Emperor of Steel

Chapter 229 - Meteor Strike 4

After taking over the city of Eisenberg, the army was staying there for a while.

In order to attack Alvera, it was necessary for them to have a safe place, to repair their Gigants at once and to refill their military supplies and stuff.

On the other hand, it was important for them to establish safe boundaries and secure the place.

If they weren’t able to organize it safely, they could get stabbed from behind.

The Red Wolf Mercenaries too had participated in the sweep.

The number they had was very small, so Count Marcus tried to exclude them from the sweep, but Luke wanted his knights to get all kinds of various experiences they could in the field.

“This neighborhood seems all cleared now.”

“Soon we will march towards Alvera. Duke Ferrierd has refused to surrender.”

Luke and the other members of Red Wolf had returned to Eisenberg after talking about things.

Returning to the safe house, they witnessed the fight started by a knight in front of a restaurant.

“This guy is trying to kill me! The dog food that you made me eat! And now you want to get paid for that?!”

“I, I. my children need to eat too…”

“Crazy bastard! What good would it do to feed dog food! Think of this as me saving them!” Yelled the knight

“Ah, father!”

When the elderly man was pushed to the ground.

Seeing that, his young daughter rushed over to his side.

Seeing her, the knight grabbed the hand of the young girl.

“Ho, you have one cute puppy here.”

“Let, let me go, please let me…”

“You don’t have to be afraid, I won’t eat you.”

When the army knight tried to harass the girl, Luke who couldn’t watch it anymore interfered.

“Do your work right. Weren’t you informed to not harm the unarmed civilians?” Asked Luke.

“What is it with you again?” Asked the frustrated knight.

“From where did you even…”

Annoyed knights turned their heads in the direction of the voice.

They were almost ready to take down the man who opposed them, but they were shocked to see Luke’s face.

“Hick!, sorry, excuse us, Red Wolf Captain!”

“I am not the one you need to be apologizing for, it is him.” Stated Luke.

Hearing those words, the knights turned in the direction of the restaurant owner and bowed to him, quickly disappearing after that.

Luke and his party looking at those knights couldn’t help but feel irritated.

“Look at their clothes, they aren’t even the normal knights, they are paladins.”

“That too was part of the Central Army!”

“How are they even being allowed to use the divine power? Does the God have no concept?”

“Sir Philip, you shouldn’t be saying those words in front of others.”

In retrospect, Schmidt, a serial killer, also was able to use divine power.

Thinking about that, Luke thought that the divine power could be a different form of power than the one God might allow.

“Anyway, the captain’s position is different. They just look at your face and run away…”

Just as Philip was saying, there was no one in the army who didn’t know the faces of Luke or the Red Wolf Mercenaries.

It was due to the fact that the captain of such named mercenary had smashed down the Meteor Strike.

The scenes before their death were so shocking that every single detail of it got clearly embedded into their brain.

“It is hard to be a famous person. It will turn into a huge deal if Emperor Rudolf notices.” Luke stated the known fact.

“What to do if he notices? Let’s just succeed in here and eat the entire Holy Empire. Wouldn’t that be easy for us when we fight the Baroque Empire?” Asked Philip.

Luke couldn’t help but smile at Philip’s words.

There was nothing bad about becoming famous.

It meant that the time to meet Reina was getting closer.

Upon returning to the lodgings and having their dinner, some of the Red Wolf mercenaries rested while the others sparred with each other.

At that time, a mercenary in charge of the lodge opened his mouth looking at men who seemed to be snooping.

“What is it with you guys?”

They went alarmed at the question. Their attire and their clothes were like they were mercenaries.

“That, we were interested in joining the Red Wolf Mercenaries who are over there!”

“What?” Asked the mercenary who was watching.

“We were very impressed with Lev who blew up the meteor last time. Please accept us!”

At the words of the mercenary, those who were behind him, who too wanted to join, ran close and begged.

“We will work very hard!”

“My arrows have never missed a single target on the battlefield.”

“I am not that great when it comes to fighting, but I can cook really well.”

‘What, what is this? Why all of a sudden?’

When the Red Wolf Mercenary had smashed the Garlic Mercenaries for the first time, several mercenaries wanted to join them.

But seeing Luke and Philip heartlessly work the newbies, they all left before even joining. And after that incident, there were no more volunteers.

But once again volunteers were appearing. It was proof that the status of the Red Wolf Mercenary had changed.

“Ehhheh, how can we not take you?”

“I can even do the chores…”

Before the Gigantic duel, the Red Wolf Mercenary had just one capable mercenary, but currently, it was the only mercenary with one Master class; Rune knight and Expert riders.

Naturally, as time went by, the reputation of the mercenaries rose, and the other mercenaries would run over to them.

Perhaps the legendary mercenary king was reborn after 300 years.

The Mercenary King Gilford, though he wasn’t in the same par as Warrior Rakan, he made the mighty men of his time kneel down.

Among them was the famous Sword Sage, the Fist Master of the Southern Continent, and the 8 circle Arch Mage.

Towards such a powerful mercenary Gilford, swarms of mercenaries had flocked.

As the number united, the numbers increased, which made it impossible for any kingdom to even touch him.

However, as it was a ground without any strong roots, it couldn’t last long after the death of Gilford.

The mercenaries went back to the nobles who wanted to recruit them and began to work for the pay like they used to before.

The past mercenaries told the legend of the mercenary king when they first stepped into the line of a mercenary.

However, while many mercenaries had dreamed of the return of the legend, most of them soon realized that their dreams were had to be thrown into the gutter.

But then, a man close to the legend appeared once again!

“Please accept us! We have been starving for three days.”

“In my hometown, my scary wife and kids like the elves are waiting for me to make money.”

“Ah, fine, understood. Wait a moment, I will go and ask the captain.”

The mercenary who was guarding the lodging went to Luke’s room and announced what had happened. Luke listening to the story nodded.

“If they are willing to train like the Garlic gang, then accept them.” Told Luke.

As he has already accepted the Garlic mercenaries, Luke had thought that a few more wouldn’t make many problems at all.

Hundreds of volunteers a day would flock to join the Red Wolf mercenary.

Some small mercenaries even called for a merger.

“This is a huge deal. It is needed to find the usable men and train them and secure the funding for their operation.”

Victor seemed very worried, but Luke smiled as if it wasn’t a huge deal.

“You don’t have to concern yourself with that since we already have what we need. In addition to that, apart from Count Marcus, there are a lot of nobles on run for us.”

As Luke states, from Marquis Valentino, the current chief commander of the army, the other high ranking commanders and nobles, whenever there was time, would invite Luke for dinner or send him expensive gifts.

And the most enthusiastic men of them all were Count Marcus and Bishop Maxim.

They put all kinds of offers and additional benefits to bring in Luke, but Luke had turned them all down saying that he would decide once the subjugation was over.

In normal situations, no nobleman would stand still when their pride got hurt.

However, Luke’s reputation grew so high that they didn’t mind waiting and asking him for it.