Emperor of Steel

Chapter 286 - The Misfortune of Veritas Magic Tower 1

Chapter 286: The Misfortune of Veritas Magic Tower 1

A few days after returning to the lordship, Luke visited Sebastian and Belfair.

He had some work that those two had to do, but he wasn’t even able to see them around.

At first, he thought that it was to avoid others’ attention, but they didn’t even appear at night.

‘I don’t know about Belfair, but Sebastian who had the ability to disguise himself should have come.’

Even then, it wasn’t so difficult to find them. It was because they were tangled into a sealed contract of slave and master, so he was able to know where the two of them were.

The place where the two demons were at was the golem production workshop in the basement of the devil king’s castle.

The golem production workshop had been shut down for two years.

It was because he had secured enough manpower and Gigant power, and even without mobilizing the golems, things went by smoothly.

In the meantime, the golems produced were all used during the Monster Wave for the mine’s development in the Rakan’s wastelands.

So Luke planned to use the golem production workshop into his own Gigant production workshop.

“What the hell are those two doing there?”

Luke’s head shook after seeing the bleak energy that was coming from the golem workshop.

‘Well, I’ll know once I go and see for myself.’

After moving into the devil king’s castle, he opened the door to the basement and entered the workshop.

In the golem production workshop, Belfair was with dozens of humans in various costumes.

A pretty waitress and a wizard stood on his right and left side with a stool on either side. They were fanning hard and were pouring alcohol into Belfair’s wine glass.

The rest of them were very pitiful, sweating in front of Belfair by picking things from the ground or rolling on the floor.

“What are you doing?! Are you tired already?”

“Ah, no. I’m not tired, Master!”

“What do you mean you’re not tired? I noticed the guy there is looking like he can’t even lift a rock.”

While taking out his anger, Belfair wore the red hat that was used by the Rakan instructors for training their men.

“All of you, again! Let’s start with the demon gymnastic!”

“Huk! That… Please just not that…”

The faces of all the humans were pale.

However, Belfair didn’t seem to care and just smiled.

“What please? To reduce it? Okay. Then… Then do the demon gymnastics 8 times. 8 times from 100.”

The men screamed in despair at the instructions from Belfair and lied flat on the floor with their arms and legs upright.

And at that moment, when their bodies were about to be twisted, their savior appeared.

“What are you doing here?”


Belfair, who was in joy seeing the slaves scream, became stiff from the voice he heard.

At first, he thought it was Sebastian fooling around. But looking closely, it was Luke.

Belfair quickly put down the glass that was in his hand and went stiff like a new recruit.

“Oh, you have come, Master!”

“Yes, it has been a few days since I have returned. I’ll ask you once again. What are you doing here?”

“That, the thing is…”

To Luke who was frowning, Belfair sweated and talked.

Luke, who learned of the situation, asked with an absurd expression, “So, you caught the assassin who tried to assassinate me and made his watchers your slaves?”

“Yep we can’t just leave them like that, and what would death even do?”

If one removed the assassin and the watcher, the Emperor would definitely doubt them and send a few more.

And that time, much more capable ones might come back.

“I decided that it would be better to use them as double agents.”

“Hmm. That’s not a bad idea; the problem is the magic in their bodies. If a priest saw it…”

There would be a mess if demons were told to have appeared in the Rakan Estates.

‘If I turn unlucky, the secret related to me will get revealed, but they didn’t even ask me, and they did what they wanted?’

When Luke’s eyes turned cold, Sebastian appeared from the inside of the workshop.

“Belfair! At last, I succeeded. If you feed this to the slaves…”

Sebastian shook a flask in his hand that was filled with something but went silent when he saw Luke.


“How dare you decide things for yourself.”

When Luke’s cold words fell, Sebastian knelt right away.

“No, it wasn’t like that. That bat was flirting around falling into the temptations.”

“What nonsense are you saying, you thieving cat?! You were the first one to do this!”

“W-who did what?! I just…”

A scream fell while the two demons were arguing.

“Shut up, just stop!”

The scream caused the two demons to fall on their knees.

“I guess there has been a lack of education since I was away.”

Luke decided to educate them properly. No matter how much they gave themselves in, they were bound to cause an accident if he left them alone.

In such a case, the right answer was to bend them as much as he could so that they wouldn’t even think of acting.


Sebastian turned pale after seeing Luke crack his knuckles.

“M-Master. Nobles aren’t supposed to wield their fists like this.”

“That is right. Please consider your dignity… ”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I am a person who knows of culture.”

Luke wasn’t going to use his fists.

There was a more convenient way for him, magic. Why would he use his fists to hurt someone? Luke cracked his knuckles to scare them.


Pak pak!

“Kaak! Save the vampire!”

“Oh, Master! I will die!”

For an hour, ruthless magic attacks of baptism poured in.

Henry and the other slaves of the two demons were stuck to the wall and looked scared.

“He… is the real Marquis Rakan?”

“Those cruel demons couldn’t even move!”

“We are done. I didn’t know that the descendant of the warrior was going to be so vicious!”

Was it better to voluntarily give out the information?

The slaves who thought about it became sad. They were in a situation where they couldn’t do anything they wanted.

After a while, Luke stopped with his teaching and asked Sebastian, “What was that thing that you brought in earlier?”

Luke asked while pointing at the milky liquid that was in the flask to which Sebastian answered, “Yeah! That is a magical reagent to mask the demon slave’s Magi.”

People couldn’t know that the demon slaves were giving out demon vibes.

Realizing that, they thought a lot and studied magic on how to hide them, and as a result, Sebastian was able to make a neutralization potion.

“Hmm, was something like that there?”

“In the past, there were a lot of non-combating demons who had entered Middle-Earth. In order to survive, they had to hide their magi, and for that…”

It was said that the Magi Neutralization Potion was the efforts of tears of their elder demons.

With that in mind, Sebastian succeeded in creating the materials that were needed for making the reagent in the lab.

“What did you say? You even robbed the underground lab?”

“E-everything was done to help you, Master! It wasn’t because of my selfishness!”

It wasn’t like there was no selfishness in what he did.

No, in order to fill their self-interest, they used Luke as their excuse.

And it wasn’t like Luke didn’t know that.

However, he thought that he could get some decent results, so he decided to stop teaching the two demons a lesson.

“Then, why did you look for us?”

“I have a task for you two.”

“Please let us know!”

The two demons felt relieved upon seeing that Luke was still willing to give them a task.

“Get 7 of the advanced magic stones, roots of Mandragora and the horn of a unicorn. Look at this for a detailed list.”

The two demons seemed confused.

“W-where do you plan on using these?”

“I am trying to summon a higher demon.”

For higher demons, Luke’s blood wouldn’t be enough to summon them. In addition to his blood, some sacrifices were needed.

“Are you talking about a higher demon?”

At the words of Luke, Sebastian and Belfair were startled.

One higher demon was powerful enough to blow away an entire kingdom.

The faces of the two demons were derailed after hearing that Luke would summon not an intermediate but a higher demon.

“M-Master, I know that your power is excellent, but you will have a hard time winning over a higher demon…”

They knew that Luke had great summoning ability and power.

However, the two demons tried to talk Luke out of it as they could die from trying.

“Who said that I am trying to absorb a higher demon’s power?” Asked Luke.

“T-then what are you planning to do?”

“Huhu, you’ll know what my plans are later, so get me the ingredients right away!”

At Luke’s prompt, the two demons went ahead with hesitant faces.

Luke, who sent them away, looked at the slaves who had nervous gazes.

“You people… are the emperor’s men? You have a lot of work to do in the future, but for now, tell me all the things you know about the empire and the Veritas Magic Tower.”

Maybe it was because of the desire of his demons, but Luke didn’t intend to destroy the emperor’s pumpkins.