Emperor of Steel

Chapter 239 - Holy Arthenia Empire 1 Gulp!


Luke’s eyes tensed up after seeing who was in front of him.

It was a young man dressed in a paladin’s attire.

The young man had a small physique; however, he seemed to have the strength of a giant. The coldness in his eyes seemed very incompatible to a man with such a young appearance.

Reina, of course, knew whom Luke was looking at.

The man Luke just encountered a moment ago. There was only one person in the entire Holy Empire who could express such deadly force.

The leader of the Saint Guards and the Sword Sage…

“Arch Duke Gregory!”

Luke and Reina both exclaimed at the same time.

Gregory bowed.

“At last, I found you, your Holiness. I am glad that you are safe and sound.”

Gregory looked at Luke, who was standing in front of Reina.

His gentle eyes that were looking at the pope turned cold in no time.

Despite the massive explosion that flashed in the sky, there were no casualties.

Only the young mercenary, who ran directly into the assassin, and the pope, who threw herself at the young man.

‘He must have escaped to somewhere and not that far either…’

The Arch Duke thought of such, and along with his men, he scoured the area around the camp and found the two people in a forest nearby.

But rather than being happy to have found Veronica III, he found it hard to present himself to the pope.

What did the pope have to do with the young mercenary, who tried to block the assassin?

After hearing their conversation, it was obvious that they weren’t any ordinary individuals.

For the Arch Duke, Reina or Pope Veronica III was an apostle sent by God. The confused empire, which was rightly established by the will of God, had to lead the people to divine providence.

However, the Pope, who was behind the young man, didn’t feel like a being who had such a noble belief or actions.

She seemed to be just another ordinary woman.

Arch Duke Gregory couldn’t tolerate such reality.

“You, over there. Tell me your name.”

“… Lev.”

“Lev? I think I’ve heard that name before…”

Gregory tried to remember.


When he began to pull out his sword, which was hanging from his waist…

“Arch Duke Gregory! What do you think you are doing?!” Reina, who was shocked by his actions, screamed on top of her lungs.

Gregory sheathed his sword upon hearing the pope.

“Please forgive my rudeness, pope.”

“Right now, put that sword…”

When Reina tried to order him to take back his sword, the Arch Duke burst out.

Kwa Kwang!

It was a breathtaking scene.

Reina stopped speaking.

Her emotions were so strong that the rocks, trees and the winds, which were acting like her escorts, moved recklessly. As Reina felt overwhelmed, she gradually began to lose her power and all the beings went back to normal.

It was only Luke that remained the same, which what he saw.

“Lev? Aren’t you the one that’s called God’s warrior in the rumors?” Asked Gregory.

“I am the one who stopped the falling meteor.”

Luke pulled out his sword without even realizing it.

Arch Duke Gregory’s eyes, which was flashing with a golden aura, narrowed.

“I will test to see if you really are God’s warrior. If you aren’t ready to come out, then step back,” said Gregory.

Luke didn’t answer immediately. Reina was right behind him, holding his sleeve and shaking her head.

No matter what, he seemed like the kind of person who no one should even think about retreating from.

Luke nodded, trying to tell her that it would be okay. He slowly approached Arch Duke Gregory, which was engulfed with his aura.

“I don’t mind taking up the test.”

“You are brave. I’ll be the one to take the first strike.”

The moment he was done speaking, Gregory rushed toward Luke.

The attack was simple and straightforward, yet it wasn’t a move that one could just brush off.


The Arch Duke’s attack hit Luke’s nape then blood came out of it.


Reina, who was about to run over to Luke, stopped when she saw his hand signaling her to stay where she was.

Reina tried to calm herself.

While looking at the blood on the tip of his knife, the Arch Duke frowned.

It wasn’t because he got his opponent in such a short time.

Originally, he was aiming for the heart and not the nape. However, for some reason, he missed.

There was a reason.

Luke’s sword made sure to divert the incoming sword over his shoulders.

‘To think about avoiding the attack in such a manner!’

It was unbelievable how he pulled that off.

He was already convinced after seeing the unusual golden aura that his opponent would be good, but he was showing unexpected skills.

“Would this much be enough for a warm-up?”

At the question from Luke, Gregory just nodded his head.

Gregory changed his stance to a more aggressive one and pointed his sword toward Luke with a more serious expression.

“This time, it will go through you,” warned Arch Duke Gregory.

The moment he was done speaking, terrifying attacks kept coming in from the Sword Sage.

Luke was taking in the attacks one after the other. The Arch Duke’s attacks now couldn’t be compared to the attack he did earlier.

It was just the beginning, and Luke had to overcome it, no matter what.