Emperor of Steel

Chapter 224 - Eisenberg Battle 4

The siege went on fiercely for days.

The power backing Konrad was unexpectedly strong, and the gates didn’t open easily.

Eisenberg had a lot of artillery and other weapons, and the number of Gigants was more than 100 from what the spies had reported.

However, the army had to occupy the gateway city and provide morale for the army that went full on offensive.

Luke and the Red Wolf Mercenaries, who were asked to wait on the first day were made to join the battle from the 4th day.

Luke, converted 2 of his Gigants for siege purpose just as he had learned from the Volga army attack. The canons were put on the gloves of the Gigants, and the infantry was burned to attack the walls.

Eisenberg’s walls were surely many times higher than the Torlot Fortresses border, so they couldn’t do much.

Which was why Luke added another tactic which included magic.

“Stone Edge!”


Large pillars of stone began to rise closer to the wall.

Seeing that, the commanders of the Konrad kingdom laughed at him.

“You idiots. To attack something, you need to do it from above…”

Their wish to ridicule soon disappeared.

The Red Wolf Mercenaries Giant’s climbed over the wall, as they slowly stepped off the rising stone pillars.

“Break, break the stone pillars! Stop them from reaching the top!”


Sadly for the Konrad kingdom soldiers, fires began to shower from the Gigants.

The troops placed on one side of the wall evaporated as bombardments flew in their direction, and the Red Wolf Mercenaries who climbed on the stone pillars built bridgehead.

“Dammit! Drive those enemies away!”

“Stop them! Don’t get pushed behind!”

Troops from the Konrad kingdom swarmed, but the Red Wolf Mercenaries took them down.

As riders like Luke and Philip defeated the enemy and prevented the shells which were coming their way, Rakan knights showed their dedication.

In addition, even though former Garlic mercenary, the men of Gavel too fought well.

Sometimes it was dangerous, but every time a command from Luke fell, they worked very hard.

“If you lose the bridgehead, you will be training for three days and nights!”


The staggered and exhausted mercenaries, the moment they heard the command, they soon began to use up their full strength.

Thinking about the hell-like training they were being given, no enemy could frighten them.

As the Red Wolf Mercenaries secured the bridgehead on the walls, Eisenberg began to change.

It wasn’t able to withstand the attacks from the anti-revolutionary army, which was pushing them day and night, and on the 5th day, the gate finally broke.

“Wah! The gate is open! All! Ahead!”

At the orders of the commanders of the army, the Gigants entered the castle city followed by horsemen and soldiers.

Luke and the other Red Wolf Mercenaries who played the biggest role in the siege marched into the town to establish whole new merits.

“Sire. We must retreat.”

At the words of the lieutenant, Marquis Parker nodded with a disturbed expression.

Fights were taking place on the streets and all over the city.

Enemies and allies were all tangled up in their own fights.

The allies were holding up, but over time, it would be cleared with the overwhelming forces of the imperial army.

‘In other words, there is no time to exit.’

Parker looked over at his lieutenant and asked.

“Did you ask the main force to retreat?”

“Yes, I left everyone except for the soldiers. So, you can retreat in confidence.”

Many of the Eisenberg’s troops were around the territory, and they joined the rebellion at a later time.

Parker decided to leave them as bait and sneaked out with the main force of the Konrad kingdom.

If he wasn’t able to protect the city, he was going to keep himself safe. That way, he can have a chance to pledge.

“Nice. But what about Lazlie and the Flying Dragons?” Asked Marquis.

“I wasn’t able to see it before, but they already retreated.”

“Tch. Those paid mercenaries…!”

When the Marquis was getting angry, the door opened with a knight running in. He had a lot of blood on his armor as if he was fighting with a lot of men.

“Commander! This won’t be enough. Give out the orders for retreat!”

He asked Marquis Parker with a muffled voice.

“This is the first time that I am seeing your face, who are you?”

“The newly assigned, Lord Luzana…Kuak!”

Before he could even identify himself, a sword ran through the knight’s chest. An escort of Marquis sneaked behind and stabbed him from the back.

There was distrust in the eyes of the knights who seemed to choose any side that would let him live.

“Uh, why would you…”

“Hu huhu, for us to have a safe retreat, you men need to stay here.”

The knight couldn’t even respond to the wicked words of Marquis Parker.

“You, you men, will be punished.”

With those final words, the knight dropped dead.

“Punished? Hahaha, you idiot! If there really was any punishment, then we would have already been served the moment we decided to use the people of the city as humans shields?”

Marquis Parker laughed at the dying knight and escaped the quarters along with a few escorts.

Of course, before leaving, he didn’t forget to set fire to the main documents such as operation order.

“Uh! The secret passage in the ground for the messengers…!”

Listening to the lieutenant, Marquis Parker got on top of a horse, however, he was suddenly engulfed in a storm.

“Sir, Sire!”

“Kuk! What is happening all of a sudden?”

“What do you mean by sudden. We were sent to get the commander.”

With a very clear voice, a group of men with five Gigants appeared in front of Marquis Parker.

They were Luke and his Red Wolf Mercenary.

The last sudden storm was Luke’s wind magic.

“Are you the commander of Eisenberg? I don’t really have anything against you, but I’ll have to take down your neck as proof.”

From the very first day of the siege, Luke wasn’t just waiting still.

During the day, he rolled out the Gavel gang with training, but at night, he snuck into the Eisenberg city with the help of magic.

So, he kept trying to figure out the walls and the architecture of the city.

Which was why he was able to show up at the quarters much earlier than anyone.


“Sire, we need to move fast!”

Though inferior to the mercenaries, Parker’s loyal escorts rushed towards the Red Wolf.

Sadly, however, they were quickly overpowered, and Marquis Parker who was trying to flee at the expense of escorts and his people was sieged by Luke’s hold magic.