Chapter 27: The Magi Crystals 5

“Kuehh! Go away! Ahh!”

Luke jumped off the floor and shook his fists wildly.

At that moment, the magi that had been moving around his body disappeared like it was getting evaporated.

Soon, his pupils returned to normal. His nails and fangs returned to normal as well. The terrible pain and the trembling had resided.

“Keuk! It almost got my heart!”

There wasn’t any devil or demon toxic in the magi crystals.

The things he just witnessed were the inner wickedness of his mind and heart.

If Luke’s soul hadn’t been a very hardworking warlock then in his battle against the devils, he would be encroached.

“We succeeded somehow.”

His body seemed to be a little better than before.

His muscles seemed to be full of strength, and his breathing seemed to be full; it was enough to make him run around all day. As his metabolism became active, his whole body overflowed.

‘And above all…’

Luke smiled faintly.

The acceleration of his heart changed to a familiar rate.

‘The Black Circle got restored.’

The magi crystal not only strengthened his body, but it also placed the foundation for using dark magic.

“Wah, the circle’s level should be in the 3rd circle.”

For the purpose of demonstrating it to himself, Luke used Dark Flame—an offensive dark magic.

He accelerated his dark magic and implemented the same technique he learned in the past. A flash of purple fireworks rose from his hands.

Luke opened his eyes wide.

“Huh? Why is it purple? Its flames should be black.”

In the end, the state of the black circle seemed to be a little strange. Its waves began to feel strangely different from before.

When compared to music, the Black Circle of Saymon in the past was like a lonely solo note, but currently, it was like a choir with several chords.

“Is it because of the filtered magi?”

He tried out other dark magics of the 3rd circle to see if there were any other problems, but there seemed to be nothing wrong. Only the color and the waves were oddly different.

There was also another strange thing.

He could hardly feel the remnants of the magi that should occur in the process of manifesting the dark magic.

If that was the case, then he didn’t need to hide the presence of magi.

“This is a little weird, but it will be easier this way.”

Luke decided to take the changes positively and cleared up the messy underground lab.

‘However, the curve wave on this body is still the same.’

The curse was fairly secretive and yet persistent.

Despite accepting the magi crystals, the curse still remained unchanged.

‘Unlike general magic, dark magic is rather subordinate. The strong aren’t affected by the operations of a weak spell.’

This meant that the one who cursed the blood of Rakan was not around the 3rd circle magic.

No, Rakan wasn’t the kind of person who could just be struck by any kind of warlock. His opponent must have been an ultimate 9th circle warlock that could be compared to the level of Saymon.

‘But, was there a warlock in that time who was equivalent to me?’

There must have been numerous things hidden in that world, but Luke knew for sure that there were no wizards that achieved the 9th circle within the white wizards.

Whatever had happened, thanks to the magi crystals, he turned into a 3rd circle.

However, that level wasn’t enough if he wanted to flush out his grudges.

In order to fight against the Veritas Magic Tower, who had a very high influence on the entire Empire and the continent, he should at least be in possession of the same abilities he had in the past.

“I know both the theory and the actions to reach each of the circles, so there won’t be any problem in growing into the 9th circle. But to reach the 9th circle of the black circle, I will need to wait since it will take time to collect the magi…”

His body was still very young, yet he couldn’t be optimistic about the future.

Maybe it was because of the curse, and there were quite a few descendants of Rakan who had died very young.

In particular, the body of a human being was surprisingly weak, and if a small abnormality occurs in the heart or the brain, it could lead to death.

If the curse would grow into such a disease, he might not even be able to use his hands properly.

Luke frowned as he was thinking.

“Well, there are holes that sprung up in the sky too… Magic has surely developed quite a lot in the last 500 years.”

Luke decided to go out into the hall. He opened another secret door and entered a small room.


He walked into the room without making much noise. He went to the elevator, and he went deeper than the previous laboratory.

There was a huge 100-meter underground space. The entire space was sealed.

The Golem production workshop.

The workshop that produced the golems, which were the main forces of the dark legion, were all quietly submerged in the darkness of the abyss.


Luke revoked the magic that he placed in order to keep the place safe from invaders. Soon, the magic was lifted and the studio was brightened.

All the machinery and the magic tools Luke was using before, and his works that he wasn’t able to finish appeared in front of him.

Luke looked around and opened his mouth.

“It will be hard to get back to work right away.”

All of his equipment was in good condition because it was sealed.

However, the supply of mana was broken, causing the Energia—the power of the machines—to decrease.

To repair the Energia, several materials and parts were needed.

‘For starters, I need to figure out what to repair.’

After coming into the hall once again, the voices of the retainers and the soldiers were ringing in the corridors of the castle.

“Young Lord, where are you?”

“Please come quickly, Young Lord!”

Perhaps they had come to find him after hearing the whole story from the gatekeeper.

“For you to be here! Maybe he isn’t in here?”

“I think so too. I think he might have gone somewhere else…”

Roger and Philip, who had just entered the main hall, were surprised to find Luke sitting on the throne of the Devil King.

“Young Lord!”

“I don’t understand. Where were you even hiding?”

Luke laughed at the question of Philip, who was trying very hard to suppress his emotions from bursting out.

“I wasn’t hiding. You just couldn’t find me.”

“No, no way… You were definitely not in here before!”

As the situation seemed nonsensical, Philip shook his head.

Upon knowing that Luke had gone out of the gate, the soldiers swarmed the entire Devil King’s castle.

And in that place, they came to confirm it.

However, they found nothing!

Roger, who shot a repulsive look at Philip, looked back at Luke and asked.

“But, why are you in here all of a sudden?”

“I wanted to look around the place, where my ancestors were, so I can get my memories back. Was it wrong of me to do so?”

“No, you did the right thing.”

Not realizing that it was a lie, Roger was feeling very proud of the words of Luke.

‘Is that so? Are you looking confident because you have got a few memories back?’

The real reason why he was sitting on the throne was because he wanted to look imposing, but Roger was just plain proud.

“I’m very hungry, so let’s head back. Tell the soldiers to stop the search.”

“Yes. I understand.”

And thus, the small runaway case had been closed off.

No one ever noticed the truth behind it.