Emperor of Steel

Chapter 208 - Red Wolf Mercenaries 1

“Be careful! Do it slowly!”

“Just a little more this side… okay! Put it down here!”

The Flying Dragons transport fleet placed the cargoes which had arrived.

The military goods including the weapons and armors, artillery and spears were all unloaded with the help of a crane.

Among those was a cargo coming down with the most strict packing.

The cargo, which was removed into pieces and wrapped with canvas cloth was transported into a warehouse and was reassembled by field masters and Iron mages employed by the Flying Dragons.

“It is a knight class Gigant, Hector.”

‘Is this the new Gigant made by the magic tower of the Baroque Imperial?’

At the introduction of the Gigant by Lazlie, Duke Ferrierd thought to himself. As he was already aware, Hector had a maximum output of 23000 fights.

In addition, the new composite material Mado, which was placed on the frame wasn’t just durable but was more resilient.

In addition, the armor was made of a new Gigantium alloy, which was much thinner and more durable than before.

“But, when I think about it, it looks very similar to the Centurion that was made 15 years back by the Arthenia Royal Magic tower.”

As Aslan had pointed it out, Lazlie nodded and explained the entire thing.

“Only those who were being sent to the Konrad kingdom were deliberately made to look like Centurions. If it came out that you were being supported by a particular nation, it would turn difficult for both us and your Majesty.”


Duke Ferrierd had declared the rebellion and independence in the name of anti-corruption against Constantine.

But what would happen if it would turn into a blatant lie and was being supported by the Baroque Empire?

That would cause a fall of will in the ground level people, and of course, he would be blamed for being a fighter of the Baroque.

“I think it would nice to change the painting style which is used by the Konrad Kingdom. Of course, the same goes for the colors of the weapons too. Ah! I think that it would be better to put Konrad’s military uniform on the mercenaries and riders of Flying Dragons, how does that sound?” Said Lazlie.

“It would be fine. We promise to treat you equal and on par with our knights.”

Lazlie and Ferrierd had a good conversation.

Shirley was yawning as she was beginning to get tired of their talks, and suddenly, she looked at the ceiling and threw the halberd.


The roof was pierced with the sound of mana exploding. Pieces of wood and tiles and debris poured down like rain.

Surprised by the sudden situation, Aslan along with the knights surrounded his father.

“What are you doing?!”

As Aslan yelled at her, Shirley shrugged.

“There was a rat on the ceiling.”


Aslan who couldn’t understand her actions, soon understood what he meant and gave orders to the knights.

“Right now, search every corner! Catch all those who seem suspicious!”

“Yes, prince!”

The knights quickly scattered everywhere.

‘Wah, this is, at such an important place there is a mole going around…’

Sancho, or Count Ferrero approached Lazlie, who was thinking to himself.

“Where do you think he might have come from?”, asked Sancho.

“Well, most likely to have come from Bless. Maybe further north too.”

“Do we know whom to even catch?”

“Well, we will know soon enough. Shirley is good at hunting rats.”

Ferrero’s eyes turned over to where Shirley was.

But Shirley wasn’t in the place where she was before. Perhaps, maybe she went along with the knights who had scattered to search for the intruder.

‘Different from the intelligent department.’

Shirley, known as the new master class knight of the Empire, was actually from the intelligence.

Count Ferrero, who was feeling bad, prayed for the rat who was going to turn miserable when it got caught. If it wasn’t Bless, then it was a favorable situation for the rat, but anywhere other than that and Shirley wouldn’t let go.

“Uh? What happened, man?”

“You don’t need to know, reveal your identity.”

As soon as the orders fell from Aslan, searches took all over the place.

A hooded worker, witnessed the scene unfold standing right behind them.

He was carrying a bag of flour on his shoulders and he wasn’t able to control his heart which was pounding hard.

‘Dammit, did they manage to detect a high Dark Elf warrior…?’

He was Hyrun, an agent of the Volga intelligence.

Hyrun had been ordered by the high commander and had to infiltrate Alvera. He then ended up keeping an eye on the rebels.

It was reported that the Baroque Empire was reported to be involved in the war of the Holy Empire.

The Holy Arthenia empire too held hostile relationships with the Volga Republic but dealt much better than the Baroque Empire.

In addition, if the Holy Empire which was like a barrier to contain the Baroque Empire weakens, then Volga Republic too would have to face negative effects.

Thus, the Volga Republic did nothing to the people of the holy empire.

However, the infiltration confirmed that the Baroque had been intervening, so they had to take necessary steps to stop the civil war from intensifying.

‘I need to get out of here…’

Hyrun, who looked around began to move but soon came to halt. It was a small girl holding a halberd stood in front of him.

Hyrun’s complexion went hardened, he began to look around the entire warehouse.

“Hello, uncle rat. Seems like you are busy going somewhere?”

‘Dammit, I guess today was an unlucky day.’

The girl, Shirley, continued to speak in a chilling voice, which flustered Hyrun.

“This unique feel isn’t similar to a human. Are you a Dark Elf? A mole from the Volga Republic?”

‘I understand now. This one sure is skillful, but she is a mix of humans and fairies, that is why she understood my trace.’

Not all the fairies were on the side of Volga.

There were some fairies who were enslaved to humans, and some were assimilated like Shirley.

The girl in front of him was of a mixed-race with dwarves, because of her ability to handle heavy weight halberd with her small build.

“My brother died in the hands of Volga’s Duke Dimitry. My brother despised me and my mom, but I still need to get my revenge. So I need to eat those who took down my brother.”

“Take this then.”

Not letting what she had to say, Hyrun tore the bag he was carrying and pulled out the dagger.

The flour which was in the bag fluttered everywhere and blurred everyone’s vision.

“Huh, if you have a revenge to take, go and see Dimitry in person, kid!”

“Ku, Ku, Kul! I can’t do that!”

In a difficult situation where one couldn’t open their eyes, Shirley swung her halberd.

As the attack fell, a strong aura went along with it and a long deep furrow got created on the ground.

Hyrun, who avoided the attack by just a single hair tip, jumped and ran again.

“Catch him!”

“The suspicious one has come out!”

At the sudden turmoil which began to happen, the knights and soldiers rushed to the site like bees.

Hyrun quickly escaped from their incoming attacks and jumped into the river.


“Catch him! Don’t let him out!”

The soldiers who followed him began to release their arrows.

But Hyrun didn’t rise to the surface.

Only dozens of arrows hit the water’s surface.