Emperor of Steel

Chapter 212 - Red Wolf Mercenaries 5

“Lord, what did Count Marcus say?”

The moment Luke returned back to his mercenary’s camp, Philip came out of his tent and asked.

“To move under him.”

“Well, just as the Lord has expected.”

After the battle with the Garlic Mercenary, Philip asked Luke why he was obligated to file for a duel.

He wanted to hear Luke’s reason.

“So you accepted his request?”

“Crazy? Emperor Rudolf himself can’t subdue me, and you think I will bow down in front of a merchant?”

“Ha ha ha, I guess so. But, it makes no sense for you to fight with the Garlic Mercenary if you are going to refuse the request of the count, right?” Asked Philip.

“Which is why I have asked him to give me some time until this march ends.”

“You did well. Now you can take a deep breath and show your skills freely. I feel very sorry for those rebels who go against you, but they are going to get smashed…”

It was when Philip was speaking.

They could hear a noise outside, and Victor who was leading the knights, entered the barracks.

“What is happening outside?”

At the question from Philip, who was annoyed with the interruption.

“The Garlic mercenary have entered our camp once again.”

“I beg your pardon? I don’t get it, are those kids really that stupid?”

“I think we need to give them an example as to what happens if they do the same stuff over again.” Spoke Luke, with anger in his eyes.

Burning with anger, Luke went straight out of the barracks.

The knights, who saw the Garlic mercenaries confronted them.

“What is it? You want to fight once again?”

When Luke narrowed his eyes and asked, Gavel looking embarrassed knelt down in front of him.

Followed by the other men of his mercenary.

“Please accept us!”


“I am willing to dismantle the Garlic Mercenary and join the Red Wolf Mercenary. So please accept us!”

Gavel along with countless other men of his group pleaded and begged Luke.

However, Luke’s eyes didn’t change at all. It was because he was able to read yet another greedy and sneaky deceit in them by approaching him while looking all ashamed for their actions.

‘Gavel’s men, all because they all lost to me, they think they can blame me. They lost in front of so many people, so they are no longer a huge mercenary group and they won’t be funded that well.’

When Luke was feeling all cynical, Victor approached him.

“Lord, take them in.”

“Why? Is there any strong reason for us to do that?”

“Anyway, having more troops will cause a better merit on our war record.”

“Then, what if they decide to betray us?”

“Huhu, I don’t think we are so lacking in our skills to fall for their betrayal.”

At those words of Victor, Luke nodded. As a result of the direct fight, one would realize that the reputation of the Garlic mercenary was plainly exaggerated.

Gavel, who was known to be a Higher Expert, was actually an intermediate Expert, and the other mercenaries who were told to be lower Experts, were barely on the Expert level.

In addition, there were many swordsmen in the mercenary, but in the 500 of them, there was rarely a person who could go against one Rakan knight.

“And if you are worried about betrayal, you won’t even have to think about it. Don’t we have a very outstanding talent in that area?”

Saying that, Victor looked over at Philip.

Philip smiled meaningfully while listening to it.

If the one who said that was Alex or Kaper, the instructor would have felt surely fed up!

‘Well, it is true that we need men to fight.’

Luke will accept the Garlic mercenary under one condition.


When Gavel asked for it, Luke stomped on the ground.

“You guys will get to take fencing training under us.”

“Fencing?” Asked Gavel.

“Yes, I think that you should try to fill in the places where you lack.”

Luke’s words lighted the faces of Gavel and his men. But they didn’t have the desire to learn swords.

“Why? Don’t like it? Then leave the thought of joining.”

“Ah, no, it isn’t like that. Rather it was something we wanted to ask too.”

In fact, they decided to join the Red Wolf Mercenary after watching Luke enter the Commander Barracks.

When he noticed that the commander was interested in him, he wanted to get under him.

‘This guy seems to have the eyes of the commander on him, so if we get under him, we will have a lot of opportunities.’

To fall under a young man and raise his money and swordsmanship.

Gavel wanted to remove the humiliation he felt that day before and be reborn.

‘Just as my father said, a man’s revenge isn’t too late even after 10 years.’

Gavel smiled not realizing it.

But unfortunately for him, the fact that Philip and the Rakan knights were as sneaky and bloodthirsty as everyone else.