Emperor of Steel

Chapter 270 - Waking 4

Chapter 270: Waking 4

“Huak, Huk!”

Scarlet, who barely survived from the hands of the southern warrior, was out of breath.

She was exhausted and had to go against a Fist Master all alone as she had to help her colleagues get away.

‘If It’s just any normal archer, then I might have…’

Shaking the thoughts out of her head, she walked toward the north of the forest.

“Oh, Oh, Lady! You safely came back!”

When Scarlet returned, Vante, who had arrived a little earlier, opened his mouth with a little color in his face.

One of the retainers was crying, but she refused to think anything unless she confirmed it.

“That… Around 50 people were left behind, and they haven’t returned yet.”


Some could’ve gotten away, but most of them were either going to end up dead or captured.

“It was all my fault. There are such strong men under the new lord…”

“No, no My Lady. We don’t think of it like that.”

The knights, who were riding the Gigants, were strong, but those who seemed to have come from the southern continent were known to be scary.

The reason why their surprise attack failed was because of the southerner.

At first, they were surprised.

In the middle of the night, infiltrating the secret passage of the lords’ manor in order to delay the enemy, they managed to burn the warehouses and stalls in the gap.

Suddenly, the man from the southern continent appeared and the situation changed.

Using his fist, he literally hit everyone, knocking down the retainers like leaves.

Most of the experts fought against him, but they had taken powerful blows.

When such a strong man appeared, it confused the enemy, and everything backfired. Scarlet immediately ordered for a retreat.

However, the southern continent man decided to chase after them all by himself.

If Scarlet hadn’t stepped in, he might have really killed a few of her men.

“What am I supposed to do now?”

Scarlet briefly thought at the question from Vante.

“It is just a matter of time before the location is revealed. We need to move the camp to another place right away.”

Even when captured, the retainers weren’t going to open their mouths, and the enemy would definitely sweep the mountain to check for the location.

With trees and fences all around, the men couldn’t hold more than an hour.

“Everybody is tired, and it is hard on them but ask them to pack their belongings. We will move deeper into the mountains.”

“Yes, Lady!”

The retainers scattered to carry out her orders.

But Luke’s movements became faster.

Leading the mercenaries in pursuit, he managed to find their location. He had Gigants and 3,000 soldiers surround them.

And just like that, they began to sweep through the region.

“Tch! If this continues, we will all die here.”

As one member of the lady’s retainers climbed the forest tree, they saw the soldiers approaching.

Scarlet bent her head, staring at the retainers who were willing to stay with her till the end.

“I will never forget the loyalty that you have shown me. If there is an afterlife, I hope we meet again.”

“Hahaha, even there, I promise to stay by your side.”

“I am just a soldier with no special skills now, but in that life, I will be a Sword Master and take down the bad guys by staying beside you Lady.”

“Thank you, Tom.”

Tom was originally a servant who did house chores in the lord’s manor.

But one day, Scarlet’s step-mother’s jewelry had disappeared.

The manor had been overturned in search of it, and Tom was accused as the thief.

Tom explained that it wasn’t him, but Scarlet’s angry stepmother continued to torture him, asking where he had sold off her jewels.

Scarlet checked her step mother’s room and found the jewel that fell behind the dressing table.

Tom managed to barely escape death.

Surviving that, Tom entered Scarlet’s army and remained alongside her even when the lord had died in the rebellion.

In fact, apart from Tom, most of Scarlet’s retainers and soldiers were all men whom she took special care of.

She helped some of them when their family members were ill and injured. She also helped a few of them, who were on the verge of selling off their daughters and wives, by taking them into her group.

If an army was built in that way, their bonds would burn bright with determination and love.

Suddenly, the enemy approached right at their bow’s range.

Among them, a white knight came forward and shouted, “Surrender! You are surrounded!”