Emperor of Steel

Chapter 248 - Red Wolf Mercenary 1

The party of the Pope hurried back to the capital when they heard the news about Marquis Suleiman’s rebels were advancing towards Bless.

Just before getting into her wagon, Reina had a farewell conversation with Luke.

“Are you going to head back to the estates now?” Asked Reina.

“No, I think it is time to finish the rebels here. That was if it would be easier for you, won’t it?”

“Thank you for wanting to do that. Once your work here is done, please stop by at Bless.”

“Understood, I will surely.”

With those words, Reina left Luke.

He respected her wishes and aspirations, but he had never imagined that he would miss her in less than an hour of getting her back.

If things were going well, he would have followed her. If he could use his fly magic, he would be able to catch up with her wagon.

But he couldn’t just leave his men.

‘Haa! Every time she leaves, there is a huge vacancy…’

He felt that was two years back, but now it was much emptier than ever.

Which meant that his feelings for her were constantly growing, and parting ways with her was tearing him apart.

“Are you alright, Lord?”

“Uh? Sir Philip?”

Luke wasn’t able to easily shake off the sadness and emotions.

Philip who noticed it, and spoke.

“Would you like me to follow? I don’t know who this Suleiman is or how strong he is, but to make you sigh this much…”

They had already decided to support some of the central troops by taking a few men of their forces. As a result, members of a few units were busy.

However, Luke hadn’t asked to join them, and he had a reason for it.

It was because he wanted to end the rebellion in the Konrad side and obtain evidence.

“Evidence?” Asked Luke.

“We found it the other day. The mercenary rider named Sancho from the Gigant battle was Count Ferrero.”

“Yes, that is. That thick voice which I heard in that Emperor’s banquet and the fighting style was indeed the same.” Stated Luke.

“He is. This time I need solid evidence that the Baroque Empire is deeply involved in this rebel uprising.”

In many cases, they were intervened in domestic affairs or disputes to achieve national interests or for specific self-purpose.

It wasn’t just the Baroque Empire, but the Volga Republic and the kingdoms and Empires too.

But with clear evidence, the story would garner a different ending.

In this specific case, to dispatching diplomatic envoys and protesters, in the worst-case scenario, it could be considered as a war declaration.

“You are going to threaten the Baroque Empire with solid proof.”

At the question from Philip, Luke shook his head.

“No, I am not just going to threaten them. I am going to cause a dispute.”

“Dispute in the sense… ah, like the way where you set rift between the nobility and the Emperor!”

“Exactly that!” Answered Luke.

Two years ago, Luke was involved in the assassination of a few men, which caused both sides to take drastic decisions.

Of course, the dramatic settlement didn’t end up going to war, but in the end, conditions were placed and power checks were allotted.

What would be the result if in such a situation another fire was lit up?

“If the Emperor was told to intervene in the rebellion of the Holy Empire, Emperor Rudolf would be criticized at both home and abroad. The nobility has the number, so they’ll try to reduce the Emperor’s power even more, which will undermine the prestige of the nation. Things would turn louder than ever.” Stated Luke.

“Then there will be actions against the Emperor… if there was the involvement of armed conflict in that process, then a civil war will start.”

Luke nodded at Philip’s words and stood up.

“I already got evidence from Eisenberg. Some of the Gigants used by the rebels were from the Baroque Imperial Magic Tower.”

Luke confirmed the doubt after thoroughly checking the destroyed and the captured Gigants.

The color and outer metal were definitely made to look the same, but inside it was definitely Baroque’s Gigant.

He could see the difference because there were a few international and domestic Gigants which were purchased by Katarina Magic tower for the Gigant development.

“The Gigants of the Holy Empire come from Arthenia Royal Magic tower. Of course, the local nobles have a few cheap foreign goods and Gigants.”

According to an official report of the Holy Empire, most of the imported Gigants were warrior-class, used Gigants or low-powered Gigants.

Nevertheless, they wouldn’t just use things from the Baroque Imperial Magic tower even if the Holy Empire didn’t have a peaceful relationship.

But what Luke managed to discover was, a knight class with an output of 2000 fights were present.

“Was it really from the Baroque Imperial?” Asked Philip.

“You aren’t much aware of the magic, but, there is a slight difference in magic between the nations and the towers. What I saw was definitely from Baroque Imperial magic tower.” Said Luke.

“Even then, it is hard to consider them as proof with just a few parts. The rebels could have been in need and bought them.”

“Which is why we need to see this situation through and gather much solid evidence.”

Luke wanted to find everything that could confirm his doubt in the rebels den, Alvera.

The rebels would have thrown away the letters or books that they had exchanged.

“We need to hurry up and get things.” Said Philip.

“So, when do you think we will attack Alvera?”

At the question from Luke, Philip told him what he had heard in advance.

“For starters, when the Pope’s visiting is done, by which was, of course, Princess Reina, they were planning to send a messenger to Duke Ferrierd and give him the chance to surrender.”

“Okay? The commander nor would our working soldiers agree to it.”

At present, the anti-revolutionary army was very hostile towards the rebels.

They were very furious at the rebels who tried to assassinate the Pope, who had come all the way hoping for peace in the empire.

“But it was the order from the Pope. Everyone is hoping for Duke Ferrierd to refuse.”

“He should.”

Luke nodded while looking at Alvera which was at a distance.

While the rebels in Konrad kingdom, he was curious about what kind of decision Duke Ferrierd would take.