Emperor of Steel

Chapter 278 - Assassin Master 3

“Ahe, kitty. Stop pretending like you are asleep and get up, will you?”

Flustered, Henry turned his head.

When it appeared, a man in a black uniform with a sharp impression stood while leaning his back against the wall with his arms crossed.

However, the man’s gaze didn’t turn to Henry.

It went right to the bed.

It was Marquis Rakan, who stood up from the bed and stretched.

“Tch, a guy who doesn’t understand romance! I was here trying to have some fun, but you suddenly appear and interfere.”

Flustered at the sudden appearance of Marquis Rakan, Henry jumped back to widen the distance between the two of them.

He had just confirmed that the one sleeping was the marquis.

But wasn’t he asleep? Was he aware of the assassination attempt on him?

Marquis Rakan and the man who was having conversation flustered Henry.

“To be assassinated only after finding romance twice.”

“Huh, did he think that we wouldn’t notice a body coming over?”

“Well, with the cat’s ability, we’d know enough.”

At Belfair’s words, Sebastian straightened his hair.

“Kyak! I told you to not call me a cat or a kitty!”

“What am I supposed to call a cat then?”

“If you call me that one more time, I will start calling you a bat!”

As an Assassin Master, the stealth and ability of Henry were very good.

Chameleon Brooch, in particular, perfectly assimilated the surroundings for him.

However, his opponent was none other than the greatest stealth devil from the Devildom, Sebastian.

The ability to hide, clear, infiltrate one’s body, he was much proud of himself than the other high-ranking demons in the Devildom.

That was why he caught Henry’s presence much earlier than anyone.

As he was curious as to how the assassin would enter, he acted like he wasn’t aware and let the assassin boldly infiltrate the manor and enter the master room.

That was why he let the assassin do as he pleased, but Belfair had appeared at just the right moment.

“Rather than that, why are you here?”

“I have errands to run according to master’s orders.”


“Letter for Hans…”

When the conversation began to deepen between Sebastian and Belfair, Henry pulled out two crescent-shaped weapons.

It was a foreign weapon, Harpe.

“I don’t know how you found me, but today is the day your life ends!”

Although he was found, Henry didn’t think that his assassination attempt would fail.

His mastery of assassination was handed down to him by the great Bharat, which was equivalent to the Song Empire on the southern continent and a Sword Master.

In reality, 2 years ago, he succeeded in killing a newly born Sword Master from the Volga Republic in a head to head battle.

When Henry’s sickle flew toward Luke ruthlessly, Sebastian smiled and hid behind Belfair.

“Ehh, I am a little busy, so deal with it!”

“Huh, you are such a fuss!”

Despite knowing how to disguise himself, poison his enemies, and be stealthy, Belfair had to face Henry on behalf of the infamous Sebastian.

Belfair smiled and tackled Henry’s Harpe with his Blood Shock.

“It was a sharp attack. It is enough for the lowly.”

Henry frowned and decided to quickly deal with his opponent.

He wielded his Harpe in a flash and began to go against Belfair.

Dozens of alter egos created by the fierce trajectory of Henry disturbed the vision of Belfair.

When he wasn’t sure which one was the real Henry and whom he had to attack, Belfair took a step forward and deployed the Silver Sword.


When three weapons collided, powerful lights clashed together.

Shockwaves smashed the furniture in the room, and both Belfair and Henry were pushed away.

Belfair was surprised at the power his opponent possessed.

‘You are indeed a good assassin, but compared to the master’s blow, it is nowhere near good.’

Unlike Belfair, who smiled in between, Henry looked serious.

It was because the man, who was hindering him from finishing his mission, was stronger than he imagined, and with the sound of shockwaves, knights and soldiers began to swarm to the corridor.

He could kill the man with just a slash, but killing the lord needed more time.

“Dammit, it can’t be.”

Henry decided to retreat and threw himself out of the window.


“What was that sound?”

“An intruder! Catch the intruder!”

The knights of the lord were drinking when they sensed an emergency from the lord’s room, and Henry, who was completely sober, flew in the sky like a flying squirrel.

Seeing that sight, Belfair clicked his tongue.

“Tch, running after something not realizing that it was fake.”

It wasn’t Henry who was flying.

Cunningly, the moment he jumped out of the window, he pulled a dupe scarecrow from behind him and threw it in the opposite direction and ran away.

“Ah, cat! You can trace it, right?”

“Obviously! This Sebastian hasn’t lost his touch!”

Sebastian sneaked a trace of incense on Henry before hiding behind Belfair.

As assassin was a kind of figure who could retreat anytime, so Sebastian used it in advance.

“Let’s go. I can’t miss the food that almost entered my mouth.”

The two demons looked at each other and laughed a little. They then began to chase after Henry.

Henry, who escaped the manor, ran straight to the forest.

His face was crumpled with shame. It was the first time that he had ever failed in an assassination mission since he turned into an official assassin.

“Today, I had no time, but the next time, I will be sure…”

Henry couldn’t even finish his words and froze. Both Belfair and Sebastian stood in front of him.

‘How did they follow me?’

“HuHuhu. We ran after you when you fled.”

In front of Henry who was embarrassed, Sebastian spoke.

But after seeing that, Henry backed off.

“Go ahead Belfair! Show a bitter end to the idiot who dared to assassinate our master.”

“You are noisy. Even if you don’t tell me, I was going to do that.”

‘This, what is this man’s identity?’

Upon hearing Sebastian’s voice, Henry noticed that his target was a fake.

He had been constantly feeling that something was strange, but he didn’t even think that the Marquis Rakan, Luke, could be fake.

‘Damn those men! Weren’t they even able to understand this!’

Henry was extremely upset with the Imperial Intelligence Department.

It was a pity that his mission failed against a fake, but the important thing was that he had to get out of there.

Henry grabbed his Harpe again, and Belfair pulled out his Blood Shock.

Shortly after Belfair began to unfold the Silver Sword, Henry pressed a button on the Harpe’s handle.

The Harpe’s blade began to rotate at a high speed.

‘What is he doing?’

Belfair, who was puzzled, watched the dark fog flow from the weapon.

The grass and trees that the dark fog touched quickly began to die.

Belfair stepped back, yet he was already wrapped in the dark fog.

Almost immediately, he groaned, and blood started to come out of Belfair’s mouth.

“Keuk, this! This!”

“Kukk. This is Absolute Poison a mixture of 12 demon poisons from the Devildom. So far, no one had managed to survive this!”

Henry’s Harpe wasn’t an ordinary weapon.

Along with the Chameleon Brooch which was a famous assassin from the ancient Mado Era, there was terrifying poison hidden in it.

Rotating the Harpe caused the powder poison to flow out of the sickle, and if poisoned by it, even an 8th circle wizard or a Sword Sage couldn’t survive.

A while ago, this was what he tried to use in the room.

“Devil… Devildom poison?”

“Hahahaha. Yes! No one can make a cure except for me, who is resistant to the poison… Ah, no!”

Henry creamed loudly. This was because Belfair, who was on the verge of death, got back up.

It was because of Sebastian, who was behind him. He sprinkled a white powder that he took out from Henry’s sleeve.

The white powder was the antidote of the Absolute Poison.

Henry couldn’t believe what just happened.

No man he had ever used it against had got back up!

“T-this can’t be happening! Absolute Poison can’t be cured. Even a substitute…!”

“Hung, what is the use of a venom with such a great name?”

Sebastian sneakily said.

Absolute Poison was nothing less than an old artifact to him, the greatest freak and a poison expert.

“You, what… Who are you?” Asked Henry.

“Huhuhu, if it is this body you’re talking about, it is I, Sebastian, Devildom’s greatest killer of all time!”

“What? A demon cat? What nonsense!”

Henry rushed toward Sebastian.

However, Belfair stopped Henry from getting close.

At the same time, Sebastian sent a small marble over to Henry.



Henry, who got hit by the marble, stumbled.

It wasn’t just any marble; the marble broke out and the solution it contained flowed out.

But the solution turned out to be a poison. Henry felt a stinging pain in his eyes.

No matter how serious the pain was, Henry flung his Harpe while covering his eyes and groaning.

“Kuakkk! T-this is!?”

Assassins were trained to endure pain and torture.

Like an Assassin Lord, Henry could even laugh even if he was being badly beaten.

However, the pain he was experiencing was terrible!

It felt like his eyes were being dug by thousands of ants, and his brain was being burned.

“Huhuhu. I mixed the red ants from the Devildom dessert and the Cotaris’ saliva to make a great poison. The more you try to endure it, the more painful it will be.”

“Tch, tch, idiot. To boast about poisons in front of Sebastian…”

Belfair clicked his tongue.

There was a saying in the southern continent.

It was something similar to showing off a sleazy talent in front of an expert, and that was what Belfair meant.

“Ahk! Ahh! I can’t die like this!

Henry hurriedly pulled out an antidote scroll and ripped it.

But realizing that it wasn’t going to work, he ran over to Sebastian and Belfair.

“I can’t just die like this! I will take you to hell with me!”

“Where did you say you were taking us?!”

Belfair stopped Henry with his Blood Shock.

Henry’s attack that seemed to be ignoring death shed some light, and it was revealed.

It was because the poison energy that invaded his body spread at a frightening rate and that made him unable to attack properly.


Eventually, Henry, who had a sword pierced through his chest, screamed and fell to the floor in pain.

Sebastian spoke when Belfair was about to finish him off, “Wait!”


“Isn’t it a bit of a waste to just kill him?”

Sebastian had a nasty smile that was very demon-like.

“I am working on something, and I want to use him as an experiment.”

In the meantime, when he was made to carry out orders on behalf of Luke, Sebastian had to give up his enjoyable hobby and specialty.

He had a lot of time in his hands, and now he even had a great test subject, so his desire burned much brighter than ever.

“Would you like to make him a subordinate? Right, that’s what we need since he knows his stuff.”

“Hehehe, right?”

The two demons were in their line of conversation.

While Henry was still on the ground to a point where he didn’t even have the strength to kill himself, he felt himself being dragged by Belfair. He then lost consciousness.