Emperor of Steel

Chapter 225 - Eisenberg Battle 5

“Dammit! Got through!”

Marquis Parker was under a rough battery.

But all that constant resistance went quiet when Luke struck back of his head and killed him.

Luke, immediately put the Kratos back in the subspace bracelet to clear the battlefield and handed Parker’s body over to Victor.

“Send this over to Count Marcus. Oh, don’t forget to tell him that we caught him with a lot of hard work.”

“Kukuku, understood.”

Luke who was done catching the fish, frowned.

He wasn’t able to see it because he was in a hurry to catch the Marquis, but he couldn’t see a lot of mercenaries including Gavel.

And they couldn’t be dead. The path of the shortcut, they rarely encountered any enemies.

If that was the case, it would be great if they were just tired and taking rest. However…

“Hehe, this is a mercenary?”

“That is right. How can one be so busy for being under a young captain?”

As Luke was going back the same way that he had come, he saw Gavel and few other mercenaries near shops on the busy streets.

In fact, it wasn’t just these guys who were plundering the stores.

The other mercenaries who were hired by the anti-revolutionary army were eager to plunder.

Of course, many people do that, and it didn’t even strike Luke’s mind that men would do such a thing.

His merit was indeed important, but anything flawed shouldn’t be done. That way, he can meet the Pope or Reina.

“Catch those men, and return all the looted items back to the owner.”



Luke suddenly got sick in the middle of giving out his second command.

He could feel something strong and enormous.

“Captain, is something wrong?”

“I have something to check. Have Philip do it for me.”

Luke took off and flew away with flying magic.

‘A lot of mana is responding. Are they trying to trigger something powerful?’

He didn’t know if the siege was going on. It wasn’t understandable that massive magic was unfolding when the city was about to fall.

After a while, Luke reached the point where tremendous mana waves were being detected.

A large warehouse with a pierced roof.

The problem was from that hole, a red light began to shine.

‘That! No way…!’

Luke rushed towards the warehouse and recalled a memory from 500 years back.

Even though he was reigning as the infamous demon, he had once seen the red light which soared in the sky.

It was a magical outpost that some wizards tried to hurt him.

“It can’t be. Dammit, it shouldn’t be!”

He was hoping for it to be mistaken, but something different from what he had thought.

But his hope was broken into a million pieces.

Luke reached the center of the warehouse and found a familiar form of magic. The large-sized ore and the certain arrangement was plugged into a certain magic.

“Dammit, what kind of a crazy person?!”

Luke hurriedly pulled the magic to break the magic circle.

However, the magic manifestation was already 80% over. The magic had been triggered by the magic circle which was running, so it couldn’t be canceled.

It was because the magic circle was just a ‘bow’.

Even if there was a bow, it made no sense if the arrows had already left the place. And the arrows would now fall on everyone’s head.

Ku Kuk Ku!

Luke gazed up to the sky to take a peek.

“We have no time to evacuate.”

Beyond the blue sky which could be seen from the open roof, he could see a glowing sea of stones.

Meteor Strike.

The catastrophe was falling at a terrible speed.