Emperor of Steel

Chapter 281 - The Return 1

Luke decided to visit Jason Manor which was at the border before returning back to Rakan.

It was because he hadn’t looked at the Dark Moon magic tower since he had moved them there.

‘I have something to take from there.’

When Scarlet’s party left, and his work in Albertville was done, he called for his men.

Philip along with the Rakan knights was told to take a look around Jason estate, and the subordinates of the mercenary groups were told other words.

“In a while, I will head to the capital.”

“Huh? Why to the capital all of a sudden?”

“There is an urgent affair to deal with there. It will take a few days, so don’t act negligently to your surroundings and do what has to be done.”

“Understood, don’t worry, and return back safely.”

Luke suddenly told the mercenary that he was heading back to the capital, yet none of the mercenaries doubted him.

It was common for a powerful lord to advance to the capital and take office in there, to perform in political and social activities in the capital.

Moreover, Luke was a special case.

“The new Lord, is it real that he is dating the Pope?”

“It is true. The rumor has it that they danced together at the banquet.”

“Hu hu hu. Was the sudden departure a love affair?”

“It is all when you are young. All the time here, he might have missed seeing the face?”

Without realizing that there were rumors going around in the territory, Luke lied to them about the departure to the capital and headed to the border.

“Uh, I did hear that it changed, but this is a total change.”

Luke opened his mouth as he saw the lush trees and plateau.

He heard that the Jason territory wasn’t developed at all, but he never thought that even roadways wouldn’t have been constructed.

‘It may be that there are no good resources or special material, but might be for military purposes.’

Probably because it was very close to the Holy Empire, it seemed like the estate was neglected to destroy a possible invasion route from the enemy.

But trying to use it as an invasion route to the Baroque Empire was of very little value. The forts of the Albertville and the other western provinces of the Holy Empire were too great to deal with.

‘Anyway, the men of Dark Moon might have gone through a lot in here.’

Luke was feeling a little sorry for them who were producing the Gigants and Hero class Gigants for him.

“Did they say that the Magic Tower was being made by remodeling the old castle? If I fly away it will be seen fast.”

After looking at the map for a moment, Luke flew to the highlands to see the Dark Moon.

“Master, you are here!”

When Meister Johas received a message from his disciple that Luke had arrived, he went to the lobby and bowed to him immediately.

“You might have been busy, why did you come? I could have come to your office.”

“How can I put our zeitgeist through that trouble? You must have come to see all our disciples, but this old man was the only one who has come to see you.”

“I guess so. But you did well.”

Luke intended to keep his relationship with the Dark Moon a secret.

It was because the thoughts of the Rakan family retainers were likely to jump up, and he didn’t want to inform any other warlocks about his identity apart from Johas and Rob.

‘In case my identity gets revealed to the world, it will turn into a huge problem.’

Luke decided to speak to Johas, who was watching him closely.

“Anyway, the reason for me to come here, I’d like to take a look around the tower.”

“I will be your guide.”

Johas voluntarily took the lead.

Luke, who stood up, pushed the hood on his head and followed the Meister.

The appearance of the two was noticed by a few warlocks who were moving.

“Who is it? Looks like a nobleman?”

“Uhm, if Meister is being so polite, then he must be a high ranking noble or an official from the Volga Republic. Maybe a left hand or right hand of someone.”

“Has he come to hone our Hero Gigant production?”

“Since there aren’t many things they care for, they want a lot.”

Everyone shook their heads and ended their interest.

Luke, who laughed at their words, followed Meister Johas to the production workshop.