Chapter 22: The Black Knight Appears 5



Along with a huge scream, the buckler shattered, and the blue Gigant Achilles got pushed back.

‘Eukkk! For this to happen!’

Blood began to flow out of Mileon’s lips.

The mana, which flowed temporarily inside the Gigant, blocked the attack from Philip which was stronger than expected. And in the midst of all that commotion, he was biting on his lip out of fear.

“Dammit, he isn’t just an ordinary person.”

Until the opponent managed to manifest the gigantic aura, Mileon was confident that he would win.

However, as he was happy with his imagination, he had displayed a gigantic aura that overwhelmed him.

It was the first time that he was humiliated at his home grounds, Lamer Arena.

That too being pushed back by an unknown rider, whose name he never heard of!

“Are you just going to stand there?”


Mileon, who bravely managed to prevent Philip from attacking again, made his decision.

‘This, if this goes on like this, I will lose! If that happens, all the good impression that the Count has on me will vanish!’

Once all the attention and love the Count had for him was gone, he would turn into an invisible being.

Mileon decided to use it, just in case.

Grabbing the crystal right next to the core engine, he tried to handle the power with his own hands.


With a loud roar from Achilles, its movements changed dramatically.

Its speed and power got upgraded further.

All of that made it look like Mir, who was able to push him back till a while ago, was a lie.

‘What, what is this!?’

Philip was flustered as he saw his opponent’s strength increase drastically in just a second.

He took on a defensive stance and decided to defend in the meantime until he figured out what was going to happen.

“This is a foul!”

Luke, who was looking closely at Achilles, jumped up and yelled at the sudden change.

He ran over to the judges’ seat and protested.

“The output of the core engine of Achilles is too much and the same as a warrior!”

There were some rules in place at the Arena for the Gigant games.

One of them was the limitation on the output of the core engine.

If it was more than 1200 fight, then the Gigant would be disqualified.

But according to what Luke observed, the output of Achilles was at least 1.5 times that of Mir or that of 1,500 fight.

“Stop the fight right now and declare the confiscation defeat to the Lippe Clan!”

However, the judges just ignored the fierce protest of Luke.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about. How can you see that Achilles has over 1500 fight?”

“I don’t get it. When I look at it, it doesn’t seem to cross over 1200 fight, right?”

‘These people!’

Luke was angry at the attitude of the judges.

Even if the place did belong to the Count Monarch, he didn’t think that they would go to this extreme.

‘Then what the hell are you guys even here for?’

As Luke was closing in his hand onto the sword that was attached to his waist.

Princess Reina came along and grabbed his hand before he reached the sword.

“Calm down, Sir Luke. Trust Philip a little more.”

“Hugh, okay.”

Honestly, rebelling against them wasn’t really going to be helpful. Rather, it was good news that the guards didn’t feel the need to throw them out of the arena.

Luke was furious, and he returned back to his seat.

Philip, who was in heavy defense, watched very closely his opponent who was in full offensive.

Mir’s upper body swayed from side to side, creating an afterimage in front of Achilles.

Mileon opened his eyes wide with the intent to solidify his victory.

‘There, that one!’


The two Gigants crossed each other.

The two Gigants’ strike burst out, and then it all disappeared.

“Oh oh oh, who won?”

“Ah, look there!”

As the crowd was searching for the winner in excitement, they found Mir’s arm on the ground.

“Wow! Did Sir Mileon won?”

When a few audiences were pleased, right behind the arm, two legs which belonged to Achilles, the upper and the lower body, got separated.


Approaching Achilles, who fell on the cramped ground, was Philip with his giant sword and a gigantic aura. The man in the cockpit then said,

“You wish to continue?”

“Keuk, l… I lost!”

Mileon was angry, but he accepted his defeat.

“The Black Knights Phantom Sword can be seen here!”

The spectacular swordsmanship that Philip showed in the end, Mileon had seen it once before.

3 years ago, when he went to the Empire Gigant Arena, he got completely deceived by an opponent.

Mileon later found out that the Black Gigant rider was known as the ‘Black Knight’. However, he was never identified.

But he witnessed the same thing again this time!

“Are you the Black Knight?”

“Huh, there was a time when I was called that.”

During his life as a knight, Philip never got into Gigants because of the high-class nobles.

But as he somehow wanted to train with Gigants, he used to secretly serve as a rider for the guilds in the Empire arena.

At first, he just wanted to train, but as time went by, he began to fall in love with the Gigants and ended up becoming a mercenary rider for three years.

Thanks to that, along with the fame, the Black Knight was able to increase his skills.

Later, as things started to get complicated, he began to lose that fame.

“Why? Why would someone with such skills be here…?”

“It is because of the orders of my master. And wouldn’t it be natural for the black knight to help a princess in need?”

After explaining it, Philip turned away from his opponent and waved his left hand to the crowd, which was admiring him.

“We won! We really won!”

Princess Reina was moved to tears.

Luke, who watched the game unfold, looked more relaxed.

“You don’t have to marry the Count anymore.”

“Yes. It is all thanks to you Young lord. Thank you very much.”

Princess Reina thanked Luke.

At which Luke shook his head.

“It wasn’t just because of me. Anyone who knew the pure intent in the eyes of the princess would have helped.”

“Even then…”

Right then, Victor intervened.

“Princess, should we be heading down to the maintenance deck?”

“Oh! I should also thank Sir Philip for all his hard work.”

Reina began to go down the stairs.

At the corner of Luke’s mouth, a small smile appeared.

‘You surely did well. I feel a lot better because of Philip.’

Princess Reina wasn’t Katarina.

Still, by helping her, he seemed to feel a little less guilty for not being able to protect Katarina in the past.

“Oops! I don’t have time for this.”

To get his dividend of 210,000 pesos, he would have to work very diligently moving forward.