Emperor of Steel

Chapter 256 - Gigantic Duel 1


Startled the Rakan knights that yelled and ran forward.

As they approached, they examined the broken condition of Marina. It was completely broken to pieces and fortunately, Philip who was in the cockpit was safe and sound.

“I won. Now go back.”

Hwang Bo-sung, who returned the Puppet to its original form, told Luke with a proud face.

“Nice. A promise is a promise.”

“No. it can’t be done. If we just go back, then we might be disciplined.”

The subordinates began to say, however, Luke stopped them by saying that it wouldn’t be a problem.

“It is alright. I looked over and no one was there.” Said Luke.

“Even then…”

“Don’t worry. There is no one in the army who will try to go over my words.”

Just as Luke had said, there was no person who was willing to cross Luke.

He was being praised as the God’s Warrior for his work in Eisenberg, and the last time he emerged as a new hero by saving the Holy Empire’s Pope from the assassination attempt.

Moreover, as the rumors spread, people started to show a lot of interest in him, and with the moment when the Pope called Luke specifically before her departure, even Count Marcus wasn’t able to speak to him. Also, even his immediate superior Marquis Valentino, the Chief Commander too couldn’t stop Luke.

Luke reassured his men and approached Hwang Bo-sung.

“That was a very great skill. Perhaps one of the strongest in the Southern Continent.”


Hwang Bo-sung couldn’t hide his fluster. At first glance, it seemed like a tribute but his words held words deeper than that.

‘Is he talking about my real condition and not my current condition?’

Hwang Bo-sung was able to use only half of his skills because of the cursed seal that was left on him, due to the poison he had been exposed to.

And Luke knew about it.

“What is your relationship with that priest?”

“My savior.”

“I see. I guess that was why you decided to step out.” Asked Luke.

Luke nodded as if he understood, and then opened his mouth again.

“I’d like to suggest one thing, by any chance, would you like to come under me?”

With those words, everyone around Luke went shocked.

Hwang Bo-sung, who listened to the question, seemed to have found it ridiculous.

“As a subordinate for you?”

“Yeah, when you come under me, I will do the best for you and will make you do your best.”

The flustered expression of Hwang Bo-sung soon turned into a frown.

Being born in the Moorim, he had always taken on the elite course.

At last, he had fallen into hell because of his brother, though constantly stabbed, his pride hadn’t fallen down.

So, why would he want to put himself under a mercenary group?

‘But, if I consider the strength they have, the status of mercenary might be fake.’ Thought Hwang Bo-sung.

Philip, whom he had fought with was strong, but the captain who had come to speak with him was stronger.

The power was surely great, but the eyes which seemed too deep and mature for his age made it look like he was intelligent and calculative.

‘Maybe a nobleman disguised as a mercenary… but even then, I can’t just bow down.’

In fact, some of the high ranking priests and the nobles had been aware of Hwang Bo-sung’s ability since he moved in with Luther, and constant offers had been made.

But instead of going under them, he refused.

“I Hwang Bo-sung. Follow only those who are worthy to follow.”

“It is worth. This is a secret, but I am not a mercenary. My real status is the Marquis of Rakan estates of the Baroque Empire.” Said Luke in a low voice.

‘The descendant of the Warrior Rakan!!!’

Hwang Bo-sung seemed very surprised with Luke’s last words.

When they were nothing, it was he who had gone to the Rhodesia continent, and there was no one who would not respect the Warrior Rakan!

Which was why Hwang Bo-sung knew well about the Rakan’s descendants.

He raised a ruined family and turned into a great noble in the Baroque Empire in just a span of two years, and he had a reputation for being a Rune knight.

But for that person to make an appearance right in front!

“First of all, to show I am faithful, I will remove the curse seal that was placed on your body.”

Hwang Bo-sung was shocked.

He had heard the news and the rumors that the descendants of Rakan were unusual, but he didn’t know that to the level that they could know about a curse and to remove it.

“Re, really?”

“Yes. I promise you under the name of Rakan.”

At those words, Hwang Bo-sung’s heart greatly shook.

If he was such a man, then he wanted to make full use of his body. He had decided that he didn’t want to get back to his Sega clan, and so, it was his thought to start all over again in a new place.

‘But I need to pay back the priest for the grace he had shown to me.’

Hwang Bo-sung hesitated as he looked over at Luther, which made Luke ask.

“The priest’s role?”

“Priest Luther of the Sanctity of Holiness, one of the seven pillars supporting El Kassel.”

‘Priest Luther!’

According to the information Luke had obtained from the information guild, the named sanctuary was the purest and the most devoted of the seven tribes of the El Kassel.

Luther was a high-ranking priest, who was the head of the sanctuary and was famous for his bitter and honest criticism of Archbishop Constantine.

After all, Luke had no idea that priest Luther wouldn’t be in the capital Bless, but in a country estate.

‘Hoo, look at this? The pumpkin is right in the vines!’

Luke, smiled at himself realizing something and made a suggestion.

“Priest Luther. If you send this man Hwang Bo-sung with me, I will build several temples for the Sanctity of Holiness. We will also contribute 1 million pesos over the next five years.”

At Luke’s words, Hwang Bo-sung’s mouth went wide.

The temples were surely good, but one million pesos was a huge sum.

In terms of the southern currency, it was 50,000 gold coins, which wasn’t even available in their clan, and was at the higher level of the Song Empire.

But Luther shook his head with a calm face.

“I refuse.”

“Why so?”

“Although Hwang Bo-sung helps out in our temple works, he is neither a priest or paladin who is formally part of the sanctuary. Therefore, I think it is up to him to decide.”

Luke, flustered at those words, asked again.

“Is that so? What should I do now, Sir Hwang Bo-sung? Would you join me?”


Hwang Bo-sung had been following Luther for the past year and watched over the meetings.

The sanctuary was run by actual and pure priests. When compared to the other tribes’ greedy tribes, the difference was like heaven and earth.

The priests of the Sanctity of Holiness wanted to help the poor people, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the financial support for it.

Like the other Archbishops, they didn’t run any estates or businesses, nor did they look after any nobles or merchants.

While serving the poor and hungry people all the time, the numbers of believers had increased, but the donations which came in very few.

‘There is a limit as to what I can do from my side. Wouldn’t it be a shortcut on paying back the favor Priest Luther has done for me and giving him the most needed money for the sanctuary? And it has been 500 years later, I wonder what kind of a descendant the Warrior Rakan is, the one respected by numerous people…’

While Hwang Bo-sung was done with his thoughts, he knelt down in front of Luke taking an oath.

“I Hwang Bo-sung of Hwang Bo-sega. From this very day, I will serve with you as the Lord!”

“Hahaha! To come to the Holy empire to get the greatest income!”

Luke smiled as he made sure Hwang Bo-sung rose back onto his feet.

The fateful encounter with Hwang Bo-sung, who would later be called under the nickname of Fist Lord in the Rhodesia Continent.