Emperor of Steel

Chapter 252 - Start of the War 1

Priest Luther had gone to Alvera two months ago to help the poor.

The other priests of the Sanctity of Holiness were in danger, but he didn’t avoid it, knowing that the more dangerous the place was, the more help it needed.

As expected, Alvera’s slums were in a very bad situation.

As the Konrad Kingdom declared itself as self-independent, the work and the poor didn’t have work, and the masses couldn’t be held.

Luther went over to Duke Ferrierd and asked for assistance and food.

However, he had his doubts that they wouldn’t be willing to help.

“Why is a priest of the Sanctity of Holiness in the area of Marion Par? Get out of here right now!”

Although not arrested or harmed, the retainers of Duke Ferrierd, who have been the spies of Archbishop Constantine expelled Luther from Alvera.

Eventually, moved out of the city, he had no choice but to take care of the people around the nearby area.

While serving in a small Baron called Pelier, he heard a few rumors that Alvera and the rebels had been captured by the empire’s army.

Baron of Pelier and his family made a close escape, and the next day, the army entered inside with Gigants.

As the residents were anxious, Luther stood in front of the gates.

“I can’t let you enter from here.”

At the words of Luther, the leading army soldiers frowned.

If just one soldier or a knight went out with a Gigant, the opponent would be down in a second.

“Look here, priest. The point is, the lord from this place has sent military support to the fleet.”

“On top of that, there was information that a few rebels who fled from Alvera and hid here.”

At the words of the soldiers, Luther understood that the troops were from the capital. Looking at their outfits which were different, they seemed like mercenaries and not regular soldiers.

“There is no one here whom you seek. So, you should top.”

“We can’t do that. We were ordered to occupy the place. Won’t it end only with the remnants cleared? So please don’t interfere, priest.”

On the wall of the territory, a few people were looking at Luther and the mercenaries talking with nervous eyes.

Luther didn’t know that, but among the refugees in the place, there were a few men who were nobles and the families of nobles who sided with the rebels.

Unable to escape with Duke Ferrierd, they had escaped from Alvera acting like commoners.

They were the ones who were looking down from the wall.

“Didn’t you guys listen? The lord and his son ran away last night. Not to mention the soldiers and the retainers. The only people here are the poor and needy ones, so you don’t have to worry and you can go!”

Luther was stubborn.

He was very well aware of the evils and brutality the mercenaries committed once they entered the battlefield.

Those mercenaries too might be there with an excuse to clear the rebels along with destroying the land.

Therefore, he couldn’t just let the innocent people be plundered, arson or even raped in their hands.

“You’re too stubborn. Aeh, Marvin. Serve the priest with respect.”

A large mercenary came out from the group with the instructions of the leader and grabbed Luther’s arm. No, he tried to catch it.

All of a sudden, from the inside of the gate, a white shadow popped out and caught the mercenary’s hand and threw him away.



The large mercenary flew in the air and then fell to the ground rolling.

Surprised to see it, the mercenaries pulled out their weapons.

“The enemy!”

“Could be an expert knight! Be careful!”

But the man who blocked the mercenary who went in for Luther wasn’t either a wizard or knight.

It was a dark-haired make with a chiseled jaw and round eyes. The clothes that he wore were different, with a Y shaped collar wrapped around at the waist, with loose sleeves and pants.

“Huh? You’re from the southern continent?”

The men of the southern continent differed from those of the Rhodesia continent.

Most of them had dark eyes, dark hair, and bright copper skin.

In addition, the outfit and hair were unique, so they could be recognized at a glance.

The southern continental men weren’t uncommon and always seen in seaside trading, they were pioneered in the trade and were active.

But they never expected that men from there would be inland.

“Hwang Bo-sung, step back.”

At the stern words from Luther, the man from the southern continent called Hwang Bo-sung shook his head and responded.

“They are trying to harm you. I won’t ever let them do that.”

“Even then, violence isn’t a good solution. I always told you to proceed to an issue with a conversation in case it even turns into an argument.”

“But they are dangerous men. I plan to keep you safe.” Answered Hwang Bo-sung.

The mercenaries began to move forward to attack, when Luther exhaled, seeing the firm face of Hwang Bo-sung.

“Go ahead!”

“Avenge Marvin!”

As the mercenaries rushed, Hwang Bo-sung responded immediately.

“Do not kill them!”

Luther screamed to his man, but it was of no help.


The mercenary who got hit in the jaw fell down limply. The very moment, Hwang Bo-sung took a spear and swung it low.



“My leg…!”

The mercenaries were hit by the speed at which the spear was being hit, and rolled on the ground.

The mercenaries were flustered and surprised. But even then, they tried to aim for the hand of Hwang Bo-sung.

“That bastard! I’ll turn you into minced meat!”

But in spite of the rush, it was the mercenaries and not Hwang Bo-sung who hit the floor in pain.

Hwang Bo-sung simply incapacitated the mercenaries who were fully armored, with no weapons, just hands.

“The southern continent’s warrior.”


As the men asked, Luke explained to them.

“They are similar to the knights of our continent. But rather than not belonging to a royal or noble family they come from a place called Sega. I heard that there are many different kinds of swordsmen and martial artists and a lot of weirder skilled people.”

Luke too gained the knowledge of the southern continent after his reincarnation. 500 years back, there was no news about men coming in, nor was there any means for safe travel.

Even then, it was intriguing to witness first hand sight of the fight of the southern continent, and all were only known from the books and stories.

But unlike Luke, the mercenaries whose blood was boiling seeing the scene of their colleagues being smashed.

“Everyone back!”

“I will deal with you!”

The rest of the expert class mercenaries began to come out.

They all acknowledged that the opponents were strong and decided to fight logically.


The expert class mercenary, with the weapon equipped with aura.

Seeing that, Hwang Bo-sung seemed a little nervous and clenched his fists.

A soft light hovered from his fists.

“That… aura?”

“Fist aura was it? It is interesting when hit on the body.”

Luke took a close look at Hwang Bo-sung’s body with a lot of concentration.

The expert class mercenaries were quite sharp and attacked Hwang Bo-sung, but they still weren’t able to win.

Not three, not five, but almost ten men surrounded him and attacked. Among them, there were four Rakan Knights.

“Captain, what are you doing here without entering the palace?”

As Luke watched the battle of the southern continent’s warrior with his men, he heard Philip’s voice from behind.

Philip was leading the mercenaries.

“Did you check the villagers?” Asked Luke.

“Yes, but there were no rebel remnants there and it was wrong information.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Luke looked forward and asked.

“But, who is he? A mercenary from the south hired by the rebels?”

“That fact is…”

Luke told Philip the entire story.

Philip, looking at his men, said.

“I feel like I need to deal with this.”

“Why? You think you can win?” Asked Luke.

According to Luke, the warrior seemed to be a mature one, a mature class.

Much stronger than Shirley whom Philip played with the Gigant Duel at Eisenberg.

As proof for that, the warrior, didn’t even break a sweat even after all the battle with the expert class mercenaries.

“I felt enlightened right after that Gigant Duel. Even if the opponent is a complete master, I am not going to let them win easily.”

“Fine, then go ahead and fight. If it turns dangerous, I’ll enter.”

The reason he had come was to take away Reina, but he wanted his men to experience as many actual fights and battles as they could.

So whenever a strong enemy appeared, he gave the men a chance to fight. Philip, who got the permission moved forward in a relaxed manner.

“All of you stop! The man is my opponent!”

Philip called out to the ten mercenaries who were facing Hwang Bo-sung.

One of the Rakan knights went over and told Philip.

“Please be careful. He seems to be hiding his skills.”

“Hut, now that you say it, I can feel my body burning up!”

Philip smiled slowly and pulled on his sword. He approached Hwang Bo-sung, who was staring at him.

The southern continent, specifically the Song Empire harbored famous warriors.

There were five generations of warriors of Gupail clan, Hwang Bo-sung was the third son of them.

Acclaimed as a genius warrior who was born after a hundred years in the clan, when he was still a kid, the boy acquired the visionary of the martial arts and by the peak of his twenties, he reached the highest point of skills.

Nevertheless, Hwang Bo-sung remained confined to his family and continued to practice the skills to himself.

Which was why the elders of clan had high hopes for him. They were excited about the revival of a king after 300 years.

300 years back, Hwang Bo- clan made by the martial style of King Hwang Bo-woong and overcoming the five generations, he was able to stand tall against a different clan.

Although Hwang Bo-clan was a prestigious clan, on the unseen side, the constant emphasis of commerce has led to the offset of the Song Empire.

They were very active in the international trade, and the clan often visited the Rhodesia continent.

The man in charge of doing that in the Sega was Hwang-Bo-kwang, the eldest son.

“The world is so wide! Once a full man, shouldn’t everyone see how big the world we live in is?”

Hwang Bo-sung readily accepted the invitation.

It was because he had heard rumors that the Rhodesia continent has a lot of different types of combat skills when compared to the Song empire.

He crossed the sea because of that, he was smitten with the idea. At the banquet held in the memory of their safe arrival at the docks, he was stuck with paralysis and the curse poison, and it wasn’t just that, the wizard soldiers, who had abandoned their duties and destroyed his men and crushed the legs and muscles of theirs and his.

“Kuuk! Why are you doing this to…?!”

Hwang Bo-sung, with blood dripping off his mouth, stared at Hwang Bo-kwang, who was one of the magic soldiers.

“Are you asking why I poisoned you? Kukku, because you are the subject that everyone talks about.”

Hwang Bo-kwang smiled and answered.

It wasn’t like his talents were common, but compared to a genius like Hwang Bo-sung, it was like a firefly standing in front of the sun.

But the thought that he might be robbed of everything by that kid, Bo-kwang began to think of a trap to get rid of him.

Once he managed to fill the positions with his men, he soon visited Hwang Bo-sung and tried to get close to him. And then decided on a day when he would remove him in Rhodesia.

“Brother! I never thought about being the successor of the family. Which was why I dedicated myself to training!”

“Huh, such lies! Wasn’t it enough for you to coax the elders! And weren’t you meeting father lately?”

“That, father was just there to encourage me…”

“Shut up! Hwang Bo-clan is mine. I am never going to hand it over to you, a perpetrator.”

Hwang Bo-sung couldn’t get himself to speak, seeing his brother’s eyes glistening with madness.

He realized that persuading wasn’t an option anymore.

Instead, he focused on getting out, the sensation of his body which started to come back slowly from a while back. The blood flow had been destroyed, but, his whole body was covered with pores.

If he could push the poison into the lower body, he might be able to get rid of the poison and the paralysis.

‘Little more, just a little more and I…’

By the time he managed to bring the poison to the lower body, Hwang Bo-kwang ordered his pawns.

“Tear away this man and throw him as feed to the fishes!”

“Yes, Lord!”

The escort warriors pulled on their weapons and approached Hwang Bo-sung.

When they were just about to hit him, Hwang Bo-sung rolled over to avoid getting hit, and with both his arms, threw himself out of the boat.


“This, this man! Catch him! If needed, you have to chase him till hell and kill him!”

If Hwang Bo-sung really managed to get back to Sega, then the only thing left for Hwang Bo-kwang was ruin.

Hwang Bo-sung swam to the pier with both his arms, and he was able to listen to the evil voice which came from the ship.

If he could do what he wanted, he really wanted to take the lives of Hwang Bo-kwang and his men, but his body wasn’t at full potential.

‘I need to get as far away as possible!’

Hwang Bo-sung gathered all the energy that he could and tried to swim, desperate to flee from Hwang Bo-kwang, his brother.

A month of wandering around in an unfamiliar land.

Eventually, he was able to pursue a path and reach Castia kingdom.

But over the duration of a month, he wasn’t able to have one proper meal, he slept on the side of the roads and forests, still not being able to get a good rest. And it was when he had reached the limit to survive.

‘I guess this is the end…’

Over the verge of starvation in a remote ally at the port, he was saved.

It was Luther, the priest of Sanctity of Holiness, who had extended the hand of salvation.