Emperor of Steel

Chapter 280 - Assassin Master 5


The whole body of Henry was tingling with pain as if needles were being pierced into his flesh.

The two demons who were right in front of his eyes were enjoying the scene with smiles on their faces.

‘My soul!’

Henry hurriedly looked at his soul.

Fortunately, the soul was returning back to the body.

He knew that if he would have to live in the hands of a demon, they would have to suffer and never die.

‘Huh? the rope loosened?’

The rope which was wrapped around Henry’s body began to loosen.

Henry, who wanted to use the opportunity, got himself up after entering the body to run.

Right then, when he moved his head, Sebastian stabbed a lumpy black chunk into Henry.


Suddenly feeling pain, Henry fell to the ground right away.

While he was like that, Sebastian continued to stab the black piece and Henry struggled every time because of the pain.

‘This, this pain, why…?’

It was a kind of pain that he had never felt before.

It seemed trembling with fire like someone was trying to tear off the flesh with forceps like someone was applying salt and chili to his open wounds.

Simply put, he was feeling all the sorts of pain he had experience at once.

“A success?”

“Huh, I think it was a success. Normal humans would have just died in instant, but this guy is used to poison so…”

While Sebastian was answering Belfair’s question, Henry, struggled to wake up.

“What. What did you do to me?”

“Huh, I guess you can speak.”

When Sebastian hit the black chunk once again, Henry rolled on the floor hitting his fist to the ground to subdue the pain.

He tried to shake off the extreme pain that was being inflicted on him, but he couldn’t hold it.

“This is a piece of soul which had been taken away from you. Even though it is just a piece of soul, you have no choice but to obey those who own it.”

Sebastian saying so stroked the black stone, or the piece of soul while explaining.

Strangely, a smile rose from Henry’s mouth. It was because he felt like his master was stroking him for being a good child.

However, Henry’s smile soon crumbled.

With Sebastian’s words, he realized the situation that he was in.

“Did you enslave me?”

“You still haven’t gotten all of your senses back?”

The wicked master grabbed the soul stone tightly.

100 times more intense pain was being inflicted on Henry’s body.

It was so painful that he was tired of being treated like that.

“Kukkk… please… kill me!”

At the scream of Henry, who was being much more polite than before, Sebastian shook his head.

“It was so hard for me to get this piece of soul, and now you want me to kill you? Why? Do you think that you’ll be free if you are dead? You won’t be free for even a little. As long as this piece of soul is in my hand, your soul belongs to me. This is what I want, I can put your soul in a human or a dog’s body.”


When Sebastian smiled with a grin, Henry could feel himself being engulfed into torture.

He clearly understood the situation that he was in and thought of what to do.

“Give that here!”

Henry jumped up from the ground and rushed towards Sebastian.

But the moment when Henry got hold of the stone, he fell down with pain.

“Kuakkk! Why, why would…!”

“You stupid man. This can only be used by me. When someone else touches it, you will only end up feeling terrible pain.”

‘That, that can’t!’

There was no solution.

With huge anger, Henry seemed like he was going insane.

“But you don’t have to be so desperate. I am a broad-minded demon. I won’t bother using it uselessly.”

Sebastian, who spoke to the desperate man, picked up the fallen soul stone from the ground and swallowed it.

With that, Henry was to become the subordinate of Sebastian forever.

“Whether you want pain or comfort, it is up to you. So, it would be much better if you can quietly accept your fate.”

When Sebastian was done talking, Belfair who was watching the scene with interest led the subordinates out.

“Ahhhhk! Akkkkk! Eukk!”

In the dungeon, heartbreaking cries began to ring, but both demons didn’t even blink.

“How long will he be kept? 100 years? 200 years?”

“For starters, isn’t there a lot of work to be done under our master? You and I have a lot to do anyway.”

At Sebastian’s words, Belfair just nodded.

In fact, it was simpler to just kill the spies or assassins than to use them as a slave.

Nevertheless, the reason they chose the specific method was because of their desire to entrust him to Luke’s work, and the pleasure they would gain by the hunger and cravings of the slave.

“Won’t master say something when he knows about it?”

“Well, he has to be killed either way. If master doesn’t like it, then we can always get rid of it.”


The two demons decided to not take the matter so seriously.

Because of their small hope to be comfortable, they didn’t realize that it was going to cost them a lot of work later on.