Emperor of Steel

Chapter 227 - Meteor Strike 2

Chapter 227: Meteor Strike 2

Kwa kwa kwa!

The sky was black all over.

The smoke produced by the meteor being burned by the friction heat of the atmosphere was everywhere.

The end was near.

Luke, who flew in horror and despair, summoned Kratos, which was in his subspace bracelet.

“It is very hard to intercept those Meteor Strike with my current magic, but if I can manage to amplify my magic with the core engine of the hero class Gigant…!”

In fact, it wasn’t entirely possible, but he had to do something. Whether it could or couldn’t be achieved, it was a situation where something had to be done.

“Go, Titan Fist!”

7 circle Magic attack, Titan Fist.

It was definitely weaker than the dark magic that Luke could currently perform, but it had the advantage of being amplified by the Gigant’s core engine.

If so, its power would be stronger than a wizard’s dark magic.

The Titan Fist, amplified by the core engine, formed a huge fist and flew toward the meteor.


The Titan Fist directly hit it. However, the meteor with its horrifying weight, force, and kinetic energy didn’t even move.

“Dammit! How am I supposed to break this thing?!”

Seeing that Luke drew magic once again and manifested it, the magic that appeared then was the Cyclone Wave, which was also another 7 circle magic.

It was a shockwave enhancement, and its effects could be amplified when produced with a Gigant’s core engine.

Creating a magical storm it blew up the mountains, but as soon as it touched the Meteor Strike, it became helpless.

“Tch! Ice Blow! Fire Explosion!”

Luke struck the meteor with magic in succession, but none of them seemed to make any damage or change the path.

Even though they couldn’t smash it, he thought that he could at least blow them away from their path, but Luke failed at it terribly.

‘Maybe this can’t be done?’

Frustration rose, but Luke tried to shake it out of his head.

He couldn’t give up in that situation.

He wasn’t out of power. He had a lot of power still in him.

“Kuk, yeah! If things are like this, I need to do it and see if it will work or not.”

Activate all the abilities at once.

Magic, Dark magic, Auras and the demonic powers!


The first things which were triggered were the demon abilities.

Luke pulled out Build-up to the 2nd phase, and his potential exploded.


On the surface of the armor of Kratos, a golden aura rose like a flame. Gold Aura was expressed in the form of a Gigantic Aura.

Its name was Gold Gigantic Aura.

The knights, who saw that scene, were in marvel, but Luke who was casting it was suffering tremendously.

“Kuk! Dammit, this! Crashing!”

It wasn’t known about the general aura form, but the Gold Aura wasn’t a perfect match with the demonic abilities.

Luke had gone to the Holy Empire to find out the reason.

The warrior Rakan was a paladin of the Saint Guard.

That was why the Gold and Silver Sword, which he had created, were developed from the Holy Sword which the paladins learned.

Unlike the Holy Sword, the development process didn’t need divine power, but the nature of the anti-dark magic had remained intact.

No, it was far more destructive when it came to annihilating the Magi than the Holy Sword.

‘I-I need to keep up! I can’t lose to Rakan’s sword!’

While biting his lip, Luke began to manifest dark magic, Thousand Blitz.

However, instead of throwing them toward the meteor, he used them to push his Kratos toward the meteor, which was wrapped in the Gold Gigantic Aura.


Luke rushed to the meteor faster than the wind because of the effect of Thousand Blitz.

‘Last one, Titan Fist!’

The magic had already failed once, but unlike the first time, Luke was already open with various abilities, and he didn’t intend to shoot it down anymore. He was going to smash it.

If this attempt failed too, then everything was over.

At the last minute, Luke grabbed the guardian locket that Reina had given him.

‘Reina, give me strength!’

At that moment, with a burning hope, Kratos collided with the meteor.

A white light began to take over Luke.

The cathedral in the capital, Bless.

There was a mass underway to pray for the peace of the Holy Empire and the well-being of the people.

Archbishop Constantine originally attempted a mass to pray for the victory of the army, but he failed to do that because of the strict opposition from Veronica III.

‘Tch, it’s getting difficult with her constantly rebelling against us!’

Constantine looked at the virgin pope with a heated expression.

Veronica, who was kneeling and praying in front of the altar where Lord El Kassel and the goddess of earth Belize was placed, she suddenly rose up.


“What is it, Your Holiness?”

Grand Duke Gregory, hurried over to the pope.

A thin voice escaped from Veronica’s mouth as if she was feeling dazed.

“… I am being called.”

“Uh? What do you mean by that?”

“He is calling me.”

Veronica’s body began to glow brightly with Wings of Light.

Everyone in the cathedral was astonished, but soon, they all went down on their knees and placed their hands on their chest.

Was a miracle going to happen again?

While everyone was expecting, the brilliant light surrounding Veronica soon disappeared.

Duke Gregory hurriedly supported her, who was losing her consciousness and was struggling to stay on her feet.

“T-the Holy Pope has fallen!”

“Take her to the palace right away!”

The mass was stopped right away.

No miracle had happened then.

Everyone was looking over at the other with a puzzled expression.

Maybe the miracle happened to a different place instead of the people in the mass.


Flames flashed in the sky, and they were violently bursting and shaking.

The citizens of Eisenberg, who were unexpectedly caught up in the warfare, were looking at the sky, expecting their imminent demise.

“Kuk, what the hell is this?”

“What is happening here?!”

The people nearby were in a mess.

The people fled or hid deep in their houses. The knights and soldiers, who fought against one another, were down in dumps. The priests were beginning to accept the opposing denomination.

A huge meteor was falling from the sky, and it caught the eyes of the soldiers.

It was literally a disaster.

Those who lost, those who had the upper hand, and those who were about to die, everyone shared the same feelings of horror.

“A-are we going to die?”

“Dammit! My legs, they are shaking! I can’t even move anymore!”

“Uhk! After this war, I was going to propose to Jennifer…”

Those in a panic and those who were devastated were crying.

That was when someone went out.

Appearing casually was a Gigant that flew to the sky, and it attacked the meteor.

However, the Gigant tried hitting the meteor, again and again, but the meteor was unfazed.

It was reckless. It was Impossible.

Everybody was frustrated. They all shook their heads knowing that it was impossible. A white light flashed and spread all over the place.

After a while, the people saw an amazing sight when the light faded.

The huge meteor split into pieces.


The people of Eisenberg saw the meteors fall into the wasteland.

The land shook, and soaring flames and dust soon entered the city.

However, the people didn’t care about that.

Everyone was tattered. They focused their attention on the Gigant that was falling from the sky.

The Gigant Kratos fought against the falling meteor and defeated it.

White light radiated from the steel Gigant the moment they clashed. The people cheered and embraced their lives.


“We are Alive! Alive!”

Thrilled, the men ran to Kratos, which had settled down in the city’s square.

Among them were the Rakan Knights, including Philip and Victor.


Luke smashed out through the rags and the broken breastplate and pushed his body out of the Gigant.

“Tch, this is completely gone. I should discard this.”

Kratos was so wrecked that it could no longer function as a Gigant.

Luke sighed with a sad expression and smiled as the men flocked over to him.

It was a pity that he lost his hero class Gigant, but he was glad that he saved a lot of people.