Emperor of Steel

Chapter 289 - The Misfortune of Veritas Magic Tower 4

After gathering all the offerings which Sebastian and Belfair had bought, Luke took them and headed to the north.

At first, he thought that he should head over to the capital, Nemesis, but the location turned over to the Veritas Town, which was above it.

“Master, isn’t this where the veritas magic tower is located?”

“Don’t tell me that you are planning to summon a higher demon in here?”

Luke replied to the demon’s question in a nonchalant manner.

“Yeah, I think that this will be a great gift for them.”

“Ugh! Then the capital will be overturned?”

“Hu hu hu hu. That is why the summoning is happening.”

Last time, he had been informed by Johas that Veritas magic tower was sending out enormous quantities of food and magical materials.

Thus, Luke too gathered relevant information for several days with the help of Argos but was unable to trace the whereabouts.

‘I don’t know what they are up to, but I am not going to leave them alone.’

So, what he thought was, to give a huge blow to the veritas magic tower so that it wouldn’t be in a position to provide materials and food.

Moreover, it was just a few days since she learned of the reality of the curse on his body, so he had no intention of leaving them alone.

“Even if it is a Veritas Magic tower, they need to be prepared to deal with the higher demons. And the bonus will be the damage to the Imperial family.”

When a high ranking demon was summoned in the northern part of the capital, the Knights of Guard and the Central army had to run.

Since they were the representatives of the Imperial forces.

“Oh ho, you are aiming for two birds with one stone, such a dangerous man!”

“And not just that, considering the cause of the Battle of Magic towers, Veritas Magic tower will be properly branded with this incident.”

Since the Veritas Magic tower had been suspected to have been practicing dark magic.

What would happen if demons were summoned in such a situation?

Many people would be convinced that the Veritas magic tower was indeed sheltering warlocks.

“And the reputation of the Baroque Imperials who for long had great relationships with them will also fail.”

“But I wonder if things will head the way that you want?”

Belfair had a good reason to be pessimistic.

Veritas Magic tower was a great magic tower which differed from the other towers, it was well bordered.

The wall surrounding the magic tower was filled with lots of border magic made by the high ranking magicians, and there were mercenaries and sorcerers standing on the borders.

Normally itself it was a steel wall, but since the initiation of the Battle of the Magic tower, they had upped the security.

“Wouldn’t it be easy to infiltrate? If we do this, there will be a lot of time to infiltrate, and if we make even a little mistake, they will all flock towards us.”

Sebastian backed Belfair’s statement.

“Then, we can’t attempt to summon the demons. If there are traces of them, there is a chance that we will be pursued…”

“Yeah, as you said, it will be difficult. It is going to be difficult to reveal the skills.”

In such situations, it was better to step back and watch.

The two demons judged so, but Luke just casually walked towards the main gate of Veritas Magic tower.

‘Is it a breakthrough?’

The main gate in front of his eyes looked way stronger and heavier than anything Luke had ever seen.

In addition, four Gigants were deployed and mercenaries and wizards guarded in front of the gates, which seemed uncommon.

“Master, what are you even thinking…”

“Shut up and watch out your disguises.”

After making sure that the disguise wasn’t a problem, Luke approached the wizard guarding the front wall and spoke.

“Hello. You have worked so hard today.”

“What is it?”

With the words from a stranger, the guard gave Luke a vigilant gaze.

“I came to find the wizard, Fabian Azar. We are cousins. Due to the Battle of the Magic tower was concerned…”

“Enough. I’ll check it out so wait.”

The wizard broke the flow of Luke’s words.

After some time, the man came back, but contrary to the concern of Luke’s demons, he let them in.

“Fabian asked for you to come in, saying that you were a relative. Don’t make a fuss and meet him quietly.”

Luke nodded with a smile and stepped in.

As they passed through the main entrance, he was able to see the magnificent view of the Veritas magic tower.

‘In the past, this competed for the 1st and 2nd place. But it is still flourishing up till today.’

Somehow a cheerful wizard came over to Luke, meeting, and talked friendlily.

“Yo, it has been a while since then! Nice to meet you!”

“Have you been well, Fabian? Oh, such a long time! Your face has shrunk.”

Unlike Luke and Fabian who were speaking intimately, the two demons had no idea.

And then passing through a rear door, they were in an unknown situation with a huge river flowing past.

“After seeing the truth in the dark, I get to see master.”

“Yeah, nice to meet you.”

Fabian, changed his position and began to speak rather politely with Luke.

He was one of the disciples of Johas, who infiltrated the Veritas Magic tower.

He had been contacted by the meister a few days back and prepared in advance.

“What about the others?”

“They are preparing for the summoning. By the way, you are planning on doing something great. Since I heard that you are a Rakan’s descendant, I thought that it was unusual…”

Only a few knew the identity of Luke inside the Dark Moon. What’s more, only Johas knew of Luke’s past as Saymon.

“Why? Is it scary?”

“Hu hu hu? Why would I be? I am just looking forward to see what kind of situation will unfold.”

Smiling a little, Fabian guided Luke’s party.

Veritas’ headquarters was huge.

The entire area, including the research facilities and workshops, experimental sites and the accommodations, the relaxations areas, was almost the size of the Imperial palace.

“There are over 500 wizards who do pure research. That is why they wouldn’t know the face of a wizard unless one is from the same job.”

“Surely it must be like that.”

Luke looked at the crowd passing by.

He wasn’t sure about anything else, but the size of the Veritas Magic tower was enviable.

‘This is how Katarina magic tower should have been brought up…’

While relaxing, they met a female wizard who was in a large restaurant.

A medical Mage, she too was a disciple who had been asked to infiltrate by Johas. He only contacts Fabian very rarely, so he never encountered another one.

“This is the robe of change, and this is the key to the warehouse which I borrowed today for an experimental purpose. Heath senior asked me to deliver it.”

“What about Heath senior?”

“He is preparing to escape from a wrecked ship. Then, I should be going too. Master, I hope you have the Black Sage’s protection in the path you are heading to.”

‘I am the very Black Sage, Saymon.’

Instead of saying it out loud, Luke nodded and wore the robe handed over to him by the wizard.

Luke’s party was in the robe of Veritas magic tower which had its emblem printed on it, and the crowd which glanced at them till then no longer cared.

“Which side is the warehouse that you have rented?”

“It is at the end in the west of the tower. Our position in the Veritas Magic tower isn’t so high, so we weren’t able to rent anything in the central.”

“It is alright. All I need to do is be inside the Veritas Magic tower for it to work.”

Luke’s party, which arrived at the warehouse at the scheduled time, began to work terrifyingly at sunset.

Luke, who pulled out the materials from the subspace, along with Fabian created a summoning magic circle in the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Sebastian and Belfair took care of those approaching the warehouse, by standing on guard.

“What is with those? If they are planning on going to a date, they should go to a nice place, why come this way?”

“No matter how hard they try, it is like an affair. Taking medicine and going into the bushes.”

It didn’t take long for Luke to finish the summoning magic circle.

When he was Saymon, he had summoned high-ranking demons and had a useful assistant named Fabian.

“Master, are you done?”

“Yes, the last thing is to welcome the demon.”

Luke, who pulled on his sword, cut his palm and let the blood drop on the Summoning magic circle and began to memorize the spell.