Emperor of Steel

Chapter 250 - Red Wolf Mercenary 3

When the messenger’s executed body was sent back to the army in response to their request to surrender, the chief commander was enraged.

Despite the assassination attempt, the pope had given them an opportunity to live, yet they chose to respond in such a vile manner!

The chief of the Anti-Revolutionary Army now knew that the only thing they could give to Duke Ferrierd was a ruin.

“Attack them! Do not leave anyone who belongs to him, his followers or family!”

At the command from Marquis Valentino, the chief commander of the army, tombs surrounding Alvera began to fall.

Originally, the Holy Empire was known to be very generous to their enemies unless they were demons or warlocks or did any injustice to the temples and sanctuaries.

In civil wars such as this one they were currently in, only the nobles involved and their immediate family members were punished. The other members of their family or their followers were rarely punished.

However, the Holy Empire didn’t feel like they should show the enemy such generosity as they had trampled the pope’s name.

Swooong! Kwang!

“Ahh! The wall has fallen! Everyone, move away!”

“Enemy Gigants are coming in! Riders respond!”

Konrad Kingdom’s army, who had endured the tension for several days, was unable to handle the constant saturation of the relentless artillery and the onslaught of Gigants.

The beaten-down walls and the gates fell simultaneously.

Thud! Kung!

At the north gate of Alvera.

Two gates had fallen already. A fierce battle was taking place between Alvera’s army and the Konrad Kingdom over the last standing gate.

The front of the gate was being beaten down by Gigants.

Most of them were Konrad’s short-lived Gigants. Nevertheless, Konrad’s men tried to breach the wall and take hold of the gate.

“They are so persistent.”

Luke frowned at the boring situation.

An hour ago, the Red Wolf Mercenaries, which were being led by Luke, joined the battle when the 1st unit retreated after they lost.

They had expected strong resistance, but the enemy defenses were much stronger than imagined.

“If I had Kratos with me, I could have just wiped them out.”

Sadly, he abandoned the hero class Gigant, Kratos. It was due to the irreparable damage it got during the meteor strike at the Eisenberg city.

That was why Luke was using Achilles, but since he was now using a warrior class instead of a hero class, he wasn’t that excited to go into battle.

“I need to get a hero class as soon as possible…”

“Ahh! Be careful, captain!”

Philip was in the middle of the battle with his Marina.

There were 3 Gigants from the Konrad Kingdom that were running toward Luke’s Achilles.

But the problem was that they weren’t just running in, they were running with huge swords smashed into their Gigant’s core engine!

“These people are crazy!”

Luke was frightened and hurriedly wielded his sword to smash the incoming enemies. He also took out a shield.

Kwang! Kwang! Pung!

The enemies oxidized, scattering the debris everywhere.

Luke, who barely managed to avert that crisis, looked around and gathered his allies.

“Report the status of each Gigant!” said Luke.

“No. 2, there is nothing wrong with Marina.”

“No. 5, Thuderstar’s shoulder and gloves are damaged!”

“No. 8, left knee joint ruptured! Please, I request for towing!”

There were no major damages all thanks to Luke preventing that from happening.

Luke hurriedly evacuated the damaged Gigants and attacked again.

Time and time again, they constantly attacked, but their enemies had stubbornly resisted. However, the gates still got knocked down. The third and final gate at the north opened wide.

Count Marcus, who saw the scene from behind, jumped up and gave out orders.

“The gate had fallen! All-out assault!”


The 4th squadron of the army began to pour into the grounds after receiving the order.

The reliable men of the Red Wolf Mercenaries made the gate fall, and the assault continued non-stop.

“Sir Philip, from here on, you are in charge of the unit. I will head toward the rebels,” Luke jumped out of the Gigant and said.

“Are you going to look for evidence like you said? Be careful. There could be strong men out there,” warned Philip.

Luke nodded and ran to the palace that wasn’t far from where they were.

He had encountered the troops of the Konrad Kingdom on his way, but he was able to pass through them because of his invisibility magic.

“What is this? Where was that guy from before?”

“He disappeared all of a sudden.”

“Don’t concern yourself with that and stop the enemies before you!”

The Red Wolf Mercenaries pushed Konrad’s army which was falling behind.

The enemies blocking the path were twice as large as the Red Wolf Mercenaries, but their numbers were irrelevant as the Red Wolf had the advantage.

The troops fell to the floor from the impact of the gate that exploded.

“Push! Make sure there is an opening ahead!”

Philip encouraged the men who were involved in the Gigant battle at the forefront of the attack and found a few hesitant members of the group.

It was Gavel—a former member of the Garlic Mercenaries. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the nearby commercial building.

Looking at the scattered goods and money on the streets by the owners and the employees who ran away from the war. Of course, there were a lot more things he could be able to get if he went on.

“Why are you just standing there?”

Gavel got scared upon hearing Philip’s question and tried to make an excuse.

“That… I… I am a little tired…”

“Tired? You’re trying to loot, are you?” Asked Philip.

“Ah, not at all! Never!”

Gavel trembled while shaking his hands.

The other day, he looted the city of Eisenberg after the battle and remembered that he was hit very badly for that.

His old habits weren’t that easy to change, so he hesitated for a second but was caught by the eyes of the devil.

“Even if you are tired, hold on till the end! Aren’t you ashamed of your hardworking colleagues?!”

“Uh, I understand!”

Gavel rushed out.

It was painful for him to not take those scattered loots, but he had been disciplined so harshly for what he did last time, so he didn’t have the guts to violate orders for the second time.