Emperor of Steel

Chapter 210 - Red Wold Mercenaries 3

As everyone watched the two of them create the stage of their battle, Luke and Gavel stood facing each other in an open area which was around 50 meters wide.

“Kuk! I don’t know how scary the world is. You can’t get up first because of poor skills,” said Gavel.

“Huh, even after knowing that, you still tried to instigate me?”

“It isn’t too late now. How about you just handover the Gigant by backing off? I will generously give you a pass.”

“I don’t know about your sword skills, but your mouth surely holds the expert title.”

“Kuk, this kid…! Oh, don’t go crying after I break you, kid!” Gavel stated, irritatedly.

In fact, Gavel thought that Philip would be the one he would have a duel with and not Luke. It was because he felt a lot of energy from Philip.

But then, a blue-eyed kid, who might have been just around his 20s, being the captain of the mercenary, asked for the duel.

In front of the seniors of the 4th squadron, Gavel pulled out his sword proudly and said, “I will let you take the lead first, so try to attack as much as you can.”


At Gavel’s word, his body bounced backward along with the sound of something breaking.


Gavel, who flew back around 10 meters above the ground, wobbled while getting up.

Not believing what had happened, he looked at Luke.

“Captain, above…!”

From behind him came a shout from his subordinates.

Gavel was confused and turned his head to see.

Luke leaped and pulled out his sword in the air.


Gavel’s body flew 10 meters above the ground again.

As he flew back, the soldiers who saw it happened went crazy.

“Uaaah, what the hell…?”

“He did ask him to attack first, right? He got his wish delivered to him.”

Gavel looked awful compared to Luke, which seemed like a ghost.

He tried to surrender, but Luke was so fast that he couldn’t do it.

From that moment, it was a one-sided beating.

Puck! Puck! Puckkcuk!

“Dammit, sh*t! All of you! Save the captain!”

The vice-captain of the Garlic Mercenaries shouted when he saw Gavel’s body turning bloody.

As the duel was over, the future of the Garlic Mercenaries seemed obvious.

Who would be willing to treat the mercenaries who have been shattered and embarrassed by the so-called leader of the mercenaries? Wouldn’t everyone just ignore them? In the worst-case scenario, their request for higher pay would be declined.

If that was going to happen, then they had to crush the kid who was responsible for it.

“Wahhh! Save our captain!”

“Catch that kid and kill him!”

Leading a group of 30 experts, the Garlic Mercenaries screamed on top of their lungs and entered the vacant lot.

After seeing Philip and the other Rakan Knights rushed in…

“If you have lost, then learn to admit defeat!”

“Those bastards! Fall dead!”

In a very short moment, a battle between the two groups broke out.

Four military soldiers tried to rush in, but Count Marcus raised his hand and stopped them from intervening.

“Sire, if we leave them be, then…”

“Let’s see what happens,” said Marcus.

The fight continued in the interest of the commander in chief.

The other soldiers watched the battle happened with cheers and excitement.

“Wah! Fight!”

“Die! Bash him to death!”

The duel between the mercenaries happened very fast.

And instead of trying to stop it, people fanned over it more and more.

“Well, let’s bet! Put your money here if you think that the Red Wolf Mercenaries are going to win, and put your money here if your pick is the Garlic Mercenaries!”

Suddenly, a dealer came out.

Many assumed that the Garlic Mercenaries would win.

Gavel was beaten single handedly by the Red Wolf’s captain, but there were 30 expert knights in the Garlic Mercenaries, and the number of members they had was much higher.

However, the result was opposite to the public’s opinion.

The Red Wolf Mercenaries, who seemed to have been gotten pushed at the beginning, began to fight on equal grounds a moment later. They then took the upper hand after a while.

In particular, Luke stood out the most, hitting the Garlic Mercenaries who were screaming out of disbelief.

“Oh my God! Is he really a human?”

“He strikes as fast as lightning!”

Luke was behaving like Luke, but the Commander Count Marcus, who was watching the fight, was surprised by the Red Wolf Mercenaries.

Their movements were like the wind, strong and heavy.

Everyone had such incredible abilities for mercenaries.

“No way, are all of the mercenaries in the Red Wolf experts?”

“Dammit, retreat for now!”

Once they heard that, the surviving members of the Garlic Mercenaries tried to escape.

However, the Red Wolf wasn’t going to let them do that. In addition, the soldiers who placed their bets on the Garlic Mercenaries caught hold of them and pushed them back into the vacant lot.

“Where do you think you are going?!”

“He is a buy, at least show some guts in front of him!”

30 minutes later, the fierce battle was over.

None of the 500 Garlic Mercenaries stood up.

Some of the Red Wolf Mercenaries were injured, but they were all minor nosebleeds and cuts.

No one could open their mouths after seeing such a one-sided result.

Also, they never knew that the Rakan Knights hadn’t shown their best performance because of Luke’s instructions.