocked.

Several Gigants hurriedly threw in chains.

“These things!”

Angrily, Kauren pulled on the chains.

With a sound of the wind, the noose flew straight in. Gigants rose and fell.

The output was lower than the Atlas, but Kauren didn’t even lift his legs when he pulled in twenty warrior and knight class Gigants.

“Pull! Don’t let him move!”

“Don’t let yourself get dragged! Don’t leave your limbs!”

“Kuek! These nasty worms!”

While Kauren screamed, a gigantic aura sprang from Atlas’s huge sword.

It was over 5 meters long.

“This is the end, you freak!”

Atlas rider hit the final blow with a gigantic aura which boosted up to 3,500 fight.



It was when the blow of Atlast came in, almost like it could split the sea and mountain, and reached Kauren’s body.

Suddenly, the fog began to come out of Kauren’s body. The gigantic aura hit by that magic got neutralized.

“Do you know who am I? I am Kauren, the 18th general of the Vampire King!”

When the Magi spread, it surrounded the entire body of Kauren, gathered into one place and turned into a black lightning falling all over the place.

Kwarrrrng! Kwang! Kwaaang!


“A, avoid!”

With the lightning falling down, riders threw away the noose and evaded the attack.

However, it was impossible to avoid the black lightning which fell like a shower.

Eventually, Atlas and the other Gigants fell down.

“It, it can’t be done!”

Albert, who was watching the Gigant battle from behind, was unable to recover from the shock.

He did know that it was a strong opponent, but to take down others so easily!

“Ku! How dare you try to do the same things?”

It was time for Kauren to strip off the steel noose around his body and get on with his slaughter.

Thud Thud

He saw Gigants and wizards running in from a distance. The number wasn’t small.

“Kuek! Those steel cans…!”

It wasn’t shown but, the magic from Meister Albert and the Atlas Gigant had an effect on him.

Which was why seeing those was annoying for Kauren.

“Dammit, this general’s body is what you need to deal with… come on! If you call yourselves men!”

Grumbling, Kauren summoned right away.

High ranking demons, like the generals, had the ability to summon the low ranking demons to the Middle Earth.

Dozens of demons had appeared surrounding Kauren, all dark summons.

They consisted of giant demons and the assault troops under Kauren.

“Called for us, General?!”

“Come! Get rid of those annoying steel things!”

Upon Kauren’s orders, the demons rushed towards the approaching Gigants.

“What, what?!”

“Monsters have come!”

Mercenary riders and the war mages belonging to the magic tower garrison who came to support fired against the savaging demons.

Kwang! Kwakwa!



With ferocious shouts, steels shattered and screams roared.

Kauren encouraged them by wielding the battle axe behind.

“These humans who destroyed the Vampire King! Shatter them thoroughly!”

His shouts reverberated in the open sky of Veritas, which was glowing due to explosions and fires.