Emperor of Steel

Chapter 287 - The Misfortune of Veritas Magic Tower 2

Chapter 287: The Misfortune of Veritas Magic Tower 2

Vampire King Leviathan was one of the seven monarchs who ruled over the Devildom.

He was relatively incompetent compared to the other monarchs, so he tried to be as powerful as possible while making as many slaves as he could.

But after some time, his men began to disappear one after the other.

The low ranking demons disappearing didn’t matter to him, but when the intermediate class demons like Naga began to disappear without hearing any word from them, he had no choice but to worry about it.

Blood Land.

The land at the center was where the capital of Vampire King Leviathan was located. He lived at a magnificent palace made of red marble.

On the splendid throne of the royal palace was a demon with huge wings and tail.

He was Vampire King Leviathan.

And in front of him was Crimson, the right-hand man of Leviathan.

“So they all responded to the summons of a warlock and never returned?”

The voice of Leviathan rang out in the throne room.

Crimson opened his mouth, trying to answer as politely as possible.

“That is right, Your Majesty. Recently, there have been demons who were summoned to Middle-Earth and were unable to return. It has been presumed that they are probably extinguished because they haven’t been contacting us.”

“Those stupid men!”


The entire throne room shook with Leviathan’s shout.

Leviathan’s subordinates who were lined up on his left and right sides trembled at his shout.

After a while, Leviathan, who was angry, asked out of curiosity, “What kind of warlock is summoning and attacking our demons?!”

Once the balance of power broke between a demon’s lord, they would get eaten.

So, Leviathan tried to increase his maximum number of slave to not show his weak side, but how dare a nameless warlock touch his slaves!

“It hasn’t yet been figured out, but something similar to this had happened before.”

“Are there similar instances like this?” Asked Leviathan.

“Yes. More than 500 years ago, a warlock named Saymon summoned demons and subdued them or stole their abilities. He was very famous back then. Have you ever heard of him?”

At Crimson’s question, Leviathan nodded when he recalled something.

“I remember something. At that time, the cousin of the monstrous, Baol—Garden—was taken down. If so, was he the one causing all this?”

“That isn’t the case. A human’s life can’t exceed 200 years, and Saymon was killed by a man called Rakan. Perhaps this is the work of a descendant of his.”

“Without even fearing us?!”

If things went on like that, it would turn problematic for the demons.

And Leviathan, who was proud of being a demon lord and had the ambition of becoming the sole ruler of the Devildom, didn’t intend to forgive such a preposterous human being.

“I am thinking of sending one of the 18 generals to the next summoning.”

There were a total of 18 generals under Leviathan.

They were the higher demons who commanded the Blood Army, and their individual armed forces were enough to destroy a human kingdom.

However, Leviathan didn’t seem pleased with it.

“Only one of the 18 generals?”

At the question of Leviathan, Crimson answered, “Of course, if Your Majesty wanted to, we can open the door to Middle-Earth and take the Bloody Army to the humans’ gate, but that would straight-up break the agreement between the New Worlds…”

“Hmm, this is difficult.”

When the term ‘New Worlds’ was mentioned, Leviathan was forced to stop being anxious.

It was the new world that boasted the presence of something that was absent, but whenever the demons tried to overpower a different world, an omnipotent power was demonstrated at times.

In the past, many of Devildom’s lords had fallen to the authority of the New World.

Molrec, the 6th greatest king under Vampire King Leviathan, who had the title Great Demon, was executed and met with a miserable end.

After the death of Molrec, a new agreement was signed between the New World and the Devildom.

But it was more of a unilateral notice from the New World which said that if the agreement was violated the entire demon race would be annihilated.

“Responding to the human summons isn’t against the agreement at all. Human beings want demons because they are angry with their own levels.”

With that, even in the new world, there were foolish and greedy humans who brought in the demons when they themselves couldn’t solve their own problems.

Of course, if the summons of the summoned demons went excessive, they would give in help by delegating new recruits or powers.

“And if it is a high ranking general, he will have the power to summon lower level demons. It that’s the case, we can send the Bloody Army to Middle-Earth and bring down those who have harmed the master’s power,” explained Crimson.

“That is right! That is how my dignity will stand!”

At the explanation from Crimson, Leviathan had a satisfied expression.

“That is a good idea. Get ready immediately! You must not miss a single summoning opportunity, and let the other demons’ henchmen get it!”

“Please leave them to us, Lord!”

When the permission of Leviathan fell, Crimson immediately summoned 18 generals.

The 18 generals, as if they all wanted to take part, quarreled with each other about who will go.

“Majesty, leave this to me!”

“No. I, Kauren is the most fitting one to do this.”

“Shut up, you ignorant fools!”

“So what? You bony and skinless old man!”

As the two sides of the generals fought, the general sitting at the center got up.

“Don’t fight. In fact, for such a task shouldn’t the highest of the 18 generals be the one to go?”

“How can… I can’t accept that! Let’s reorganize our thoughts and order!”

Crimson wasn’t in a hurry when the generals were fighting amongst themselves.

“Just stop it! What good would it do to fight like this? Wouldn’t our Majesty be laughing at us!”

At those words, the 18 generals calmed down.

Crimson presented a bucket with small sticks in them.

“Each of you has great abilities, so we are going to make a fair selection. The person who pulls the red colored stick will be the one to take on the mission.”

The 18 generals pulled the sticks.

And the one who got the red stick was Kauren—the 12th ranked general of the invasion force.