The headquarters located in the lordship for the knights.

On the other hand, there was a training room specifically for the knights.

There were two knights sweating from wielding their words constantly.

One was with a Gold Sword and the other was a Silver Sword, Baron Rogers, and Commander Kaper.

The two men had been defeated by Shaikan the last time he had engaged in a sudden battle.

As a result, they were able to achieve a significant improvement.

However, from their expressions on their faces, they didn’t seem to be satisfied.

‘I can’t go against Shaikan with this!’

‘Can’t I unfold the Gold Sword much faster and strongly?’

As they were devoted to their training, they weren’t even aware that Luke and Hwang Bo-sung were watching.

“Master, the one on that side looks like a Sword Master. And that side looks like a higher Expert.”

“Yeah, they have progressed one step higher than when I left. They have changed while I was away. I need to thank Shaikan for it.”

“I, want to compete with them. Training match with the strong men makes the blood of Hwang Bo-sung boil.”

Hwang Bo-sung bumped both his fists and asked for permission.

But Luke just shook his head.

“It isn’t the time now. I have something for them. I’ll give you that chance later on, then you can fight freely.”

“You must keep that promise.”

Luke made a promise to Hwang Bo-sung and approached the two.

The two wielded their swords ignorantly even when Luke could be seen from the corner of their eyes. They assumed that it was Sebastian.

But soon, they were shocked.

“Woah, Lord?”


With the intense energy which came out from their body, they realized that it wasn’t the fake Luke.

Luke immediately greeted them.

“Hu hu hu. I heard the story. That you were smashed by Shaikan?”

Both Rogers and Kaper’s expression turned red.

“If you put it like that! If we meet again, I will put my hands on his neck.”

“I won’t be easy to deal with this time.”

“Good to hear. If you continue with that mindset, you will be surely able to surpass Shaikan.”

Luke’s praise and encouragement relaxed Rogers’s expression.

“But, when did you come back?”

“Just a while back. I have a gift for you guys, follow me.”

“Gift… do you mean?”

“Yeah, a very special gift which you can probably expect.”

Luke took the two men to Katarina Magic Tower.

When they entered the main hall of Katarina Magic tower, dozens of wizards and engineers were gathered in one place, including Meister Mute.

‘What is it?’

‘What is going on?’

Unlike Rogers and Kaper, who were puzzled, Luke smiled.

It was because Luke knew why they were there.

As they got closer, they could hear the conversations which were happening.

“Oh, how the hell did this…!”

“I liked that I developed a Knight class, but I was a frog in a well.”

“Where did our Lord even get these Gigants?”

“If this is the level of the Gigant, then it must be made in one of the top 10 magic towers. With whom is our Lord even acquainted?”

“Isn’t it crazy if this was one of the ten magic towers? When did the new Gigant even be developed?”

In the place were the wizards and the field leaders were looking, were three Gigants.

The wizards and the field leaders, who were busy talking among themselves weren’t aware that Luke was approaching them when they found out that Luke was there, they were surprised.

“Lo, Lord!”

“Would you please move a little?”


The path was made when wizards and the field leaders retreated.

As Luke approached the three Gigants, Mute was stiff. He had the face of a woman who was in love fever.

“Hoo hoo! How is this, Sir Mute? Have you checked it all?”

“Yes, Lord. It is so great that I am not able to find the right words.”

The Gigants were Orion, which Luke dropped by at the magic tower before meeting Rogers and Kaper.

And if he did hand them over the subordinates, it was bound for the wizards of the Katarina Magic tower to maintain them, so Luke dropped them off for pre-examination.

Mute was simply fascinated by the performance of the new Hero-class Gigant Orion.

“Where did this Gigants even come from? Are they from the Holy Arthenia Royal Magic tower?”

Luke who had gone to the Holy Empire, came back with new Gigants. It was obvious for them to have those doubts.

However, Luke just shook his head.

“Not from there.”

“Then, from Veritas Magic tower?”

From what Mute knew, there were only two magic towers that were currently producing Hero-class Gigants with the latest magic engineering and 3,700 fight output.

One was the Holy Arthenia Royal magic tower and the other was the Vertias Magic tower.

However, since Luke said that it wasn’t from the Holy Empire, Veritas tower was the next candidate.

Even after mentioning Veritas Magic tower, Mute himself shook his head.

From what he was aware of, Marquis Luke and the Veritas magic tower weren’t enemies, but they didn’t share a good relationship either.

Moreover, he knew how Luke was treated when he had gone to the Brandon branch of the Veritas magic tower.

It was like that, but suddenly, he willingly bought a Hero-class Gigant of the latest model which was very recently developed?

‘It doesn’t sound good. From which magic tower did the Gigant come from?’

When Mute’s curiosity increased, Luke smiled and responded.

“Huh. You’ll be hurt if you knew. For now, let’s announce that it was developed from our magic tower.”

‘Maybe something being kept in secret?’

It was something that was uncertain, stealing the assets of the other magic towers or intercepting their assets of a ruined magic tower happened frequently.

It was the moment since the Battle of Magic tower was still going on.

However, Mute didn’t ask any longer.

“Ah well, have you looked into the cockpit?”

“Yes. I did enter a while ago, and one of it has a different gear than the other Gigants.” Said Mute.

“You mean the Helm. Speaking of that Helm…”

Luke explained everything he had heard from Johas.

Upon hearing the story, Mute was admired by the look.

“Oh Oh, by applying psychological magic to harmonize the senses of the Gigant and the rider! That is a very innovative idea!”

“You will feel a lot more refreshed when you look at it up close.”

Luke tilted his head and pointed to the two knights who were behind him.

“Get on board.”


“Didn’t I tell you that I brought a gift for you? These Gigants are your very gifts.”

At Luke’s words, Rogers and Kaper’s mouth went wide.

“Are you, are you really giving this to us??

“Right. Ah well, the one on the far right is supposed to be given to Sir Philip, so take that out.”

Luke was planning to give the 3 Hero class Gigants to the most prominent knights he had.

He lost his Kratos in the rebellion subjugation of the Holy Empire, and he too was greedy for the Orion.

However, in the meantime, he decided to yield it to those who enjoy it in there.

‘If I give this reward, then the other guys will work harder for me. And what I ride for myself is what I make for myself.’

“Thank you, Lord!”

“I will do the very best until I die!”

“I understand that, go ahead and get on. Shouldn’t you at least test it? ”

At the words of Luke, the two knights opened the cockpit of Orion and were shocked.


Soon, the two Orion Gigants moved along with an intense core engine noise.

Rogers and Kaper made their way through the Gigant, with various poses and basic maneuvers.

After taming the Gigant for around 20 minutes and adapting to the Hero-class Gigant, the two began to move earnestly in the Gigant.

Kung! Koong!

The two Orion held a virtual confrontation and roamed.

The wizards and the field leaders stepped to the side and burst into excitement every time they heard the sound from the core engine or the footprints of the Gigant.

“What a thrilling size to move!”

“Look at the speed of reaction of Baron Rogers’s Gigant! Such a huge difference between the existing Gigant and his!”

“We need to make more effort to create a Hero class Gigant.”

“You mean like this? I am going to start the research today.”

At the words of the wizards and the field leaders, Luke was satisfied. One of the reasons why he showed Orion to the entire members of the Katarina magic tower was to stimulate them. And it seemed to have worked well.

‘I shouldn’t just keep encouraging my subordinates. I need to devout myself.’

About 500 years ago, Luke, was himself the Devil King; the one who invented the battle golem and was the origin of the Gigant.

Even if he was relearning the magic engineering of the current era, his pride wasn’t going to let him fall behind.

‘Wait a little, students. I will be making a very startling guy!’

Confident in his skills, Luke began to draw the picture of the strongest Gigant in his mind.