Chapter 23: The Magi Crystals 1

Near the port of Lamer city.

Luke, Philip, and princess Reina were standing on the roadside.

“Did your problem with your debt go well?”

“Yes, yesterday I stopped by the bank under the Empire with the presence of Bishop Pascal and made things clear. Young lord, you should have seen the expression on the face of the Count…”

At the question from Luke, Pavel answered with a huge grin, rethinking the pleasant experience.

Reina smiled brightly and thanked him again.

“It was all thanks to you.”

“Hahaha, not at all.”

Luke was holding his hands while letting out a small laugh.

“I will make sure to repay this grace. So please wait till then.”


Honestly, Luke wanted to say no, but he didn’t want to hurt her pride so Luke nodded.


As the departure time approached, the horn began to sound.

“This is a little sad.”

“The end of a meeting is always parting ways, and after parting ways, there will always be another meeting.”

When Luke quoted a poem from long ago, Reina smiled.

“It’s ‘Journey of the Wind’ made by the poet Lund. I know that it was a very old song…”

“A good song said that light will never fade even through the ravages of time.”

And that too was said by Lund.

Saymon heard that directly from Lund.

“You know of all the classics… You seem to be much older than you look, Young Lord.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, I was very surprised to know that you were only 17!”

‘Are my words and actions having some kind of an oldie vibe?’

Knowing the age of him, he thought that everyone would overlook his actions.

Then why was Philip or the other servants of Rakan not feeling strange about it?

The questions he had were soon answered by what Philip said,

“Hah, our Young Lord has always been like that since he was a child. He matured fast as both his parents passed away early. And recently after waking up from a dangerous accident, he got much older.”

“Oh my, I’m so sorry!”

Reina quickly apologized for the wounds that Luke was hiding.

However, that didn’t matter to Luke as he had the soul of Saymon.

“It is alright. We’ll have to part ways now.”

Luke politely said goodbye to Reina.

Though he wanted to spend more time with her, he had an important mission of protecting something that was very precious to him.

The iron mages, who were next to her, with dreadful expressions had other things to do.

“Please be safe.”

“Please be safe as well, princess.”

After saying goodbye to Reina, Luke took the three iron mages into the porting dock.

With a heart filled with regret and expectations of reunion.