Emperor of Steel

Chapter 231 - The Dream Comes True 1

After completing the maintenance in Eisenberg, the army began to march toward Alvera.

The total number of troops was 110,000. That was all thanks to the troops who were left behind to secure the occupied territories. The Gigant riders of the capital had increased as a result of that.

“Do you really want to come under my command?”

“I’ll let you know once this subjugation comes to an end.”

‘Tch, just close your eyes and accept my offer. Why are you hesitating?’

Count Marcus looked at Luke and offered Luke to join him, but he just clicked his tongue after hearing Luke’s answer.

He thought Luke was calling in many other nobles to raise his worth.

Since named mercenaries did the same thing in the past, it was something he was aware of.

However, he desperately wanted to bring in Luke before anyone could take him away.

‘I don’t know if someone else had given you an offer, but I am never going to give you up to Bishop Maxim.’

Luke looked back at Marcus, who was tired and exhausted from asking him, and broke into a smile after seeing something.

It was the new mercenaries who joined the Red Wolf Mercenaries. They were marching and were drenched in sweat.

Their number had gone over 3,000 people; Beside them were the Rakan Knights, who were nagging them.

“Can’t you walk properly?!”

“Your basic strength itself is so weak! Can you even take down one person?”

“We don’t need a weak man with us! If you have no strength, you are no good to us! If you are no good, try to be stubborn!”

Unlike the Garlic Gang who still searched for opportunities to run away, the newly joined mercenaries were all accepting such hard harassment with serious and committed expressions.

After seeing the incredible performance and power of Red Wolf’s captain, they thought that openly accepting their treatment would improve them.

‘If we overcome all this, will I become strong like them?’

‘Nice, I’ll learn and turn myself into an expert as well!’

It was something they needed so that they could fulfill their dreams, but Luke and Philip didn’t tell them the truth.

On the way to Alvera, there were constant attacks from the Konrad Kingdom.

It was to check if Eisenberg’s defeat had hit them hard or if they were going to aim all their strength on Alvera.

A week later, the Anti Revolutionary Army had finally arrived in Alvera, the center of rebellion and the capital of the self-proclaimed Konrad Kingdom.

It was almost time to encircle the castle and enter into a siege.

A messenger had come all the way from Bless to give them a wonderful news. Her Holiness, the pope, was going to visit them in 2 days to congratulate the soldiers and raise their morale.

“What? Reina, no, Victoria III is going to come here?” Asked Luke.

“Yes, captain. I’m sure that was what the messenger said”


Luke’s face lit up.

Wasn’t he fighting back and forth in some other country’s civil war just to meet her?

He could finally meet her in 2 days. His heart couldn’t stop pounding.

“Would you like to meet her right away?”

Philip noticed Luke’s excitement and asked. Victor was ready; he was already taking off his armor to run over to her.

Luke, however, shook his head.

“No, we will be asking for trouble if we do that. I will wait here.”

He already waited for 2 years. He could surely wait for another two days.

Luke was a little upset, but he thought to himself, ‘Will she even recognize me?’

He heard that she had forgotten her memories after she came back from the Spirit World.

Luke was starting to feel anxious, thinking that she wouldn’t be able to remember him.