Emperor of Steel

Chapter 290 - The Misfortune of Veritas Magic Tower 5


Tremors began to form. The magic circle disappeared, and a dark space was revealed.

As he peered through the warehouse, he saw that the subspace was larger and darker than ever before, which made Belfair nervous, gulping down on his saliva.

‘Who the hell is going to come out? I hope it isn’t one of the 18 generals who are under the Vampire King…’

He hadn’t even seen the 18 generals of the Devildom, but he did hear the rumors about how strong they were.

It was because there had always been conflict at the border which were ruled by the seven demon lords.

Not all the higher demons were the same.

The 18 generals were strong enough to kill Belfair with just a flick of a finger.

‘The problem is that they are far superior than the ones from the past.’

As a human slave, moreover, seeing Belfair with divine power, the demons who came would be sure to kill him right away.

When Belfair was looking into the subspace.

Sebastian rushed in and reported, “Master, many wizards and mercenaries are teleporting around this warehouse!”

“Uhm, did they detect the summoning ritual?”

It wasn’t like a secluded area, so it was inevitable for the surroundings to have been noticed.

Moreover, Veritas Magic Tower was a group that studied dark magic in a dark way, so they couldn’t be unaware of the ritual of summoning the demons.

“It is just in time for the main character in play.”

Finally, something enormous began to appear from the space created by the summoning magic circle, breaking through the darkness.


A huge leg that resembled a goat’s leg made an appearance. A human torso came in next followed by a head that was very similar to a cow.

Belfair and Sebastian screamed after seeing what came out.

“Hiiik! It is Kauren!”

Kauren was known for being the most filthy and violent out of the 18 generals under King Leviathan.

In addition, even though he was rude, he was the best of the 18 generals, and he could take down six commanders.

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, the two demons rushed over to Luke and pulled on his sleeve.

“Master, we need to run right away!”


“That is Kauren. He isn’t someone we can deal with! There is a saying in the Devildom which states ‘Even if you want to fight a new senior demon, don’t start a fight with Kauren!’.”

“Okay? This is rather good, right?”

At the cry of the two demons, Luke seemed rather satisfied. The stronger and more ferocious the summoned demon was, the better it was.

“Kuakkkkk! I am one of the general of Vampire King Leviathan, Kauren. Who summoned me?!”

After passing through the subspace, Kauren screamed and hit the ground with his ax.

Sebastian, Belfair, and Fabian were nervous at the sight of the monster who was larger than a hero class Gigant.

Luke was the only one who was still calm.

“I, no, we summoned you. Please give me your magi and power willingly.”

“What? Then you men… Kauk!”

Luke’s purple magic hit Kauren’s eyes.

Luke used a Hold Magic on Kauren who seemed to have stagnant magic that Fabian and the two demons prepared, so they could use teleport magic.

But Luke didn’t forget to play his role.

“Uh, you are the regular kind of demon. I need to run away.”

“Kukk! Stand right there!”

Kauren unlocked the Hold Magic with brute force and swung his battle-ax toward Luke.

But shortly before the ax could hit Luke, the entire party disappeared.

“That rat bastard!”

It wasn’t a huge thing, but Kauren’s face was distorted with anger and rage.

“Teleporting to run away, I can’t keep up…”

When Kauren tried to trace back their movements, the door of the warehouse opened wide, and the wizards and mercenaries of Veritas Magic Tower began to enter.

In the front was Meister Albert.

“Who dared to experiment without my permission?!”

Albert shouted out loud but was amazed when he saw Kauren staring at them with anger.

‘T-this is. It can’t be… a higher demon?’

‘This seems to be part of the game of those rats!’

Kauren guessed that after seeing the uniforms of the people in front of him. He then wielded his battle-ax.

“These men! Where are you hiding those rats?!”


Most of them were wiped out by Kauren’s single blow except for Albert and a few high ranking wizards who used blink and saved themselves.

However, Kauren, who wasn’t bound, ran out of the warehouse.

Albert and the high ranking wizards screamed out loud, “Monster! A monster has come out!”

“Collect the guards of the magic tower! Hurry up!”

Screams and orders rang everywhere followed by the shouts of the men who were being wiped out by Kauren.

The worst catastrophe was approaching the Veritas Magic Tower—the greatest heritage of the continent for over 500 years.