Emperor of Steel

Chapter 265 - Strike 3

Late night, a small bat flew across the sky of Bless.

The bat arrived at the lodging house where lights were almost being turned off to sleep.

In a room, a young man was looking through a stack of papers with one small light.

“Come back, Belfair?”

Belfair immediately turned back into his human figure at the question of Luke, the young man.

“Yes, master. I looked carefully and came back.”

“Really, what is Constantine’s party doing?”

A few days ago, Luke heard about the story of Constantine’s dismissal and decided to understand their dynamics.

The Marius faction was huge and was considered to be very powerful in politics, and they weren’t the kind to retreat just like that.

Which was why even now he was looking into their cases.

He thought of infiltrating the Marius faction’s residence and annihilate Constantine and the other heads of that faction.

He thought that it would only be possible if Arch Duke Gregory and the Saint Guard didn’t interrupt him.

“Realizing the truth, the Marius faction is quite embarrassed, but they haven’t done anything so suspicious yet.”

“Are you sure? Not even a few of them had quarrels?” Asked Luke.

“Of course, men gathered and discussed with each other, but were worried about the future situation of the faction and the government. But there was no statement which said that they were planning anything dangerous.”

“Constantine and Marcus?”

One wielded the power as the Regent, and the other held the money of the Marius faction.

So if something went wrong, then one of the two was bound to be behind it.

“Constantine entered the sanctuary and kept gazing at the pond. Can I say that the expression was like he was trying to catch something? Marcus was constantly complaining to his men in his mansion.”

They wouldn’t have felt so frustrated if Reina wasn’t been backed with Arch Duke Gregory.

They would have surely done something o get back in power.

However, currently, they had no way to fight, only resolving or complaining.

‘But they won’t be doing that forever. We might not know but it could be a problem in the future.’

No one who is aware of the taste of sweetness can ever know to withdraw.

It was common practice to seek any means necessary to get hold of the sweetness again.

‘Now, Gregory is a great shield, but I don’t know what might happen in the future. Which is why Reina needs to have a strong position.’

Fortunately, Reina’s willingness to reform had received considerable support.

The removal of Constantine as Regent has been received in a positive sign as the Marius faction had swept the power for the past two years.

Above all, many men were interested in the declaration of Pope that anyone with the will to take part in the change of the Holy Empire would be used immediately.

It was only a matter of a few days in the capital, but the slums had changed.

‘Of course, when a full-scale reform begins, there will be plenty of people who won’t even be able to smile.’

The downfall of the current Holy Empire was due to the corruption in it.

There was no person unrelated to it, except for the Sanctity of Holiness, which Luke had an interest with.

He wasn’t going to forget about Reina, there will be clear cut work made and in that process, there could be those who would appear as opponents.

Fortunately, the situation with Sanctity could be cleared with talks and compromise.

‘The military is powerful so it can’t be handed down. The Meister of Arthenia Holy Magic Tower is acquainted with Arch Duke Gregory so there is no need to worry about it, and the reformers support is there too.’

Then the Holy Empire’s intelligence?

The intelligence of the Holy Empire department was different from the intelligence organizations from the other nations.

It was made of priests and the monks and was closely associated with the El Kassel denomination sanctuaries of the continent.

At one point, they might look like an association which was made up for the purpose of devotions, but the struggles between the sanctuaries were being reproduced as the information, so the ability to gather information wasn’t superior when compared to the others.

Whatever it was, the most important thing was, the intelligence department was most loyal to Reina.

‘Maybe Reina too is concerned with this. I hope that I can help her out a little bit.’

Thinking so, Luke stared at Belfair who was still knelt on the ground.

“You wouldn’t have been monitoring alone and using the Dummy knight?”

“Surely you are the master! That is correct, I have been resurrecting demons divine or now. I used the Vampire deception.”

Vampires had the ability to dominate creatures that were less capable than them.

Creatures controlled by the vampires, automatically pass on the sight, sound, and experience they go through in real-time.

Because of that, Vampire’s were considered as the world’s leading source of information holders.

“According to the southern continent sayings, birds head at mornings and rats at the night, was it? Even in Bless, pigeons, and rodents are widespread, making them useful for my work.” Said Belfair.

“You did well. In the future too, use your eyes and ears to uncover the truth behind men.”

“Sorry? More in the future?”

“Difficult for you?”

Luke asked back Belfair who was flustered.

“There is a limit for anyone. Right now, I can’t control more than 1,000…”

“In the future make it up to 10,000.”

At the number given by Luke, Belfair jumped up.

“That is impossible! The ability to receive itself ends with 1,000.”

“Then, doesn’t it mean that you will have to turn strong enough to control and receive from 10,000? If it is difficult for you, then train alone. And as such, I don’t mind helping you.”

As soon as Luke said the words help, Belfair clapped his hands once.

“Oh no. I will try my very best!”

“As soon as possible.”

When Luke was done emphasizing the word, he turned back to examine the documents he had to look over at.

Belfair was in despair for a while and soon he went back to his normal mood.

“But, what is that piece of paper that you are constantly looking at from yesterday, master?”

“This is the documented truth that the Baroque Empire had involved itself in the civil war of the Holy Arthenia Empire. The one I got when I was in Alvera.”

During the siege of Alvera, Luke broke through the gates and infiltrated the Konrad kingdom, and cleverly disguised himself with magic.

Finding the library with the document section wasn’t very difficult.

But finding the list of documents needed as proof wasn’t very easy.

‘Fortunately, that person had come over.’

When he was looking, a young man made an appearance.

When the administrators and the clerks saw it, they stated that he was the son of Duke Ferrierd, Aslan.

Luke saw him take out the important documents from a hidden room and managed to sip away when handed a few.

“Oh, these documents will be embarrassing for the Baroque Emperor!”

“I did get it… but, the problem is I can’t figure out what is written in it.”

The letters used to create the records were the dwarf letters, a writing which wasn’t used in the current day.

Perhaps, it was used for such secret documents, something which might have flourished in Eisenberg during the dwarven period.

“Can’t it be translated?” Asked Belfair.

“I know the language of elves and dwarves, but this looks like an ancient dialect from a hundred years back from what I know. It isn’t impossible to translate, but it will take some time.”

Translating was translating, but the amount it took for it to happen was huge.

There was consistency with the handwriting, and one man seemed to have submitted the report.

Of course, after writing the report, it could have been burnt.

‘The one who wrote it is no normal man. I don’t know about the other stuff, but he must have a good knowledge of letters and language.’

Thinking so, Luke wanted to meet him once. If he could meet him, then he could use him as a witness to prove about Baroque Empire’s involvement.

‘But it is difficult, maybe…’

After abandoning the tough thought, Luke began to immerse himself in the translation of the document.