Chapter 21: The Black Knight Appears 4

The Black Knight appears 4

“The final game of today is between Mileon, the veteran rider of the Lippie clan and the owner of Achilles! And the one who is going against him is an unknown soldier, Philip who boarded the Mir for the lost princess!!!”

Chrrrr! Drrrr!

At the end of the announcement, the whole arena rang loudly, with the heavy doors opening, Philip walked out with Mir.

On the sight screen of the cockpit, a spacious arena had appeared.

In the middle of the arena, the Gigant of the Lippie clan could be seen.

A blue Gigant with two horns on its head, it surely looked impressive.

It was definite that this was the Achilles of the Altica Magic Tower.



Philip closed his eyes as all the shouts were entering his ears.

‘This feeling, this surge… it has been a really long time!’

Philip had graduated from the Royal Military Academy and was assigned to the Guardian Knight, who happened to be one of the best knights in the empire.

There he hoped to become a hero-class Gigant rider, but he couldn’t do anything with the Gigant because of the jealous and impertinent high ranking nobles who had no talent.

He wasn’t able to handle the pressure from all those sides as he was just another low noble, and with his Gigant running into some sort of accident, he eventually veered away from the Gigant scene too.

After resigning and wandering by himself for a while, Philip was called by one of his distant relatives who was serving as a Knight for Rakan.

Because of the unexpected drawbacks, the path to the empire was long closed, and he followed Roger to the estate to be a designated knight for the little young lord.

And two boring years have passed in that way.

‘I never thought that I would feel this way ever again…’

The ear of Philip which was carried away by the excitement he hadn’t heard in a long time, heard a deep-voiced laughter.

“Hahaha! I don’t know where this dog has rolled up, but I will make sure that you will regret your choice when you leave later this evening!”

The laughter was a triumphant cry that came out of the rider of Achilles.

‘Mileon… the rider of Lippie clan.’

To the best knowledge of Philip, Mileon was one of the three strongest knights who were under the Count Monarch.

Specifically, in the Gigant arena, he was deemed to have a great history of fighting with Gigant and the clan who owned him was the Count, and it was stated that 99 percent of the audience never doubted his victory.

‘Huhuhu, after a while, the people will be surprised.’

Opening his eyes wide open, Philip snapped his finger at the opponent.

“Did you learn to fight from a kid? If you are going to talk like a kid, then don’t push your luck.”

“What, what?!”

“If you are getting scared, you can just yield right here.”

“Keuk! This, this bastard!”

Getting teased by a nobody kid, Mileon screamed and rushed with his Achilles.


The mace wielded by Achilles rushed past the head of Mir, which was why Philip leaned back to avoid and retreat, causing a raise in mana to fight back.


As a veteran rider, Mileon easily shifted his small shield, buckler to stop the attack from Philip.

“If you thought that you’d be able to hit me by provoking me, then it is a miscalculation on your part!”

“Huh? that so?”

Philip was pushed with pretense by taking control of the momentum.


Tongtong tong!

It was an attack like a shower. Mileon looked very flustered as he defended it with a buckler.

‘What, what?! This isn’t the skill of a normal person!’

The princess was in a hurry to get a rider, so he assumed that they would have placed in the first person they looked at and was definitely less than an expert level.

But the massive power and the unstoppable attack by the sword was never on the level of a low knight.

‘That too, that Gigant! It’s over 50 years old and borrowed!’

Mir was a bit stiffer than Achilles because of the age, but the core engine’s output could be compared to that of a warrior…

‘What did you use for replacing the junk Gigant? If I do any mistake, I’ll be punished!’

Even if he was shocked, he could still win. But if he lost, then the Count will be jumping out in anger.

The rider decided to go defensive even if it meant he would get in trouble for a moment.

Whether to counter-attack or to defend; could be thought off.

The moment Philip lifted the huge sword to attack, Mileon threw his mace forward.


Unexpectedly as the mace was coming in, Philip hurried and stopped the incoming attack.

Meanwhile, Mileon took a step back and pulled the chain that was around Achilles’ waist.

And the iron pieces that were attached to the chain got stuck together into a huge sword.

“Chain Sword?”

“I felt intimidated a bit, but don’t expect to beat me!”

Mileon, who was ready, began to focus mana on the giant sword.


From the surface of the huge sword, the big sword began to glow grey.

It wasn’t thick in shape or concentration, but it was clearly the Gigantic Aura.

“Wah! It is the Gigantic Aura!”

The crowd who noticed the Gigantic aura began to shout.

Only a few of the intermediate expert riders could make it.

It was very hard to make the aura with the bare body, but to make it on a Gigant?

Sword was the second one and the advanced skills that only elite riders could play.

“Surely from the Lippie clan’s Achilles’ Mileon!”

“Yeah, it is expected from the Monarch!”

“Tch tch, I don’t know who it is, but it is over now.”

“I feel so sorry. He seemed to be pretty good,”

When Mileon released the Gigantic aura, everyone concluded that the victory was on his side.

It was the same with Princess Reina too.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaah! Won’t Sir Philip be hurt?”

Luke smiled at Reina who was more worried about Philip than losing her bet.

“Don’t worry. Sir Philip is a much better rider than you think.”

Luke had heard that Philip had the most remarkable performance in the history of the Imperial Military Academy.

And the mana that flowed out of his body was above the intermediate Expert level.

Not surprisingly, Philip reversed the flow of atmosphere immediately which had been directed at Mileon.


As the giant sword of Mir rose, a red-colored Gigantic aura that surpassed Mileon’s began to shine.

“Oh, oh my goodness! Much better than the opponent rider! ”

“It is much bigger and clearer than Mileon’s!”

The surprised crowds opened their mouths at what was happening.

And soon their hearts began to burst out of expectation and interest.

It was because riders who use the Gigantic aura have never ever faced in the arena of Lamer.

But that day, was a historic fight that everyone was witnessing, everyone began to get nervous about the bets that they placed.

Kwang! Kwang!

The two riders began to fight a lot.

Whenever the Gigantic aura induced weapons to hit, flames blew out, and pieces of metal began to bounce off everywhere.

The fast and intense maneuvers of the Gigants caused the entire arena to shake; it began to burn hot like a furnace.

“Yahh, it is going to end!”

“I’m glad I got to see this game!”

With such thrill, the audience’s shouts went higher and cheering came from both sides.

“Hahah! Scream some more!”

Philip pushed Mileon in a sudden stormy moment.

And then came the final blow.