Emperor of Steel

Chapter 203 - Holy Arthenia Empire 4

The Holy Arthenia Imperial General Headquarters located in the north of Bless.

Dozens of Gigants were currently forming a spectacle of confrontation in a large parade ground in front of the headquarters.

The Gigants, depicting a silver cross on their breastplate, symbolizing the Holy Empire, formed an encirclement around the red Gigant, which was larger than a normal one.

The Gigants with a silver crest had capabilities less than a knight class.

The riders of the silver-crested ones were outstanding with a few of them being intermediate riders, and more than half of them were better than the intermediate ones.

Kiiing! Kiiing-!

Du Du Du Du Du!

Responding to the aura of the riders, the Gigant’s core engine began to release a fierce sound which seemed like it would explode.

The fierce and majestic momentum of the Gigant Legion was equal to the extent where it could exclude its enemies.

But the red Gigant, which was surrounded by the silver ones and the riders riding it, showed no signs of agitation.

“How long are we supposed to keep watching? I’ll mess you up already.”

A chilling voice came out of a red Gigant.

Right then, out of the Gigants which were set up for siege, the hero class Gigants with horns on their heads and shoulders emerged, creating a violent atmosphere.

“Everyone, go all out!”

The leading Gigants rushed together to the battlefield with their shields and giant swords at the roar of their leader, who was riding a Hero class Gigant.

The riders in the rear shouted along with their leader.

The divinity they manifested as paladins enveloped the leading Gigants, forming a silver-like light. With that, the Gigant’s shields and swords turned more rigid, and the fear, which was in the hearts of the riders, disappeared.

It wasn’t just that…

The gigantic aura from their big swords became more violent.

Kwang! Kang! Kwack!

Wooong! Swash!

The movement between the dozens of Gigant’s was terribly strong.

The traces of the giant swords in the air and powerful shock waves rang in the ground, and it made the atmosphere shook.

In addition, the rushing attacks and the close shifts between the Gigants wouldn’t allow anyone to breathe.

Even the Sword Master class riders seemed to have lifted their hands for a while, but the slim build of the red Gigants was still intact even in the fierce storm.

There was no trace of scratches on the lightweight gloves that would tear apart even with a touch. They didn’t move much, but as if the gloves were leaves, they moved very lightly between fierce attacks to avoid getting hit.

While wielding their swords from time to time, the Gigants’ attacks would sometimes go to the wrong place, or the battle lines would collide or shake because there were too many of them.

“Ahk, form, second pass, type B!”

Once ordered by the commander of the Gigant, the silver Gigant’s changed their formation.

The Gigants with swords and shields backed off, and the heavy armored Gigants with weapons such as maces and morning stars came forward.

‘If this doesn’t work, we need to press in a lot of power!’

However, changing the lineup, the red Gigant’s response had changed as well.

On the surface of its red armor, a fierce armor that was almost like fire itself soared and deflected the heavy weapons.

In addition, the change happened all of a sudden, and whenever the red Gigant wielded its heavy sword, the heavy armored Gigant tended to open up a weak point in the parade ground.

“Kuk! Switch to type C formation…!”


Even before the commander could give out the order, the Gigant’s body got destroyed.

Some of the formations had collapsed because of the torso.

Even though it lost half of its power due to its momentum slowing down, the red Gigant had been persistently attacking several times, but its attacks couldn’t seem to make an impact.

The red Gigant was on the ground except for the hero-class Gigants.

“Training ends!”

The red Gigant smashed its sword into the ground, and a roaring sound burst out from it.

The Gigants with crushed swords and gloves got up from the ground. The riders who came out from the hatch stood in front of their Gigants with a sloppy posture.

After a while, a small but young man came out of the red Gigant and stood before the riders.

With his stern face, he looked at the riders who came out and said,

“You all are much better than the performance you showed a month ago. It is good to keep the momentum up but be more attentive to improving your response and maneuverability.”

“Understood, commander in chief.”

“But you did do your best. Don’t be frustrated with your defeat.”

This was the case of the 1st army squad run by the Sword Sage Gregory, who were considered to be the mightiest knights in the continent.

Arch Duke Gregory fought against the knights once a month, teaching and pointing out their shortcomings.

The reason why they were composed of paladins was because the paladins were regarded as the strongest fighters in the continent. Aside from their excellent strength and faith, they were also being guided by a Sword Sage.

In other words, it held 500 members in it, and the lieutenant was a Sword Master, and all of them were the disciples of Arch Duke Gregory.

When the Duke was speaking to the knights for a long time. The lieutenant ran to him.

“Sire! Marquis Reas wants to meet you.”

“Marquis Reas? Why would he ask for a meeting all of a sudden?”

“That… He hasn’t informed us anything.”

At the words of his lieutenant, Gregory smiled. It was because Reas had never done something like that.

“I’ll know once I meet him. We’ll end today’s training!”

Gregory informed the knights, who soon brushed off the dust from their armor and headed to the headquarters.