Emperor of Steel

Chapter 218 - Gigantic Duel 3

Chapter 218: Gigantic Duel 3

“Oh! That mercenary seems to hold some great skill and talent!”

Watching the two Gigants battle it out, commanders broke into talks.

Some of the mercenaries at times had amazing skills, but they found it hard to beat the regular knights, but there was always a proper evaluation of their skills.

Compared to the knights who were systematically trained from a very young age, the mercenaries depended on their sense rather than on the basics because they had a hard time mastering the way of the sword.

But the mercenary currently in battle was showing very advanced swordsmanship.

‘If he does well, he might win, right?’

Count Marcus’ jaw dropped.

At first, there was dissatisfaction with Lev, who played like a mercenary at his will, but he now seemed great as the Gigant was able to deal with the opponent.

‘Win! Win and save my merit!’

“Lieutenant, hire the mercenary when the fight is over.”

At the words of Valentino, Marcus was shocked.

“Oh, that can’t be done! Sire! That mercenary has already been recruited by me.”

“What did you say? Just a while back, didn’t you say that you weren’t aware of them that much?”

“I personally don’t know them very well… But they were the mercenaries that I hired, so they are my men!”

At the words of Marcus, Marquis Valentino frowned.

“I am the head here, you should yield.”

That distorted the face of Count Marcus.

‘Dammit, if I knew about this, I would have changed my answer a while back!’

Not just the captain of the mercenaries, but Marcus wasn’t aware that his subordinates could fight well too.

If he knew about that, he would have definitely tried harder to get the Red Wolf Mercenaries under his control, but it went all wrong for him.

As Marcus was regretting to himself, Philip and Shirley moved back from the constant clashes.

“Ugh, this is so frustrating! This sucks! You are tougher than one real ogre!”

“Shut up, monster kid! I am still at the age where one would refer to me as an oppa!”

Shirley, who heard the word ‘monster kid’, lost her nerve and decided to end the duel right there and then.

“Then before you get any older, I will finish you here!”


Hector’s core engine roared wildly yet lowly.

At the same time, the gigantic aura on Shirley’s halberd began to sway and burst out a hot light.

“That, that is Impact Aura!”

“She is definitely a Spear Master!”

Impact Aura was a high-level skill that could only be used after one became a master.

Sighs and exclamations broke out from everywhere as they watched the Gigants.

The moment she gained 8 wins, people there already thought of her as a master, but the final skill that she showed confirmed their doubts.

“Kukuku, Mister! If you manage to block this, then I’ll call you oppa.”

‘Oh sh*t, the kid really knows how to get one’s attention.’

Philip turned toward Shirley, who was smiling at him, having her halberd covered with Impact Aura.

‘If I use the Gold Sword, I think I can stop it.’

Even if he didn’t like this monster of a kid, he still admitted that she had great skills.

However, he couldn’t use the Gold Sword, which was created and developed by the warrior Rakan.

Luke had already warned the Rakan Knights to not use the Gold or Silver Sword because it might give away their disguise.

‘Dammit, will I die because of that?’

Death was something that a knight was always ready for.

But dying without using their full capabilities was too unfair.

As Philip was confused and struggling with his own thoughts, Shirley rushed toward him, wielding her halberd.


Philip managed to avoid Shirley without stopping her attacks.

The Impact Aura or the giant halberd, he knew that either of those was coming at him.

“What? Did he avoid it?”

When her attacks resulted in nothing, Shirley, who was on the verge of victory, continued to wield her Impact Aura halberd non-stop.

Kwang! Bang!

The rocks hit by the Impact Aura shattered. The ground turned upside down and dust was everywhere.

Everyone thought that Philip’s Gigant would be smashed.

“What the!”

While Philip’s Marina was avoiding the attacks, it suddenly lost balance and slipped because of the uneven ground as the Impact Aura kept coming at him.

“Kuku, bye-bye mister!”

“Dammit, no!”

Both the Gigant’s shadows touched and the halberd fell with a ghostly sound.


At the moment of the last blow, with an intense explosion, both of them were thrown back.

“What was that?!”

“What just happened?”

As the dust covered the entire field and disturbed their view, the heads of the soldiers of both the armies couldn’t hide their puzzled expressions.

Apparently, the rebel Gigant was driven in the last blow, and both the Gigants were on the floor with damaged gloves.

What happened on their last encounter? Did the one-sided fight end up being a draw?

Both of the Gigants weren’t in a position to stand up any longer. Simultaneously, Gigants from both camps rushed in.

The ones of the same camp helped the ones on the ground to return back to their camps.