Emperor of Steel

Chapter 266 - Strike 4

A ship was moving in the deep blue sea.

The ship was box-shaped with a yellow sail that looked like it had been cut.

The ship was different from the ships in the Rhodesia Continent. It was a trading ship in the southern continent.

On its mast was the insignia of the ship. The ship was from the Song Empire.

“Land! I can see land!”

The crewmen, who had been busy for days, cried like dogs when they saw land.

It wasn’t their hometown or land, but any land was like a paradise for sailors. Therefore, there was no man who was upset about seeing it.

“Sir, that is Lamer City, the port of Baroque Empire.”

At the words of an old man, a young man looked at the port with an indifferent expression.

Although he looked similar to people from the Rhodesia Continent, the young man was dressed in southern clothing and greeted the words of the captain in an unmistakably Song Empire accent.

“Thank you very much, Elderly Jin. I will never forget the grace you have shown to me.”

“Uh, what is all this about, Your Grace? It is natural for the men of sea to save the ones who are stuck.”

After saying that, Captain Jin remembered the time when he saved the young man.

Apparently, when he was passing the sea near the river called Rio. He was on top of an upside-down shark, wearing a golden armor.

The young man was barely able to hold onto himself. He swung his sword at the sharks that were moving in to attack him.

His left arm had been bitten hard by a shark, and numerous arrows were pierced through his body.

Captain Jin rescued him and took care of him.

After days of hardship, fortunately, the young man had finally opened his eyes.

Knowing how the south men spoke, he asked where he had to go to.

Captain Jin informed the man that the ship was a trading ship of the Hwang Clan and that it was going to stop at the port of the Rhodesia Continent and sell silks and potteries.

He hadn’t talked much, and the young man didn’t mention anything about who he was or what had caused the terrible accident in the sea.

And Captain Jin didn’t take the luxury to ask him.

He just assumed that there might have been a reason which he didn’t have the liberty to mention to the others.

And the young man reminded him of someone whom he knew.

‘The third nobles were rescued like this as well. He might be alive somewhere…’

Captain Jin had retired 10 years ago. He was in charge of the general affairs of the Hwang Clan.

Right before he retired, he took in Hwang Bo-sung.

The mother of Hwang Bo-sung was the daughter of a close friend. The man had lost his entire family due to illness.

He felt comfort and bliss seeing Hwang Bo-sung grow up like a grandson.

That was why he was pleased when Hwang Bo-sung was doing well and was expected to be the new head.

But it was said that Hwang Bo-sung had died a year ago.

According to Hwang Bo-kwang, who conveyed the news, they had encountered a storm when they were about to reach the Rhodesia Continent, and in the meantime, Hwang Bo-sung fell into the sea.

After a few days of wandering in the sea, they realized that his body couldn’t be found.

Upon hearing the news, Jin cried for three days and nights.

No matter how understandable he was, he couldn’t help but feel angry toward nature.

Was it possible to kill a promised child?

Disappointed and depressed for some time, he just recently returned back to the sea.

Couldn’t he be alive somewhere, somehow?!

Unfailing hope was what brought him back to the sea.

After a while, the trading ship had entered Lamer City.

The young man, who set foot on the land for the first time, thanked the crew once again.

“Only if my left hand was still intact, I would’ve given you men a proper thanks.”

“Please take good care of yourself. Where are you going?”

“There is a place I have in mind,” answered the man.

It didn’t last long, but Jin had felt intense feelings from the young man.

It was a feeling that could never be mistaken, a huge grudge.

“By the way, You haven’t told me your name yet. Can you still not let me know?”

The young man, who frowned on the question, thought and then answered, “Aslan. Aslan de Ferrierd.”

“Aslan de Ferrierd…”

Jin had heard that name before; he just couldn’t remember where or when.

That was why old men were supposed to die or rest when they get older; their memory fails them.

Aslan greeted them once again by bowing his head.

“Then, I wish for your safety every time you sail.”

“Please look after yourself, noble.”

Saying that, Jin watched Aslan turn his back and disappear into the crowd.

And again, the old man’s hope began to rise.