Emperor of Steel

Chapter 247 - Move Out 4

The sky was yellow.

However, it wasn’t because of the sunset, so that couldn’t be considered the reason.


Cracked and crushed, Belfair rolled on the ground and groaned.

Looking down at him, Shaikan titled his head and asked, “This is interesting. How can a demon use divine power? That too, the sword skills of the Rakan Family… Did you steal or learn it?”

Not knowing that the warlock who had fought him in the Navarre Duchy was a descendant of Rakan, Shaikan looked ignorant.

But soon, he put back his sword back into its sheath.

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me. Anyway, you are a weirdo who is worth keeping alive, so this time, I’ll let you be.”

With those words, Shaikan turned back and moved away, and the orcs spit and smacked the fallen Belfair and soon disappeared.

After some time, Belfair recovered his energy and managed to get up with his sword still in his hand.

“Kuk, if I need to meet a monster like that… a lot of luck is needed.”

The muttering Belfair turned into a bat and flew back to the Rakan territory

He wanted to tell his master that the orc hero made his appearance in the Baroque Empire.

But when he came back to the Marquis Rakan, Luke wasn’t there, just Sebastian who was disguised as Luke.

Belfair, who escaped the eyes of the guards, visited Sebastian and heard about the whereabouts of Luke.

“Master went to the Holy Arthenia Empire? No, I don’t get it. Why?”

“because of Princess Reina.”

“Princess Reina? Ah, his lover who went missing because of the fairies?”

“Yeah, she is most likely the new pope of the Holy Empire.”

Belfair had never directly met Reina. He just heard stories about her from either Luke or Sebastian.

“Sh*t! Our master, who is worse than any demon, is surprisingly a sucker for love.”

“But why are you looking for master? Are you already done with all your training?”

“It isn’t that. There is something I need to let him know right away.”

“Then are you willing to go over to the Holy Empire?”

“If I was like before, then I might not have even thought about it, but now it is all right. I have made some improvements.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Belfair frowned at the woman who was on Sebastian’s feet.

“By the way, why is that pervert b*tch here?”

“That is because this is her room.”

“No, I mean why is she here rather than in Navarre!” Asked Belfair.

The two demons were currently in the room of Princess Margareta, who was still staying in Rakan.

Because of her need for Sebastian, she completely went crazy on the maids and escort knights. Margareta was currently sleeping on Sebastian’s feet.

“She came to trick our master once again, but all thanks to that, I can feed on her.”

When Sebastian pushed Margareta with his feet, she twisted her body as if she had been shocked.

“Aing! Lord Marquis! Why are you treating me so roughly?!” She whined.

Belfair just gave up when he saw Sebastian being driven with desires and negative emotions coming out of Margareta’s body.

Ever since he became Luke’s slave, he had always seen people like that, but he had never seen someone act so sneaky and twisted.

“No! Ahhk! Ahh!”

Whenever Sebastian touched her, even the slightest touch, it seemed like her mind was blown. Seeing that, Belfair couldn’t help but wipe his lips.

“This is something I can’t help, incurable pleasure,” said Belfair.

“I don’t know anything about it. That is something I dare to look at, and there is something that I can’t dare to look…”

Sebastian, who was rubbing his stomach after feeling full and satisfied, asked, “What do you think? Would you like to have some too?”

“I am good. Such things don’t taste good.”

Like any vampire race, Belfair’s favourite kind of meal was fresh blood.

He didn’t want to drink the blood of Margareta. If it was his past self, he might have rushed away as soon as he was asked. Strangely, he was reluctant now.

“I am going. Be careful; there are suspicious men looming around here.”

“Men? Don’t worry about the emperor’s pumpkins. Did you forget that this body belongs to the best killer of the Devildom?” Asked Sebastian with a grin.

“Well, I am just telling you…”

Belfair turned around and flew toward the Holy Arthenia Empire.