Emperor of Steel

Chapter 291 - Capital in Flames 1

Before Luke summoned Kauren, Veritas Magic Tower’s Meister Albert was watching the works done in his office.

It was because there had been a lot of work that had been accumulated as he was practicing magic and assisting Arsene.

When he processed half of the paperwork on the desk, the door of his office opened wide and an elder in charge of the veritas Magic tower’s foreign affairs entered.

“What is going on, Belmond?”

“Something huge just happened, Sir Albert! The wizard troops who had attacked the Terra Magic Tower have been greatly damaged!”

“What did you say?! Those Terra Magic Tower shouldn’t be able to stop our wizards with their skills and power.”

The wizard troops that the Veritas Magic Tower chose were the nurtured children who had excellent talents in magic, they symbolized the power of Veritas Magic Tower.

If such power of the wizard troops consisted of war mages of 6 circles or more, it was possible to erase some mighty towers at once.

In addition, their attack included Gigant units of mercenary riders to support the wizard troops.

Even if Terra Magic Tower was one of the top ten magic towers, Veritas thought that with their power, they could wipe it off.

“What the hell happened in there? What was our cause to be defeated?”

“That… Saint Guard troops and the Holy Empire’s magic tower appeared there and helped the Terra Tower.”

“Keuk, those men!”


With rage, Albert hit the desk.

Originally, the Battle of Magic Tower was initiated to lean the power of the Magic Federation.

But not long ago, the victory and defeat turned tense with Saint Guard and the Holy Arthenia Magic Tower intervening.

The problem was that everyone was claiming that Veritas was mastering dark magic, and even a few wizards of the Magic Federation were drawing suspicion.

Concerned about breaking off the unity of the alliance, Albert hurriedly tried to wipe of the Reformers, so he attempted a sudden attack on the Terra Magic Tower, one of the main forces in the current Reformers.

“How much was our damage?” Albert asked, grinding his teeth.

“Around 70% of the wizard troops either died or was injured, and the Gigant unit surrendered immediately after the battle went serious.”

“Those bloody mercenaries!”

Elder Belmond gave his opinion to Albert who was clicking his tongue.

“For the time being, the loss of the wizard troops forces us to be defensive in the Battle of Magic Tower, and…”

“So what do you want to do?”

At Albert’s question, Belmond looked around for a moment and answered after lowering his voice, “Why don’t we use the warlocks once again?”

The Veritas Magic Tower had a lot of fun days in the battles using the warlocks until the Saint Guard and the Holy Arthenia Royal Magic Tower intervened.

And as soon as they entered the war, they banned the use of the warlocks as if they got caught; it was going to go downhill.

“No, it is better to ask our ancestors for help.”

An altar of paladins.

Holy Arthenia Royal Magic Tower which was made of priests who thought that they had to follow the truth and the path of God’s will studied magic.

Those men who knew the basics of divine power were the true nemesis of warlocks.

Albert feared that his warlocks would be blown away by those men, and they wouldn’t be able to recover from the damage if any evidence went out.

At his words, Elder Belmond seemed puzzled.

“But, our ancestor can’t leave his Resurrection project office right now.”

“Obviously, our ancestor is like that, but it is possible to borrow two beings which are under his control.”

“Ah! Those specters?”

“Yeah, they are the legendary warrior and the devil king, and they’re great just as their name says.”

“However, I did see them the other day, and the momentum from their body wasn’t a joke.”

Belmond had seen the two ghosts in Veritas a while ago.

At that time, he was amazed by the two.

At first, he was amazed to know that the real warrior and the devil king were resurrected, and the second was they were powerful enough to deal with all of the Veritas elders in a single moment.

The Veritas elders learned white magic as well as dark magic and possessed the same fighting power as the Meisters of the ten magic towers.

As long as they were able to deal with them, there was no shortage in the Veritas troops.

In fact, the one with the body of Saymon alone wiped out the entire Rokid Magic Tower, one of the ten magic towers.

“That is why I’ll contact our ancestors, so you should be fully committed to the magic troops…”

When Albert got up and was about to move to the long-range magic communication room.

Suddenly, Magi could be detected from a place in the tower.

At first, he thought that one of the elders forgot to hide his Magi while performing an experiment, but his complexion changed as the Magi presence kept on growing like darkness.

“T-this is surely!”

“Is there a problem?”

At Belmond’s question, Albert hurriedly picked up his staff and said, “Someone is trying to summon demons within the tower.”

“Huh? Who is crazy enough to do that?”

“Quickly, call the war mages and the mercenaries too! We are out of time!”

Albert’s restless emotions made Belmond run out of the office.

After a short time, when Belmond brought all the available wizards and mercenaries, Albert moved them to the place with teleportation magic.

They tried to enter before anything could happen, but when they entered the warehouse, everything was already done.