Emperor of Steel

Chapter 216 - Gigantic Duel 1

Chapter 216: Gigantic Duel 1

The first day’s Gigantic Duel had ended naturally.

7 wins, 2 draws, and 8 losses.

The army was being pushed back a little, but including Jukebal, only three riders were killed.

“The first day’s Gigantic Duel was just a taste. Tomorrow, I am going to send out some very good guys to flatten their noses!”

Bishop Maxim screamed in front of Marquis Valentino, the chief commander of the revolutionary army.

Indeed, as he had said, from the second day the real talents had come out.

But the results were completely different from what Maxim had expected from his subordinates.

Kwang! Pung!

Another Gigant’s body shattered and flew into the sky. When the upper body had shattered, the rider died instantly.

“Oh my, we lost again!”

“Dammit, from where did such a monster show up…”

On the second day, when the Gigantic duel had begun, from the rebel side, a halberd Gigant had come out.

At first, everyone thought that it was just another knight. It was because the Gigant which had come out was a warrior class Gigant, Centurion- a commonly used Gigant in the Holy Empire.

However, as a result of direct movement, the enemy Gigant was so amazing that it couldn’t be seen as a regular centurion.

In addition, the rebel riders seemed to be very strong.

Riders kept flying away from the Anti-revolutionary side, and Paladin Alfred, who brought in victories for the army, ended up on the ground.

“What? Is there anyone else who wants to challenge me? I’m very bored, so come on out already!”

Hearing the voice of the rider, the army turned shocked.

A woman, rather like a voice of a pretty young girl.

“8 consecutive losses in the hands of a girl… does anyone know the identity of that rider?”

The revolutionary army had built a large watchtower.

Over there, an elderly old man who was watching the Gigantic Duel with a telescope which was enchanted with Hawkeye magic.

He was Marquis Valentino, the chief commander of the Anti-Revolutionary army.

He was a general who didn’t make much of a good name in the military, but he was appointed as the chief commander by Archbishop Constantine to silence the dissatisfaction of the military.

The wife of Marquis was a member of the Marius faction, so it wasn’t like it happened without any ties.

“Sorry. Have you heard anything…”

Marquis Valentino shook his head as he saw the commander bow their heads.

‘I have never heard of any such knights in our empire, who could they be?’

If one was capable in the Holy Empire, then they were known. Before they began to camp, he even asked for the news from the intelligence department.

Among them, as young as the girl’s voice seemed, there was no mention.

“Chief Commander, I feel like we should let the Sword Master.”

At the words from his lieutenant, he looked puzzled.


“It is clear that the siege that has happened to us, has boosted the morale of our enemies, and it will get tiring if left alone.”

“Hmm, that shouldn’t lead to that.”

Marquis Valentino looked at the three Sword Masters or Sword Master Paladin.

The commander of the 1st squadron was a Sword Master, and in the 2nd and 3rd squadron, there seemed to be one Sword Master Paladin.

But he couldn’t just ask them to enter the war.

Sword Masters were the last weapons used of each noble family, and to use them, he would have obtained the consent of their noble.

“Who should I take?”

“Huh, Hum!”

“Ah, my waist hurts all of sudden…”

“I feel like something fell in my eyes.”

As Marquis Valentino spoke, the three commanders pretended to act as if they didn’t hear anything.

Honestly, one day or the other the Sword master would have to play.

But even then, they wanted to make a nice last appearance and finish stuff.

Moreover, the rebel’s female rider’s skills weren’t normal to deal with. And they would have to lose their battle, and they wanted to avoid such embarrassment.

As the three commanders were trying to escape, a loud voice spoke out.

“Is this how you act?! Then I will nominate them and place them in order…”

Valentino was about to pick one out.

Suddenly, from the army’s side, a Gigant had stepped out.

“Huh? who is that?”

After the Gigant came into sight, they realized that the form was very rare to witness in the Holy Empire. The Marquis looked at the commanders of the units.

“It isn’t the nation’s Gigant… maybe something in the territory?”

At the question of the chief commander Marquis, all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd squadron’s commanders shook their head.

At that time, Count Marcus raised his hand and spoke with a stern expression.

“The Gigant belongs to the Red Wolf Mercenary, which is currently under my command.”

“What? A mercenary has participated?”

“Uh! Maybe he has a death wish!”

“Where did you find a mercenary to place in such war?!”

All the commanders had ridiculed expressions on their faces.

The enemy’s riders were presumed to be an expert superman. But, they were a little glad if the mercenary was an Expert.

“I, I too don’t know. I haven’t ordered him to act.”

When people began to criticize him, Count Marcus seemed embarrassed and tried to make excuses for it.

And he was annoyed with the Red Wolf Mercenary.

In fact, he did think of placing the 4th squadron’s riders from the second day itself.

But he only wanted to show the other commanders his victorious side and was terribly confused when he saw the strong opponent.

But, for that to have happened without him giving out any instructions!

‘Lev, what the hell is he thinking…’

If things went wrong, Luke would surely be held accountable.

Count Marcus, who was very determined to take action, decided to at least keep his calm in front of Marquis Valentino.