Emperor of Steel

Chapter 249 - Red Wolf Mercenary 2

The Konrad kingdom, Alvera battleground.

There was a war between the retainers who looked into the words sent by the anti-revolutionary army.

“Majesty, there are no odds. We need to negotiate on the terms of preserving the family and territory.”

“Look here, would that even be possible?”

“Then you won’t fight till the end and look if any other option is available?”

“Who said that I am willing to do that? We need to find another possible way!”

Watching the fights between the retainers, Duke Ferrierd just sighed.

If he went to surrender just like that, it was very likely that the estate’s name and fame would fall down.

Which was why he asked Lazlie, who was listening to the retainer from a side with his arms crossed.

“What do you want to do?”

At the question from Ferrierd, Lazlie spoke with a firm look.

“I feel like your Majesty needs to think and make the soundest decision.”


“If you surrender like this, you can save your life. But would Archbishop Constantine keep his word about your Majesty and his family?”


At the words of Lazlie, Ferrierd was lost in thought.

Considering the case of Constantine’s unquestioned pursuit of Archbishop Michael who was aiming for the Pope’s position, it was a good chance that he wouldn’t agree to what they wished.

“And I am not so sure but, yesterday the assassination of Veronica III failed.”

“Assassination? Don’t tell me…?” Stuttered Duke Ferrierd.

Yesterday, fire soared with a massive explosion on the army side.

Everyone thought that the gun power must have exploded due to some wrong handling.

“The problem is, your Majesty, is being the one mentioned for it.” Stated Lazlie.

“What, what did you say?!”

Duke Ferrierd went pale-faced, it was like being hit with an invisible hammer, and even if they did surrender, he would never be able to hold his name after the news about the attempt to assassinate the Pope.

“What the hell are you all doing? Did you people do anything that I didn’t order from you?”

At the scream of Duke Ferrierd, the retainers kept looking at each other’s faces.

Although he seemed like he didn’t have a hand, Lazlie laughed looking at them.

It was he who had sent the assassin to the Pope.

‘It took me a long time to use those ones that the Emperor sent me.’

The Baroque Imperial family had secretly raised assassins.

The assassin, called Hydra, were the kind who learned all the techniques for assassinations, and that included the wizards who went to kill Veronica III.

Lazlie spoke to Duke Ferrierd and his retainers who were confused.

“Whether you were behind the assassination attempt or not, the surrender clause is probably a tactic to confuse us.”

“So that means…”

“The enemy will soon take an offensive stance. Whether we surrender or not, we turn Alvera into ash.”

At the words of Lazlie, the atmosphere in the room changed into hopelessness.

Some of the men sat back into their chairs.

‘Huhu, they are completely down. Now should I try and boost their morale?’

Which that thought, Lazlie opened his mouth with a smile.

“But we have some good news too.”

“Good news?”

“Yes, it was stated that marquis Suleiman of the Ranghel territory is leading his army towards Bless. So I heard that Arch Duke Gregory and his men are in haste to reach there.”

“Oh oh! Really?”

“And it wasn’t just that. He promised us support. So if you can hang out for a few more days, we might hear some good news.”

No one has to ask, who the ‘he’ was in Lazlie’s words, everyone knew about whom he was talking about.

With the good news he managed to convey, the atmosphere turned a little lively.

With a little hope, one of the retainers spoke.

“So it won’t just be the army which is lurking outside Konrad, but the outside people can be blocked too!”

“That is an understatement. Perhaps, if possible, we could subjugate the entire land of the Holy Empire.”

Seeing the optimistic words of the retainers, Duke Ferrierd opened his mouth.

He was holding the delusion of capturing the main estates of the Empire, and then driving away from the central forces of Bless and finally turning into the new Pope of the Holy Empire.

And he had no intention of missing that opportunity, so which Lazlie said.

“Which is why we need to build up our resolve. Why not cut the neck of the messenger who was sent as an example?”

“Take the life of the messenger?”

Ferried and the retainers were shocked by what they heard.

“That way you can stop any cowardly thoughts which reside in the hearts of the lords below you, who might want to depart. And we would be able to outrage and make fun of the enemy commanders too.”

Duke Ferrierd was actually caught up in the thought.

No matter how hard a war was, it was against diplomacy to kill the messenger.

However, it seemed like a good way to stop the departure of the lords who would want to surrender.

In addition, it was difficult for the Konrad Kingdom which was leaning on the Baroque Empire for support to actually reject Lazlie’s proposal.

Contemplating for a sweet time, Ferrierd made a bold decision.

“Kill the slave right away!”

“No! you can’t do that! If we do that, the situation will only turn much more hostile, and we’ll lose the honor of the kingdom!”

Aslan, his son, was the one who opposed the act before anyone could even speak.

If it was anyone else, he wouldn’t have minded it, but since it was his own child, Ferrierd asked.

“Then, what do you have in mind?”

“Just kick him out. And we have nothing to do with the assassination…”

At those words, Duke Ferrierd jumped out of his seat and raised his voice.

“Which nation’s prince do you think you are? Will you bow down in front of your enemy?”

“That wasn’t what I meant…”

“Shut up! If you want to stay on the enemy’s side, then get out of here, right now!”

Ferrierd’s anger caused Aslan to stop his fight and just shook his head.

Lazlie quietly looked at the kid.

‘Huh, to let an illegitimate son inside the topic. Did he really think that he could hold up to be a real prince?’

The high priests in the Holy Empire couldn’t marry.

Because of that law, no high priests would marry, but they secretly inherited illegitimate children from the permission of the one in rule, either from their own families or by their own making.

The prince of Konrad, the son of Archbishop, Duke Ferrierd was no different.

Aslan was treated as a prince only after Ferreird’s rebellion.

“Is there anyone else who would want to object?”

The words were so cold that no other retainer could even get themselves to open their mouth, and eventually, it was decided to execute the messenger.

‘Huhuhu, yeah! Fight like this till the very end!’

In a deep silent battle that no one knew about, Lazlie smiled to himself.