Emperor of Steel

Chapter 220 - Gigantic Duel 5


Count Schmidt screamed while running ahead.

The speed at which he moved was so intense that the atmosphere seemed to have split into two.

Luke moved away to avoid getting attacked.

But every time Luke tried to avoid the attack, another attack from Count Schmidt came right at him.

Eventually, he realized that there would be no proper answer if he kept on trying to avoid the attacks, and he decided to smash the deformed Schmidt’s sword with the huge sword his Gigant was holding.



Luke’s rusted Kratos rolled backward with a blast after the hit.

‘No! he must be crazy!’

After all, no damage had been done to Kratos, so Schmidt was astonished.

It had to be like the huge sword and the Gigant’s right arm that had prevented the attack had to be smashed, but it wasn’t. The moment Luke’s huge sword went to hit, he had created a blue shield.

“Magic? You are a Rune Knight?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Luke replied to Schmidt who was frowning.


“Dammit, a wizard to turn into a knight, but you know only half the real magic. Don’t think that the magic will continue to work on me, a paladin!”

Unlike the magic which can be used to elements of fire, ice, lightning and etc. the Divine power was limited for utilization.

However, it was pure which made it powerful, absolute and transcendent in nature.

Therefore, no magic could ever break the divine magic or the power it held.

“Magic, obviously you would opt for it, you are one trivial human! You won’t be able to stand the divine power given to me by the God!”

At Schmidt’s sarcasm, Luke rushed in creating both magic and Gigantic aura on both his hands.

“If I can or not, let’s deal with this first and then judge!”

Kwang! Kwang!

A real battle had unfolded between the two.

Luke attacked Count Schmidt with his sword and magic, and Schmidt tried to take down Luke with the Stinger Sword and Assaulter.

But contrary to what everyone thought about Schmidt having a one-sided victory, the show was tilting towards Luke.

Unexpectedly, Luke turned out to be good at both swordsmanship and magic.

Count Schmidt was shocked as he saw the incredible divine shield built by him get broken.

“This makes no sense! You, you must have had a 6 circle magic!”

To break the divine shield which had been amplified by a hero-class Gigant, one had to be at least a 6 circle wizard.

But as Count Schmidt knew, none of the recent Rune knights had reached the level.

“6 circle? Unfortunately, I’m more than that.”

“Kuk, where did such a man come from…?!”

Schmidt had to admit that the opponent he was facing was strong.

The man was a Rune Knight and was someone who could be heard in the legends and myths.

Sword Master class with magic higher than 6th circle.

That person could be one of the strongest person in the Holy Empire as well as the entire continent.

Where did such a monster appear without any rumors going around?

“Identify yourself! You were never a mercenary from the start!”

“So what if I am a mercenary or if I am not? Right now, you should be worrying about your life now, aren’t I right?” Asked Luke.

“Kuk! This kid!”

Count Schmidt’s eyes turned red.

He decided to show the hidden secret of his to fight against the Sword Master of the enemy.

“Stinger Storm!”


The uneven sword of Count Schmidt began to glow along with wind whirling around it.

As the speed of rotation had increased, it seemed like a red storm of sphere had emerged.

No, it was a real storm. Because of the dirt which was around and moving up and down, all the stones and weeds were being pulled away.

“Kya Kyakya! This is a bit too much for your level but, die!”

Count Schmidt threw his sword right at Luke.


The Stinger Storm jumped into the air with a tremendous roar and touched Luke’s Gigant.


Luke unleashed a 7 circle magic power from his left land, it was a defensive magic.

Several layers of dark blue magic appeared and blocked Stinger Storm.

It seemed to have held it for long, but soon the blue film began to get torn off and the Aegis magic began to break.

“Hu hu hu, that magic cannot stop the Stinger Storm!”

Count Schmidt believed in his victory.

But the huge sword held in Luke’s right hand changed in a moment.


As light arose, it cut the huge sword which belonged to Count Schmidt.

“Kuk! It makes no sense!”

Count Schmidt screamed as he and his Stinger Storm was extinguished.

And it wasn’t Luke’s idea to stay still at an open opportunity.

Quickly clearing the gap between, he slashed right through the core engine with an Impact Aura which surpassed the Gigantic aura.

“This, this…!”

It wasn’t just an impact.

Count Schmidt looked surprised as he had noticed something.

Although hidden from the light and heat which was bursting due to the Impact Aura, the power was vivid and from the swordsmanship of a legendary model.

“You, you must be!”

“Hu hu hu, think of it as an honor to die in the hands of a Gold Sword of Warrior Rakan.”

Luke whispered so that Schmidt was the only one could hear it.

“Ah, no! this makes no sense! I, the chosen one of the God! Cant die here…!”

Schmidt opened the breastplate and tried to escape.

But the core engine had exploded much faster than he could escape.

A hero class Gigant with 3,000 fight had exploded. The gas had shattered, and the fire began to spread out everywhere.

Ten years ago, the villain Schmidt, who raped and killed dozens of women in the name of God, died without even leaving behind his body.


Shock and surprise had settled around.

Those who watched the duel of the two Gigants were wide-eyed, both the enemies and the allies.

Silence resided over for a while.

Soon, shouts had come out from the Anti-revolutionary army side.

“Wahhh! Our side has won again.”

“Red Wolf Captain, cheers!!”

The Konrad side turned stiff on the other side.

“This can’t be! Count Schmidt was strong!”

The face of Marquis Parker, who was watching the confrontation at the wall, turned strained.

He had never imagined that Count Schmidt, who was always prepared for the world to change, would die.

If the opponent whom Schmidt went against was a Sword Master of the Holy Empire, then he might have believed it.

However, the opponent was nothing but a mercenary, whose name was never heard.

He looked at Sancho and Count Ferrero who stood behind him.

“I can only put my hope in you, Sancho. Please take revenge for Count Schmidt.”

If the Gigantic Duel was stopped midway, the morale of the rebels would drop.

When the battle had to stop, they should at least end after killing one Sword Master.

Fortunately, Count Ferrero was much better than Schmidt.

“But, where did Lord Lazlie go to?”

Asked Parker looking around.

“I am not sure. He said that there was something that he wanted to see and receive down to the wall a while ago.”

“Really? Anyway, I ask of you again, please consider this.”

Marquis Parker couldn’t even imagine what Lazlie had gone to get.

If he knew what was going on, he would have never asked Count Ferrero for help.

“Huh? Schmidt is gone?”

Lazlie seemed surprised at the report from his subordinate.

“This is true. There seems to be a very strong knight amidst the anti-revolutionary army.”

Which made him a little worried whether Count Ferrero would lose but soon shook the thought out of his head.

He knew that Ferrero wouldn’t lose so easily as he was a fighter who preferred to battle much more than eating.

And what if he did lose?

It wasn’t like they had taken a faction.

In other words, they were all just words and movements that were happening according to the Baroque Emperor’s orders.

“Well, it was good to know. How far was the work done?”

Lazlie had entered the Holy Empire and brought not just disguised knights and war supplies and mercenaries.

He had secretly brought a dozen of 6 to 7 circle wizards from the Baroque Imperial magic tower.

They were currently made to work on something in the Eisenberg city, a man who heard his question replied.

“I have completed the magic equation calculation and I am drawing the magic circle. When the magic circle is completed, the magic energy will flow and magic can be used immediately.”

“Uhm, we are running out of time, so try to make it quick!”

“Yes, we understand.”

As his subordinate disappeared after the order, Lazlie smiled.

“Beat yourself to a pulp. Whether you are the rebel or the army. I will decorate a graceful end for this battle, Ha ha ha!”

Thinking about the future was fun for him, he looked up at the sky and burst into laughter.