Emperor of Steel

Chapter 259 - Gigantic Duel 4

Luke, who stayed in his lodging for the rest of the day, allowed his subordinates to take a much needed break.

While he was relaxing, he heard a knock on the window of the room.

When he turned around to see what it was, he saw a small bat flying around the window.


Luke never imagined that Belfair would come all the way to this place, the Holy Empire, so Luke opened the window with a rather surprised expression.


The moment Belfair entered the room, he knelt down and soon changing back into his human form.


“What are you doing here?”, asked Luke.

At the question of Luke, without making a fuss, he got straight to the point.

“This is something huge, master! The Orc Hero we fought in the Navarre Duchy had appeared in the Baroque Empire!”

What he told was a piece of very valuable information, but Luke’s expression was sulky.

“… I already knew about that.”

“Uh? You knew?”

“Yeah, he appeared in the Rakan Estate and then ran away.”

Luke told him about the battle between the knights and Shaikan.

‘Kuk! That damned stupid thieving cat! He should have told me if such a thing had happened!’

When Belfair was cursing about Sebastian to himself, Luke pulled out his sword and asked, “That is good and all, but you came all the way here to find me. Is your training done?”

“Ah… That… About that…”

Belfair was stuttering and couldn’t answer the question.

He was very confident in the sword skill he had learned and developed, but he wasn’t convinced that it could impress his master.

“On such a reunion, shouldn’t we be testing it out?”

“That… C-can’t we do it some other time? This city has a lot of priests and high-priest, and there are a lot of paladins from the Saint Guards who…”

“It’s alright. If we do it here, no one will notice that we are having a match.”

Luke had a wicked smile on his face. He rushed toward Belfair with the sword in his hand to test out his demon.

Belfair brought out his sword as well to defend himself from Luke, but he soon got one-sidedly beaten down by Luke.

“Hiiik! Save me, please!”

Puck! Puck! Puck! Puck!

For an hour after that, the sound of fighting could be heard from Luke’s room in the lodging allotted to him.