Emperor of Steel

Chapter 233 - The Dream Comes True 3

Arriving at the Alvera, they had to prepare for the siege, due to which the anti-revolution army had to retreat 5 kilometers.

In that place, they began to let down their things and started to prepare for the siege.

“I don’t get it at all, it isn’t like the battle is done, so why are we being suddenly visited?”

Commander of the 1st squadron shook his head thinking about the visit from the Pope which made no sense to them.

“Isn’t it for soldiers who have placed their lives on the front line and for the men who have suffered from the war, and the loss they had to face? I heard that they are considering the rebels too.”

At those words of Marquis Valentino, the commander of the 1st squadron seemed agitated.

“Are they going to negotiate a winning war? What would the rebels do it they are known of this, what are the Regent and the other men around the Pope even thinking…?”

“Uhm, I have noticed that the Immortal division will be escorting the Pope. And who would dare to touch the Pope when Arch Duke Gregory is right next to her?”

If the words of Bishop Maxim were indeed true, then no one would be willing to lay a hand on the Pope.

Arch Duke Gregory, was one of the best knights that the continent could offer, and a guardian of that kind was accompanying the Pope with some men of the knight’s division.

Rather, the rebels would be very wary of whether they should even join the battle or not, once the news spreads over.

“If that is the case, then everything is good. But, why is Arch Duke Gregory coming all the way, who will look after the capital if something erupts there?”

“Isn’t it because he is worried about the safety of our Pope?”

“But would that be enough to relieve himself from his duty.”

“Whatever be the case, it is impossible for us to understand it by talks, so let’s just do what we can in our situation.”

With the end of the meeting, the commanders set off in their paths to see if an enemy would intercept.

As the Pope was arriving, the defenses have been thickened.

Du du du du!

Two days later, a golden wagon with a flag stood on a wooden cross, symbolizing the Holy Arthenia Empire and the El Kassel denomination, approached the army.

The wagon was being thoroughly protected by thousands of paladins, the Saint Guard, the pride of the Empire.

“Oh! At last, we are being visited!”

“Long Live our Pope!”

At the very moment, the soldiers mumbled and there were cheers going on here and there.

In midst of their loud cheers, the wagon had stopped, releasing white dust in the back.

Marquis Valentino and the other heads of the Imperial office approached the wagon in their best manner and attire.

Luke’s chest was pounding hard seeing it all happen from afar. Even he knew that his heart was going to burst from the excitement.

‘Finally, it is her! She really is in front of me!’

He wanted to run close to her and open the wagon door with his own hands. But it would be plain crazy for him to act in such a manner.

‘Wait a little more. Just a little more!’

He was ready to do something after checking that she indeed was his Reina.

It was right when Luke was fighting with his inner conflict. Marquis Valentino approached the wagon and greeted the Pope.

“My Holy Pope, you have blessed both the priests and the nobles in the castle and traveled so far to this rugged place for us.”

The figure inside the wagon lightly raised her hand and answered something.

After a while, the door of the wagon had opened, with leather shoes that covered the white hem of the dress, someone had come out.

Soon, the soldiers screamed and the cheers for the Pope didn’t stop soon.