Emperor of Steel

Chapter 226 - Meteor Strike 1

Chapter 226: Meteor Strike 1

“Huhuhu, it finally starts.”

In a suburb quite far from Eisenberg, Lazlie smiled after seeing the giant meteor fall through the sky.

Count Ferrero, who was standing by his side, had an unpleasant expression.

“Is this why you told me to go here when the battle is turning against our favor?”

“Yes, either the count or Shirley are both needed by the Majesty. I can’t lose you people because of that.”

“So if we weren’t needed, you would have left us there?”

“Aie, do I look like such a kind of person?”

Count Ferrero frowned more upon hearing Lazlie’s answer.

As his face was laughing, the eyes of Lazlie were filled with some kind of cold malice.

‘This man is dangerous.’ was all he could think.

When Count Ferrero was thinking to himself, Shirley shrugged her shoulders while eating a cookie.

“But, this display of fireworks, are they the emperor’s orders?” Asked Ferrero.

“No, he didn’t give me any instructions.”

“Then you’re rebelling against Our Majesty’s orders by doing what you want? Does our Majesty want the Holy Empire to be confused?”

“I was just instructed to intervene at my own discretion, and after the fireworks, the Holy Empire would be more than confused.”

If 150,000 troops turned into ashes at once, the entire capital of Constantine would be seriously damaged.

The subterranean army which was participating on the side of Constantine would definitely fall especially Count Marcus.

“They will be confused and troubled for a while. In the meantime, the rebels will turn more intimidated by the faction of Constantine. Perhaps, ambitious characters like Duke Perrierd will rise up everywhere.”

If that was the case, it was natural for the Holy Arthenia Empire to collapse, and if they survived, they would turn into a small nation, and they would become more insignificant.

“In short, the fireworks are going to be a historic event. It is the prelude to the collapse of the Holy Arthenia Empire.”

“Wah, Lazlie-oppa is a scary person.”

Unlike Shirley who looked tired, Count Ferrero had a blatantly unpleasant expression. Even though he was a battle maniac, he didn’t think such steps were necessary.

In addition, there were quite a few residents in the city.

Marquis Parker didn’t introduce the villagers on what they were supposed to do in case of an enemy attack.

If the meteor fell in the city, around 300,000 innocent people would die.

“Anyway, I can’t help but celebrate such a historic event.”

Lazlie took out a wine bottle and glass from his bag.

He raised the bloody red wine glass toward the falling meteor, which was falling down with a tail of black smoke.

“Cheers to the Empire that shall disappear with the flames!”

“What is happening?”

“What is this tremendous wave…”

While Lazlie was having a toast, wizards rushed to the warehouse where Luke was.

Most of them were the iron mage soldiers of the army.

They weren’t as quick as Luke, but they came the moment they detected peculiar waves.

With a bitter expression on his face, Luke told them, “You idiots! Aren’t you supposed to know what happens around here?!”

“No, no way…”

They were looking at the meteor that was falling from the sky. They truly believed that Eisenberg would be destroyed should that meteor fall.

They were soon astonished to see the magic circle and the rubble blown out by Luke.

“This… Is this really true?”

“Ahh, God!”

“What kind of men would do such a thing?! Was this the rebels’ doing?”

While some of the wizards were in shock, the others ran to the quarters to relay the information,

Luke was still looking at the falling meteor.

‘Thinking about the mana that a meteor that size has, it can blow up not just the city but the surrounding regions too.’

The 150,000 troops that were brought into the city would be wiped out all at once.

In addition, the rebels and the citizens of Eisenberg would die.

However, it wasn’t the time to stay still and worry. The lives of his subordinates were at stake.

‘The teleport magic would allow Philip and the Rakan Knights to flee, but…’

There were things that caught Luke’s attention.

The willingness to fight the world made of beasts and anger toward the men who didn’t see the truth.

It was uncertain if the meteor strike was the rebels’ doing or the Baroque Empire that was secretly backing them.

However, it was the act of one evil man who didn’t care about the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

‘A war which uses any means necessary to win. I can’t deny it, but I’ll probably do the same. However, I want to wage war to punish my enemies and not have innocent lives get caught in it !’

This wasn’t a war.

This was plain massacre.

Such behaviors couldn’t be tolerated. If anyone was willing to benefit from such a loss, they must be stopped and punished.

Luke had made up his mind.

‘Will I be able to do it?’

The meteor was already close. The terrible figure was clearly visible, and its monster-like sound could be heard clearly.

Luke had already experienced this 500 years ago, and he managed to escape it.

At that time, the meteor strike was going toward a wasteland, and it wouldn’t be destroying that much since the only ones there in the wasteland were lifeless combat golems.

However, his current situation now wasn’t like that, and unlike then, he wasn’t in possession of 9 circle magic.


“I still need to try!”

As Luke flew to the sky…

The wizards were dazed after seeing him rush toward the meteor.