Emperor of Steel

Chapter 234 - The Dream Comes True 4

“What did you just say? Bless is empty, unprotected?”

Ranghel territory located to the west of the Holy Arthenia Empire.

In there, Marquis Suleiman, who held the banner for rebellion as well, jumped up at the information that was relayed to him by his retainers.

“It isn’t like it had been cleared clean, it was said that Arch Duke Gregory and the Saint Guards disappeared, following the scarecrow pope all the way to Alvera.”

“Oh, such a chance!”

Even though it wasn’t the case, he knew very well that Archbishop Constantine had raised a rather large army to suppress the rebels.

Initially, Suleiman was dead nervous, thinking that the troops were being prepared to take him down.

Some of the retainers even offered to negotiate a surrender with Archbishop Constantine.

Luckily, the army was headed to the Konrad Kingdom, which was under Ferrierd, and not to Ranghel.

Another lucky sign had come to him, making him sigh out of relief.

It was said that the Saint Guards and Arch Duke Gregory were guarding the capital Bless, which meant that the capital couldn’t be touched by Suleiman’s current force, but he was told to follow the pope to escort her, and the central army was currently the only force that remained in the city, and it was not a huge deal to take them down.

‘I knew that God didn’t abandon me!’

The marquis immediately gave out orders to his retainers.

“Get the army ready right away! Our goal is Bless! Let us get it before Arch Duke Gregory even gets there!”

Once he got control of the capital Bless, he was most likely to have talks with them.

The capital Bless was so symbolic that there were numerous temples and sanctuaries for each of the tribe, and many high-ranking priests and nobles resided in there.

At the orders from Marquis Suleiman, the retainers busted out to prepare for their takeover. The army was already prepared, so they just had to be sent out immediately.

“But how did you even manage to get such valuable information?”

Suleiman suddenly asked the retainer who had informed him.

The retainer, who was in charge of gathering information, proudly answered, “The owner of the Commerce Chamber, who I am closely acquainted with, informed me.”

“I guess information travels fast among the merchants. What is the name of the merchant?”

“It is Lazlie.”

“Lazlie? Let me know later. I need to pay him a huge prize for his help. Hahahaha!”

The marquis was so happy that he burst into laughter. Seeing his master smile after a long time, even the retainer seemed glad.

That day, 50,000 troops began to march from Ranghel to Bless.