Emperor of Steel

Chapter 221 - Eisenberg Battle 1

“Is this the land of Warrior Rakan?”

A month after Luke had left for the Holy Empire, an unexpected guest had visited the Marquis Rakan.

The guest was Margareta, the princess of Navarre Duchy.

The retainers of Rakan were amazed after seeing her appearance, accompanied by hundreds of attendants, including the maids and the escorts.

Although it was known to be a small country, the visit from their royal family was something that had never happened in history.

So the retainers have greeted the party of Margareta which had crossed into their estates.

“Welcome to the Rakan Estates.”

“You must be?”

“I am the family butler of Rakan family, Hans. Who has been placed in charge of the lordship.”

Hans politely bowed after carefully looking at Princess Margareta.

‘Kuh, She ate away two of her husbands, but…’

The moment they had received the letter, he had been suspicious of her visit to Rakan.

According to a messenger sent by Margareta, it was stated that she was very thankful to them for preventing the ravages caused by the monster wave and said that she would like to visit the Rakan’s tomb.

But Hans didn’t think of it as the real reason.

It was because there had been a story going around by the Unicorn Knights who had been to the Navarre.

“When we went to the Navarre, I saw the Lord hide himself in the residence of Princess Margareta. Twice!”

At first, the words of knight Anna weren’t believed.

It was because Hans knew how much Luke loved Princess Reina and how heartbroken he had been when he came to know about her disappearance.

But seeing Margareta, he seemed to understand why Luke could have taken such a ‘deviation’.

‘Maybe she seduced the broken-hearted Lord with extravagant looks. Otherwise, the Lord would have never done it.’

While thinking, he had come up with another possibility.

‘No way, it can’t be the Lord, the ‘friend’ must have misunderstood. Maybe she thought that it was the Lord and got deceived.’

While Hans was thinking of a convincing reason, he heard the words of Margareta.

“Is Marquis Luke there?”

“Ah, yes. He is very busy with the works, so he has sent me over instead. I hope you understand this.”

“Ah, that so?”

In reality, he had gone to the Holy Empire, and Hans did give out part truth. And Margareta who wasn’t much aware of the situation couldn’t really ask anything.

She decided to head to the Empire as she didn’t want to end her life as a princess on a small border.

So, trying to swallow her pride she moved to the empire. To enchant the nobles of the Empire with the magic of Arachne’s magic tower, which she had inherited.

Going there, she did succeed in deceiving a few lords and nobles.

But she failed to make them surrender their territory or the title, for them the little princess from the border was an excuse for being busy.

Which was why Margareta turned her eyes towards Rakan.

It was a town that produces superior knights in a traditional manner, and it was said that recently they had been developed with trades, mines, steel, and southern continent contacts.

In addition, he was building a magic tower and was extending it, which meant that he had the ambition and blood to succeed.

‘Since I am not some stranger, so he won’t refuse to face me.’

The other time, she had terribly failed to seduce Luke.

But now, she honed much more magic skills and learned a few more things, so she thought that there would be no problem.

‘There, will Sebastian be over there?’

Her face, which suddenly remembered the elegant appearance of Sebastian turned red.

She was here to meet Sebastian rather than talk with the Lord.

After 2 years, the thought of the cat made her heart pound and turned her body hot.

“I want to see the Lord as quickly as possible.”

“Yes, please follow me. The guide will take you there.”

Hans turned around and frowned thinking about Margareta. He was suddenly feeling glad that Luke had gone away.

The permanent residence of the Rakan territory.

Dixon and a few other administrators were looking at their Lord, or ‘fake lord’, who seemed exactly like the lord and was reviewing the papers.

After reviewing the report of the expansion of the Lamer Port, the fake lord yawned loudly and quickly began to drift into sleep.

Seeing that, Dixon shouted.

“Work, Sebastian!”

“I am up! I will do my very best!”

Waking up, Sebastian quickly read the report.

Sebastian with his ability to transform had turned into Luke and was working the permanent residence as Luke’s representative.

Luke had introduced him to the estate retainers shortly before his departure. Speaking of the demons, they did call out a lot of uproars.

As the demon had turned itself into a human.

They couldn’t help but feel shocked when Sebastian had turned into an exact copy of Luke.

There was doubt that maybe there was hidden blood of Rakan’s somewhere.

But they had no one suspicious to look for. Unlike the serious Luke, Sebastian was quite frivolous.

‘Oh my, if I knew such a thing would happen, I would never brag to Lord about turning into him…’

As Sebastian was regretting it late, the door of the office had opened wide and an attendant had entered.

“Princess Margareta has arrived!”

At those words, the retainers all turned towards Sebastian with a troubled expression.

“You can’t afford to make any mistake, understood?”

“Huh, worry about it later.”

“Fix your tone, then I will worry about it later.”

“Yes yes, never make a mistake with the older people.”

Sebastian headed to the meeting room along with the retainers who couldn’t keep their minds calm.

Meanwhile, Margareta was waiting for Luke to enter the meeting room, smiling a sulky smile while applying something on her lips.

“The temptation of Cavano. It is a weakness that makes one into a slave of the one who kisses.”

It was a hard material to get, yet was very effective, but when used there was a problem.

However, she did see it with her own eyes that Luke had no sort of fascination or was overwhelmed with her.

‘Anyway, if I make Luke succumb to me, his estates, army, and Sebastian…’

When Margareta was excited about seeing the cat, the door opened and a lot of characters had entered.

Margareta who had a nasty smile on her face got up and looked for the Marquis.

“It has been a very long time, Marquis.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Princess Margareta. Wasn’t it tough getting all the way here?”


Margareta was surprised when she saw Luke.

The warm voice and the dignified appearance which could make one’s body tremble and heart pound.

‘This is exactly what I felt of Akbar Fortress two years ago, why is this?’

At that time, Margareta was excited to see Luke and she wasn’t aware of how to handle it. She wanted to make him hers.

But when the war ended, the feelings had disappeared almost as if they were washed away by the cat of Marquis.

But what was making her feel so attracted to the Marquis once again?

While princess Margareta was embarrassed, Marquis Rakan’s lord Luke or Sebastian, smiled.

‘Huh, were you thinking of trying to seduce my master with such a little trick?’

The pride of being a demon, Sebastian was aware of various poisons and medicines.

So it was fascinating to see the lips of Princess Margareta who was plotting something.

However, Sebastian bowed respectfully to the princess without speaking ill.

“I was busy with my work on the estate, so I wasn’t able to greet you. Please do forgive me.”

“Ah, not at all. It was wrong of me to suddenly send a message like that.”

Margareta, bending a little, lifted the hem of her dress.

Two years later, and she still hadn’t escaped from the pheromone.

She soon forgot about her ambitious plans to seduce the Rakan Marquis and the idea of Sebastian.

‘This stupid bitch, you came with your own conviction to turn into my meal…’

Sebastian was licking his lips.

The twisted desires and the negative emotions that Margareta had harbored were stronger than ever.

From the standpoint of the demon Sebastian, who sucked in the mental energy of the humans, it was a great meal.

‘Yeah, if it wasn’t for the retainers, I would have eaten you right here.’

From Sebastian’s standpoint, who knew how the Rakan family operated like, he couldn’t just go around doing what he wanted.

In the worst-case scenario, he could cause misunderstandings between Princess Margareta and his master.

‘I don’t have to get upset right away, as there might be other ways to eat secretly. Moreover, it is my style to eat something that I lay my eyes on.’

As Sebastian was acting sneaky, a knight had rushed into the room.

And he could know by looking at the Knight’s face that something had happened.

“What happened?”

“Baron Rogers has fallen!”

“What, what did you say?”

Sebastian and all the other retainers were surprised.

Rogers was currently the commander of the army, he was Luke’s mentor and supporter when it came to the Gold Sword.

His skills had improved a lot over the years, breaking the wall of a master, he turned into a Sword Master.

Such a person had fallen!

“What the hell had happened?”

At Hans’s question, the knight’s mouth opened after some hesitation.

“That, a strange knight had wandered in and asked for a duel…”


The knight’s words went buried in the sound of a roar.

Everyone’s eyes went in the direction of the roar. It was in the direction of the knight’s parade ground and black smoke was rising.

‘This, what is suddenly happening here?’

Sebastian was trembling without realizing it.

Very strong and scary energy could be detected on the side of the parade ground.

The energy was a lot similar to his Master, or maybe even more.