Emperor of Steel

Chapter 223 - Eisenberg Battle 3

When Luke defeated Count Schmidt, the atmosphere of the Gigantic Duel changed entirely.

From the third day, the masters of the army, who aimed for merit gain, began to compete.

However, the same went for the Konrad Kingdom; they began to do their best as well.

“This man! Take my sword!”


As the two gigantic auras collided, waves spread.

What was pushed back this time was the master of the Anti-Revolutionary Army.

“Uhahahaha! You thought you can beat me with that simple attack!?”

A golden Gigant with three horns on its forehead shook its head and began to shout.

The face of the knights of the Anti-Revolutionary Army’s side became distorted.

“Bastard Ferreird! I was willing to lend my hero class Gigant Sartak!”

“But, who was the mercenary who identified himself as Sancho?”

On the side of the Konrad Kingdom was a monster like rider who smashed two Gigants of the enemy’s side.

He identified himself as Mercenary Captain Sancho and was told to hold great skills.

“Do you think that it could be some sort of support from the foreign empires?”

“I feel the same way as well, sire. I suppose that he is…”

As they all shared their speculations, the shield held by the rebel Gigants shattered. Both the hands of the Gigants had gone numb due to the shock.

“This, this is! Run away!” Bishop Maxim shouted with a shabby expression.

The master class rider, who was fighting Sancho, was a paladin who had worked very hard for the past 20 years instead of Marius.

Except for the Saint Guards, there were only two master class paladins in the Holy Empire, and such treasure couldn’t be lost.

But before the paladin could run away, Sancho used his huge sword.

The Gigant was broken into two pieces, and its upper and lower body rolled on the ground.

“Wah! Captain Sancho has won!”

“Sancho! Sancho!”

On the walls of Eisenberg, the soldiers of the Konrad Kingdom screamed and cheered for the victorious mercenary rider.

“Haha! Shout louder! Louder!”

His Gigant raised its hands higher in response to the cheers. After seeing that, Philip looked flustered.

‘I don’t get it. Why is Count Ferrero here?’

He wasn’t sure about it at first, but the thick voice and familiar battle style that followed through the multiple Gigant battles assured Philip that it indeed was Count Ferrero.


Philip squeezed Luke’s arm.

“What? What is it now?”

“That mercenary called Sancho, he is a person I know very well.”

“What did you say?”

That piqued Luke’s curiosity. He turned around and looked at Philip.

“Who is it?”

“Count Ferrero, the vice-captain of the Baroque Knights of Guard. I’m sure of that.”

The bandit’s face appeared in Luke’s mind. The human being who constantly bothered him into a fight whenever they crossed paths.

Why was he there? Sancho? Why was he disguised under such an ugly name?!

‘Maybe he has come to help the rebels under the command of Emperor Rudolf.’

He wasn’t able to see it.

For the Baroque Empire, the more in trouble the Holy Arthenia Empire was, the better would be the situation for their own empire.

‘Should I fight?’

In the Imperial Palace, Luke refused to reveal his skills and refused Ferrero’s request to battle.

But the situation now was different. There was no way one would even open their mouth in that place.

When Luke was under that thought, other captains and commanders were talking with a serious expression.

“Chief commander, it doesn’t make any sense to have a Gigantic war anymore.”

“Right, let’s prepare for a siege right away.”

There were a lot of variables in a Gigantic Duel.

There were unknown mercenary riders, and they were catching the other masters.

In other words, another person might appear in the future and take down one of their leaders again.

The existence of one Sword Master was equivalent to a thousand knights.

In addition, one’s natural talent in swordsmanship, enormous effort, and luck could bring in achievement.

It was a painful loss to lose a precious being to just some mysterious mercenary.

“Hmm, maybe that indeed is the right option. Okay, send the command about the siege to the troops.”

Marquis Valentino ordered the attack.



Along with the sound of a big horn trumpet, the Anti-Revolutionary Army began to bust in.

The Konrad Kingdom’s camp felt the impending attack and was ready to defend.

‘Tch, I wanted to fight with that Lev guy…’ Count Ferrero, who was waiting for his next battle, thought to himself.

If he could take down Schmidt, then Count Ferrero thought that a battle with him was going to be an exciting one, but the situation turned disappointing.

Thud thud thud!

When the siege was ready, the drums began to sound. The Gigants on standby and the siege troops’ weapons that were made and moved over two days ago were pushed ahead.


“Hush, hush!”


White smoke rose from the walls all at once, and shells had begun to fly.


The running Gigants raised their shields.

Tuong! Tung! Tututung!

Some Gigants got hit by the shells, but most of them were blocked.

In the process, some of the Gigants were marked, and they got shot multiple times, resulting in their armors to be crushed.

There were also cases where logs were thrown to the Gigants that had their shields raised.

“Run! The first rider who breaks the gates or climbs over the walls will have 1,000 pesos as a prize given by the chief commander himself!”


At the end of those words, the Gigants morale was boosted, and they pushed ahead more vigorously.

It was when they were trying to achieve such fleets when the ground under their feet shook. The ground began to break, revealing hundreds of Gigants.

“What?! The enemy!”

“Everyone! Be on guard!”

The sudden advent of the enemy troops confused the Anti-Revolutionary Army.

Without letting the opportunity getaway, the Konrad Kingdom’s rebel troops blasted ahead.

Kwaaak! Kwang!

A battle broke in front of the wall. Things went frantic as people kept hitting, breaking and killing each other.

At first, the Anti-Revolutionary Army seemed to have the advantage, but they were soon overpowered.


“Get into the tunnel they came from!”

The Gigant troops immediately retreated into the tunnel at once.

As the army’s Gigants entered the tunnel, Konrad Kingdom’s engineers destroyed the tunnel with pre-set explosives.

As a result, several Gigants were buried alive.

“Oh, we have no time to hesitate! Break off the gate!”

“3rd squadron, occupy the wall!”

As there were so many Gigants, Luke had no idea what he was supposed to do.

Count Marcus ordered the Red Wolf Mercenaries to wait. He intended to use them once their opponent ran out of stamina and then send them when riders like Sancho came out.

So, Luke and five other Red Wolf Mercenaries watched as the battle happen.

“Captain, I thought that things would be different since this is the Holy Empire, but their siege method is still the same?” Philip, who was watching the scene from Luke’s side, said.

The war tactics of the Holy Arthenia Empire were very similar to the Baroque Empire except for the presence of priests, paladins, and monks.

“This is a place where people live as well. They have similar lifestyles and ways of thought, so their combat styles are similar as well.”

“I guess that’s how it is, but when will we start?”

They weren’t at the forefront, but making them stay at the back was hard for them to handle.

The knights had a chance to gain experience, and if Luke couldn’t build merit, it would be difficult for him to meet Veronica III or Princess Reina.

“It’s okay. This isn’t a castle that can be occupied in a day or two. Our chance will surely come.”

“Then I’ll just lean back and take some rest then.”

“Yeah. In the meantime, let’s train some of them.”

The term ‘them’ referred to the former Garlic Mercenaries who joined the Red Wolf’s gang.

After hearing that, Gavel jumped up in shock.

“Well, wasn’t there a command for the 2nd squadron to wait?”

Luke nodded at Gavel’s question.

“Yes, we will wait and train ourselves.”

“But if we run out of breath, won’t it be hard to fight?”

“When you fight, you build up strength. Do what I am telling you instead of constantly drinking.”

Eventually, Gavel’s party had to carry out the affectionate training that Luke had given them until the siege ended.