Emperor of Steel

Chapter 202 - Holy Arthenia Empire 3

Count Marcus recently served as the commander of the 4th squadron of the Anti Revolutionary army.

However, it wasn’t just because of his superior strength or leadership abilities that he was asked to take over the role of a commander.

He was chosen as the commander of the 4th squadron only because he was the cousin of Archbishop Constantine.

The military’s heads had complained about such acts, but they were silenced.

And because of that, they took over the major army troops and made the 4th squadron by recruiting mercenaries.

“I guess you have come well…”

Receiving the cape of Count Marcus, who had returned back to the palace, the servant went cold.

The count’s face was red with anger.

The servant wasn’t able to notice it right away.

Ting! Puck!

Entering the office, he shouted out loud, “Ahhk, that damned Arch Duke Gregory! How dare he ignore me just because he was the head!”

It was officially known that there were two Sword Sages on the continent.

One was Emperor Rudolf of the Baroque Empire, and the other was Arch Duke Saint-Alvero de Gregory of the Holy Arthenia Empire.

He was the commander of the mightiest knights, which were currently the empire’s strongest force, the Saint Guard.

At the meeting held by the Royal Leaders, he had yelled at Count Marcus.

“Count Marcus, what have you been doing since being given your title? You haven’t complied any troops and equipment for the 4th army. Are you even planning on entering the fight or not?!”

“The surveillance unit reported yesterday that you had gone to a salon during work hours. If you have time to hit the ladies’ naked bodies, then shouldn’t you have enough time to make the soldiers stand tall?”

“If you’re going to act in such a rotten way, then put down the baton and walk out of here! We have much better allies than incompetent people like you!”

He made Count Marcus feel embarrassed in front of all the other nobles in the meeting.

Even after the meeting had long ended, he could still hear the voice of Arch Duke Gregory in his ears and the image of the generals laughing at him.

Marcus knew that Arch Duke Gregory hated him.

He was feeling grumpy that he had been offered a place in the Revolutionary Army just because he was a cousin of Archbishop Constantine, but he never thought that he would embarrass him in front of a crowd.


“Whatever you do, I will set my name high in war and flatten that proud nose of yours!”

Marcus vowed to take down Gregory regardless of what means he had to take.

It was then when he was thinking, his lieutenant had entered his office and reported, “Sir, we’ve brought the commanders of the 4th army.”

“I will be there soon.”

Count Marcus calmed himself and went to the conference room which was next door.

A dozen people were gathered in the room.

Most of them were representatives to the local nobles who supported Archbishop Constantine, or the clerks and mercenaries who were hired after paying large sums of money.

It was their first time meeting Count Marcus in person, so they tried to smile.

It was impossible for him to build merit when the military had turned their backs on him.

Count Marcus was an incompetent soldier, but he was still one of the richest men who had funded Archbishop Constantine.

They operated dozens of farms and mines and earned tremendous profits each year through the southern trade.

He was so disheartened that he participated in the confrontation as he wanted to build his merit and earn his own group of factions.

Marcus had several other senior paladins and officers competing for the role.

Marcus was determined that he would take advantage of any opportunities and be a close member of the faction as well as a member of the Holy Empire, succeeding Archbishop Constantine in the future.

“I will be generously funding you. I’ll bring you whatever you needed whether it people or Gigants.”

Marcus was willing to spend money.

He firmly believed that money was everything in the world, and he thought that money was the most powerful resource in the entire world.

At any rate, with that grand declaration, the nobles and mercenaries seemed surprised.


“Yes. If you want, I can issue a blank check right now.”

With those words, everyone felt like they were in heaven.

There was no human who hated money.

As they rose from their seats, they all cheered for Marcus in unison.

“We will do our very best to help the Count!”