Emperor of Steel

Chapter 241 - Holy Arthenia Empire 3

There was a reason why Luke chose to fight Gregory, despite Reina’s warning.

He had two enemies that he had to deal with.

The Lich, Arsene, an enemy of the past, and Emperor Rudolf of the Baroque Empire, the descendant of the other enemy.

Among them, Rudolf was a known Sword Sage.

So, he decided to use his head and calculate the amount he had to grow.

But before he could even see what was happening, things had escalated fast.

So, he thought he could test against the best knight of another continent, the Sword Sage.

“Is it fine to say I was testing you? Huh, just as I said, I act very loyal when it comes to a test.”

At the words of Luke, Gregory frowned not being able to understand.

“Then, shouldn’t one be more obsessed with winning? If you would have taken the initiative of my sword, you would understand what I thought.” Responded Gregory.

“Of course, I understand your emotions. But I have no intention of complying with your feelings. You just want to cut me off, don’t you?”

Gregory decided to not say anything.

The silence was the answer, not negative.

He did want to get rid of Luke, who had downgraded the Pope, who was sent by the Great Lord into just another woman in love.

“I too have a lot of experience, so I know how to see inside the people. Especially for those who are like you, who obey God’s will… those emotions are clearly reflected in your expression and eyes.” Stated Luke.

“What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I am very faithful when it comes to tests. Of course, the subject of the test wasn’t me, it was you.”

Luke shrugged and answered.

“Which is why I don’t think that I have to win against you.”

“Why so?” Gregory asked.

“I don’t think of you as an enemy.”

Even though it was a troublesome situation, Luke hadn’t thought of Arch Duke Gregory as an opponent he had to win over.

If he did, Luke would have managed to use all his abilities to get rid of him.

His goal was to indirectly assess Rudolf’s abilities through Arch Duke Gregory.

Therefore, it wasn’t necessary to make any extreme decisions like using his dark magic or demon abilities.

In addition, the actions of the Arch Duke when he took down the assassin a while back, or the words and the way he acts in front of Reina proved that he was very loyal to her.

“I know what bothers you so much. Reina, no, the Holy Pope’s abilities, you think they will be flawed by me, right?” Asked Luke.


“I know that heart. However, that is up to one’s heart to decide, don’t you think you are too greedy to think otherwise?”

“What did you just say?”

Gregory’s eyebrows went up.

Listening to him wasn’t great, however, Luke kept on talking.

“I heard about the descent of the Pope and came into the nation. I don’t how the Arch Dukes and Bishops would accept it, but she is someone I know very well.”

“A princess of another nation?” Gregory asked.

‘So you knew. Then why act like you weren’t aware?’

Whether Luke confirmed or not, Gregory had expressed himself.

“Whatever her past was, she is the Apostle sent by the Lord, the chosen one for us.”

“No, it isn’t like that. It was only by chance that Reina had appeared before you in the process of returning back from the Spirit World which she entered.”

“For you, it was just a coincidence. But it is a bond and destiny given to us by the Lord.”

‘These words make no sense.’

Gregory’s stubbornness annoyed Luke.

But he tried to put on a smile after a thought.

“Just as the Arch Duke has said, then the way I met Reina now, is a bond and destiny.”

“Yeah, that is true.”

‘What, what did he say?’

Luke lost his speech for a moment when the man nodded his head and agreed.

If he would have disagreed with Luke’s statement, Luke was planning on contemplating the stubbornness and make him give away.

But he just convincingly accepted!

‘Is he much thoughtful than I thought?’ Thought Luke to himself.

“Today’s meeting is a clear opportunity that the Lord has presented me to try and kill you if I can, that I am assured of.” Gregory said.

‘I was wrong. This person isn’t someone I can persuade or argue with.’

Luke who was thinking positively about the person, shook his head at the man’s next words.

The Arch Duke Gregory was a person who saw and judged everything within the framework of destiny and loyalty.

Like a wizard who questions the world, all went to solve questions logically and systematically.

‘Yeah, I see how this man became a Sword Sage.’

To reach the level of Sword Sage, the man had blindly devoted himself to the goal he believed and desired than to think deeply and question the basis.

The same was true for the Rakan warrior, the former warrior.

‘The men who support the gods…’

It was problematic, but Luke didn’t have time to get annoyed or frustrated.

There was one thing that he knew without a doubt. The opponent couldn’t be dealt with by words, and only force had to be used.