Emperor of Steel

Chapter 288 - The Misfortune of Veritas Magic Tower 3

“Huh! that Emperor bastard. Pretending to be a dignified man is playing with the warlock who are behind him!”

Luke interrogated the spies of Henry and the other subordinates of the Imperial and learned a lot of information.

As a result, the information turned out to anger Luke.

Most surprisingly, the Emperor authorized the Veritas Magic Tower to place a cruse on his body.

Moreover, they informed that the curse wasn’t just for Luke but for all the former Rakan descendants.

In the case of Luke, they said that the Emperor had constantly been monitoring him through spies as Luke kept gaining and no sickness was appearing.

‘If it wasn’t for Reina, I might have already died.’

Luke grabbed Reina’s given locket.

The locket she had given him had prevented the seizures from occurring in the most dangerous moments.

However, the curse wasn’t completely cleared, so he had to study the curse to understand it.

“Suddenly! That Arsene bastard. Even though I don’t want to, I am going to touch your precious magic tower… very preciously!”

And then the next one would be the Baroque Imperial.

Deciding on what to do, Luke’s eyes fell on the eyes of a spy.

“Was it Henry?”

“Yes, that is right.”

When looked at, Henry knelt down.

He couldn’t afford to take in Luke’s anger, and both his legs trembled, but he tried to look as calm as he could.

“You came here to kill me?”

“That, our Majesty. No, the Emperor ordered me to…”

“Enough. I’m not going to target you. You can head back and report the assassination process as a success.”

Luke, who said that to Henry, turned his attention to the others.

“And you report that I got suddenly knocked down because of poison. And that the Rakan family is hiding the facts to keep stability in the region.”

“Ah, understood.”

The watchers who weren’t in the position to refuse just nodded their heads.

Luke was about to leave when he suddenly talked to Henry.

“Ah well, you have more work to do.”

“What can I do?”

“Kill the lower commanders and the Expert riders and knights of the Central Army. As many as you can possibly do. As an Assassin Master, you can do it cleanly, right?”

Killing the commanders and the expert riders could lead to suspicion.

‘Of course, that doubt can be turned towards the noblemen. However, when it was powerful for me to disappear, the Emperor will go back and negotiate rather than go to war with the nobles. Committed to do it the next time.’

There was no need to see from the Emperor’s point of view, but getting rid of the lower commanders and the riders could play an important link in weakening the forces of the army.

The weakened central army will face an unexpected defeat in the future civil war.

“Understood. Nothing else that I need to do?”

“Hmm… Can you kill Emperor Rudolf?”

At the question of Luke’s, Henry contemplated and shook his head.

“That is impossible.”

Rudolf is a Sword Sage.

Moreover, it was out that he had become stronger in the recent years.

In addition, there are numerous secret escorts and warlocks around the Emperor. The chances of getting through them for an assassination was extremely rare.

“That so? Understood. Just send a list of Hydra members. I will command you if anything comes up.”

And Luke’s orders ended there.

Luke who sent out the demon slaves, used magic communication to speak with Meister Johas of Dark Moon.

“Johas? This time, there is something very fun and interesting that I am going to do, so would you like to join me?”

Luke’s mouth which was stern when proposing the request to Johas soon turned into the sneakiest smile ever.